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Descendants of Alexander Smiley
Footnotes and documentation added February 20, 2000 assisted by Doyle Baker's  notes.
Generation No. 1
The predecessor of these Smileys is currently unknown.  My line descends directly from Alexander and Mary Smiley.  He appears to be one of four brothers whose father remains unknown.  They were Alexander, William, Walter, and John. William is buried in the North Mountain Meeting House Cemetery at Middlebrook, Va. where many of our ancestors are buried.  John Smiley went to Botetourt Co. Va. in 1770.

1.  Alexander1 Smiley.  He married Mary_____.

Child of Alexander Smiley and Mary is:

 +      2       i.      Walter2 Smiley , Jr 1 . , born February 14, 1747/48
                          Christened in Fisherville,  Augusta Co., Va.; died 1817 in Rockbridge Co., V

                  ii.     John Smiley m Hannah McClure
                          a.   Son, John m. Jane McClelland
                                Jane McClelland first married to Nathaniel Steele.

                iii.       Elinor Smiley was baptized at North Mountan Church, October 1746

Generation No. 2


 2.  Walter2 Smiley , Jr. (Alexander1) was born bef. February 14, 1747/48 Chrstened in Fisherville, Augusta Co., Va., and died 1817 in Rockbridge County, Va..  He married Ann._____

        Children 2 of Walter Smiley and Ann are:

 +     3       i.    Archibald3 Smiley, born 1775; died 1865. m. Mary Hannah
        4       ii.    Walter Smiley, born January 17, 1787.  He married Catherine Kennerly.
        5       iii    James Smiley    married (1) Polly Finley November 28, 1800 in Augusta Co., Va.     He married (2) October 17, 1805 in Augusta Co. Va.  Susanna Garner dau. of Wm. Garner
        6       iv.     Rebecca Smiley born 1778. d. 1818.

Rebecca  married Hugh Rhea June 22, 1796 in Rockbridge Co., Va..
        7       v.      Mary (Polly) Smiley.  She married Thomas Reed June 13, 1799.
        8       vi.     Ann Smiley.b. abt. 1785, d. October 17, 1850 Rockbridge Co., Va. unm.
        9       vii.    Elenor Smiley. b. abt. 1791
Elenor  married John Winegar December 20, 1812 in Rockbridge Co., Va.
      ????  Daniel b. 1786, wife Ann b. 1790, census 1850 Rockbridge Co., Va. Administer for father Walter Smiley's estate 1817
Generation No. 3

3.  Archibald3 Smiley (Walter2, Alexander1) was born 1775, and died 1865.  He married Mary Hannah June 28, 1800 in Augusta Co., Virginia, daughter of Robert Hannah and Mary Kilpatrick.

Children of Archibald Smiley and Mary Hannah are:

 +     10      i.      Ellen4 Smiley, died Bef. 1850 in Augusta Co. Va..
        11      ii.     James Smiley, born September 22, 1812.  He married Elizabeth Kerr.
        12      iii.    William Smiley.
        13      iv.     Robert Smiley.
        14      v.      Alexander Smiley b. 1816; d. 1 April 1846, (48 r4s), Augusta Co., Va. Death Register of pneumonia. Wife Ellen,
        15      vi.     Archibald Smiley.
        16      vii.    Anna Smiley.

Generation No. 4

10.  Ellen4 Smiley (Archibald3, Walter2, Alexander1) died Bef. 1850 in Augusta Co. Va..  She married Harvey Fulton December 01, 1825 in Augusta Co. Va., son of Martha Fulton.

Children of Ellen Smiley and Harvey Fulton are:

 +      17      i.      Mary Jane5 Fulton, born 1827; died 1900 in Bur.
                           Rocky Spring Presbyterian Church, Great Calfpasture River, (Deerfield) Va..
        18      ii.      Martha A. Fulton, born 1828.  She married Andrew J. Cole April 19, 1851.
        19      iii.     Virgina Fulton, born 1830.
                           She married Hugh Young Kennedy March 13, 1848 in Augusta Co., Va..
 +      20      iv.    Hugh Fulton, born July 07, 1832 in Augusta Co., Va.;
                           died December 09, 1910 in Henry Co., Ia.
        21      v.      Archibald Fulton, born 1834; died 1849.
        22      vi.     William Harvey Fulton, born March 07, 1836 in Augusta Co. Va.;
                          died July 12, 1906 in New Providence, Va.
                          He married Letitia Martin Berry  November 03, 1869 in Augusta Co. Va..
        23      vii.    Clemenza Emma Fulton, born 1838 in Augusta Co., Va..
                          She married David Dice November 29, 1866 in Augusta Co., Va..
        24      viii.   Deniza Adaline Fulton, born August 03, 1844 in Augusta Co., Va;
                          died July 28, 1932 in Bur. New Providence.  She married John Ralson Berry
                          December 13, 1866 in Augusta Co., Va..
        25      ix.     Robert Fulton, born 1846; died 1859 in Augusta Co., Va..
 +      26      x.    Hugh Fulton, born June 10, 1833 in Augusta Co., Va.;
                          died December 09, 1910 in Henry Co., Ia.

Generation No. 5

        17.  Mary Jane5 Fulton (Ellen4 Smiley, Archibald3, Walter2, Alexander1) was born 1827, and died 1900 in Bur. Rocky Spring Presbyterian Church, Great Calfpasture River, (Deerfield) Va..  She married Thomas Armenius Clayton October 10, 1844 in Augusta Co. Va..

Children of Mary Fulton and Thomas Clayton are:

        27      i.      Martha A.6 Clayton, born Abt. 1846.
        28      ii.     John H. Clayton, born Abt. 1848.
        29      iii.    William B. Clayton, born Abt. 1852.
        30      iv.     James W. Clayton, born Abt. 1859.

        20.  Hugh5 Fulton (Ellen4 Smiley, Archibald3, Walter2, Alexander1) was born July 07, 1832 in Augusta Co., Va., and died December 09, 1910 in Henry Co., Ia.  He married Mary Ann Beck 1851, daughter of David Beck and Nancy Henderson.

        Children of Hugh Fulton and Mary Beck are:

        31      i.      Nancy Ellen6 Fulton, born December 23, 1853 in Augusta Co., Va.;
                         died March 31, 1924 in Iowa.  She married Benjamin Franklin Jarrard
                         February 26, 1874 in Washington Co., Ia..
        32      ii.     Lemuel B. Fulton, born 1855.
        33      iii.    Denise Esther Fulton, born 1858 in Washington Co., Iowa; died Bef. 1900 in
                         Washington Co., Iowa.  She married Milton J. Arie.
        34      iv.    William H. Fulton, born 1861.  He married Lottie. Notes for Lottie: Photo taken
                          April 21, 1935 in Hollywood, California. Robert, age 37
                          and his mother Lottie, age 70.
        35      v.     Ida Bell Fulton, born 1863.
                          She married Edmund F. Conover July 04, 1881 in Henry County, Iowa.
        36      vi.     David H. Fulton, born 1866.
        37      vii.    John Wesley Fulton, born 1867.
        38      viii.   Hugh Fulton, born June 10, 1869; died November 1873.

Mrs. Bushman of Staunton, Virginia, did much of the research on many of our Augusta County, Virginia relatives. For the Smiley line she referred me to W. Bowman Cutter II of Waterford, Virginia. Excerpts from  his letter follows:

To start with, two brothers Alexander1 and Walter 2 Smiley, came to America from Ulster County, Ireland, in the early part of the 18th century.

At least one Smiley brother stayed in Ireland, but his son, another Walter Smiley, served with the British during the Revolution. He became a prisoner-of-war and when the Revolution was over looked up his uncles, Alexander and Walter, and then proceeded to marry his first cousin, Nancy Ann2 Smiley, one of Walter's children. He was known as Walter Smiley, Jr.

The John2 Smiley you asked about was probably the son of Alexander1 Smiley. If so, he was an uncle of your Archibald and of Archie's brother, Walter3 Smiley."

Another Alexander Smiley of a later generation, and probably a brother to Ellen Smiley, married Deniza Clayton, a sister of Thomas and Mary Jane, on November 17, 1842. She died in childbirth at the birth of her first child in 1851. The child, a boy, died shortly afterwards. A relative wrote, "He is a fine child and very much like his mother." This young mother, who died so young, was possibly the inspiration for Ellen Smiley to name a daughter Deniza for a beloved sister-in-law in 1844.

1. Walter Smiley baptized at Tinkling Springs Church.  Received 1769 Patent on James River, 104 acres, 1`76 hemp certificates, 1778 tith.
2.Vol. IV.  Elise Smiley Sullivan Books; Rockbridge Co., Courthouse, Lexington, Va.;  Mrs. Katherine Bushman, Staunton, Va. researched.

Will Book 4, page 234; Walter Smiley, will, wife Anne Smiley, son Walter Smiley, 6acres, 12 acres to Arch. Smiley, son James Smiley, son Archibald Smiley, $1.00; daughters Rebecca Smiley Rhea and Elinor Smiley Winegar; Rebecca Rhea lives with me, 7 May 1815. Witnesses: James Buchanan, Sr, Joseph McCray, W.M. Sproul, Prven 3 Mar.1817, Walter Smiley Deceased.