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FLOYD-ERVIN FAMILY of Lancaster County, South Carolina

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[S27] Re: Cannon Family Line
Re: Cannon Family Line

Yes I'll send you what I have on this branch of the Cannons. Meanwhile I
can fill in some dates and information that might help: Henry Cannon's
father was Daniel Cannon b. 10 July 1726 d. 5 October 1802. He married 1.
Martha Winn and 2. Mary Doughty. Hugh Ervin Cannon b. 4 Sep. 1787. John
Julius Cannon b. 19 Oct 1796. Back to Henry Cannon: Mary Ervin dies; he
marries Susanna (Williams) Cherry. When Henry dies Susanna marries Andrew
Hunter -has a child by him but both she and the child die at childbirth.
William Henry Cannon Jr. b. 28 July 1812 marries 1. Anna Hodges 2.
Sallie Barnes from whom my line continues.
Anyway, not sure how much of this you want but I'll send you a chart.
Thanks for the response.

William Cannon.

[S28] Cannon History
Cannon History

The John Cannon Family
John Cannon, whose family lived in Newberry District, SC, was a descendant of Rich Cannon of County Dover, England. According to the research of Mrs. Whitfield of Dallas, TX, John Cannon sailed for America at the age of 18 as an indentured servant on the ship "Minerva," out of London.

John Cannon arrived in S.C. about the time it was opened up as a Royal Colony of England. He was later followed to S.C. by a younger brother, Daniel Cannon. Daniel Cannon, the younger brother of John Cannon was born 10 July 1726 and died in 1809. He lived in Charleston, had a home on Queen St., and was a member of St. Phillip's Church. He married 1) 8 March 1749, Martha Winn, died 1753; married 2) 30 October 1755, Mary Doughty.

Daniel Cannon went into the lumber export business. His company acquired slaves and found a way to float logs to their mills where they were cut into lumber and loaded directly onto ships. This area was called Cannonboro and Cannon's Point. Daniel Cannon invested in farming on Goose Creek and grew long staple cotton, which commanded a premium price. His son, Daniel, later took over the business.

The following description of the family of John Cannon is adapted from "Cannon History" by Yancey J. Dickert (1994).

John Cannon

John Cannon, born 1712, died 1763, had two wives, with first wife named Ann, and second wife named Mary. The will of John Cannon was dated 4 October 1762 and probated 4 April 1763 (Charleston Wills QQ-231). John Cannon at one time lived in Charleston and had a home on Meeting St.

In February 1750, John Cannon petitioned for land on the headrights of nine children, a servant, his wife and himself, and received a grant of 550 acres on Cannon's Creek. Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Pomaria, SC, is located on this land grant. The plat of Cannon's survey shows a house in the vicinity of the present location of this church. John Cannon released 175 acres of this grant in 1756 to son, Samuel Cannon (Newberry Deeds Q-2, p. 376). The LWT of John Cannon gave the remainder of the tract to sons: Ephriam and James Cannon. Land was deeded to Bethlehem Lutheran Church in 1817 by Philip Sligh with deed noting that a family cemetery is nearby (Newberry Deeds Q-2, p, 239).

Children of John Cannon

I. Samuel Cannon, born 1735, died 1791, married Lydia Pennington. Lived in Newberry Dist., SC. Family is described below.

II. Ephriam Cannon, born 1737, died 1803, married 2) Mrs. Eleanor Paden Caldwell. Family is described below.

III. James Cannon, wife named Sarah. Sold 375 acre part of the original John Cannon land grant in 1767 to Samuel Cannon (Newberry Deeds Q-2, p. 376). In 1767, James Cannon was living in Berkley Dist., SC.

IV. Mary Cannon, married Jacob Pennington.

V. Agnes Cannon, married George Smith.

VI. Susannah Cannon, born about 1740, married 1) Christopher White; married 2) John Dalrymple, son of George Dalrymple and Rose Mason of PA and MD.

A. Elizabeth Dalrymple, born 18 March 1766, married John Williams.
B. John Dalrymple, Jr., born 6 July 1768, died November 1806, married Anna Dalrymple, daughter of George Dalrymple.
C. Thomas Dalrymple, born 10 March 1769, died 24 August 1824, married Sarah Elizabeth Dean.
D. Mary Dalrymple, born 12 July 1771, married John Walker.
E. Rebecca Dalrymple, born 12 October 1775, died 17 July 1834, married Samuel Jesse Jones.
F. Sarah Dalrymple, born 1776, married Joseph Gallegly, born PA, died 10 October 1821, son of William Gallegly and Hannah Gardner.

VII. Elizabeth Cannon, married John McClure.

VIII. Margaret Cannon.

IX. Rebeckah Cannon.

X. John Cannon, Jr., born 28 May 1758, married ___ John, buried Hart Co., KY.

A. Thomas Cannon.

Family of Samuel Cannon

I. Samuel Cannon, born 1735, died 1791, married Lydia Pennington, dau. of Isaac Pennington. Samuel Cannon had a 100 acre survey of 1754, and in 1772 had surveys of 150 and 200 acres in the area of Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Samuel Cannon made will 4 December 1790, proven 16 May 1791 (Newberry Probate file 5-2).

A. Isaac Pennington Cannon born 8 June 1759 died 9 August 1808 married Sarah Speake born 9 February 1766, died 24 September 1840, buried Bush River Baptist Church.

1. Alsey Cannon, born 24 February 1785.
2. William Cannon, born 19 November 1786, died 24 June 1857. Did not marry.
3. Richard Speake Cannon, born 1 October 1788, died 30 January 1844, married 1) Mary (Polly) Williams, born 8 April 1788, died 15 May 1835; married 2) Phoebe Burton Griffin.

Children by Mary (Polly) Williams:
a. William D. Cannon, born about 1823.
b. Richard C. Cannon, born about 1828.
c. Sarah Cannon, married William D. Watts.
d. Elizabeth Cannon, married John Watts.

Children by second wife:
e. David Cannon, born 27 February 1838, died 12 July 1851.
f. Mary F. Cannon, born 10 May 1842, died 29 July 1849.

4. Mary Cannon, born 5 December 1790, died 22 March 1855, married "Square" John Reeder, born 27 October 1788, died 15 March 1845. Buried Bush River Baptist Church cemetery.

a. Sarah Reeder, born 16 January 1814, died 8 March 1883, married Madison Floyd Workman, born 15 August 1810, died 22 May 1881. Buried Bush River Baptist Church cemetery.
b. Elizabeth Reeder, born 14 April 1816, died 6 August 1842, married John F. Workman.
c. Richard S. Reeder, born 27 August 1823, died 9 May 1900, married Huldah Jane Watts, born 13 January 1839.
d. William Reeder, born 20 August 1826, died 25 October 1889, first wife named Amanda; second wife named Margaret.
e. Laura B. Reeder, 17 December 1831, died 22 October 1853, married James E. Watson.

5. Samuel Cannon, born 3 February 1796, died 1 January 1827.
6. Hezekiah Cannon, born 1 June 1798, died 15 April 1817.
7. David Cannon, born 30 October 1799, died 24 October 1869, married Martha Leavell, born 22 February 1808, died 24 August 1849, daughter of John Leavell and Frances Williams. Buried Bush River Baptist Church cemetery.

a. John L. Cannon, M.D., born 9 February 1833, died 24 November 1907, married December 1869, Mamie Mary Kitchens, born 14 February 1836, died 13 August 1919. Both buried Center Point, AR.
b. E. Frances Cannon, born about 1834, married William A. Reid, born about 1827.
c. Isaac P. Cannon, born 3 July 1836, died 4 August 1861 (CSA). Buried Bush River Baptist Church cemetery.
d. Sarah (Sallie) Cannon, born 1838, died 16 August 1919. Did not marry. Buried Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC.
e. Margaret C. Cannon, born 25 July 1839, died 20 December 1861, married Calvin A. Satterwhite, born 19 August 1839, died 29 August 1867, son of William Satterwhite and Susanna Dalrymple. Both buried Bush River Baptist Church cemetery.
f. Louisa (Lou) Ann Cannon, born 14 April 1841, died 12 May 1905, married George Washington Senn, born 7 October 1834, died 1 January 1887. Both buried Smyrna Presbyterian Church cemetery.
g. Mary (Mollie) S. Cannon, born about 1843.
h. Martha (Mattie) Cannon, born 6 August 1845, died 1 February 1926, married 9 October 1873, Jefferson Decatur Boozer, born 2 December 1848, died 30 May 1919. Both buried Smyrna Presbyterian Church cemetery.

8. Sarah Cannon, born 9 August 1800, died 13 August 1804.
9. Dr. Isaac Pennington Cannon, born 11 October 1802, died 13 March 1839.
10. Col. George Speake Cannon, born 14 August 1806, died 16 November 1888, married 21 November 1832, Sarah L. Smith, born 10 June 1814, died 13 July 1895. Both buried Bush River Baptist Church.

a. Mary Louise Cannon, born 15 August 1834, died 21 July 1917, married 9 August 1852, Jared Smith Johnson, born 28 October 1832, died 21 November 1895. Buried Fairview Baptist Church cemetery.
b. William Smith Cannon, born 19 April 1836, died 11 November 1868, married 5 October 1860, Texanna C. Sligh, born 2 March 1840, daughter of Charles Frederick Sligh and Elizabeth Suber.
c. Martha Ann Cannon, born 4 June 1838, died 20 February 1892, married 18 March 1856, Spencer Leonidus Glasgow, born 7 January 1825, died 23 June 1870. Buried Bush River Baptist Church cemetery.
d. Angeline Cannon, born 14 April 1840, died 4 March 1875, married 1 May 1861, G. W. O. Spearman, born 17 June 1826, died 26 November 1914. Buried Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC.
e. Elizabeth Jane Cannon, born 18 June 1842, died 28 December 1915, married 5 October 1865, Capt. Thompson Conner, born 8 April 1832, died 28 December 1895.
f. George Dallas Cannon, born 28 August 1844, died 19 October 1864, Strasburg, VA (CSA).
g. Richard Speake Cannon, born 13 December 1846, died 24 March 1864 (CSA), buried Bush River Baptist Church cemetery.
h. Sarah Abigail Cannon, born 10 January 1849, died 3 August 1927, married 18 November 1869, William C. Sligh, born 21 January 1845, died 31 January 1923, son of George A. Sligh and Elizabeth A. Cannon. Buried Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC.

B. James Cannon born 11 December 1762 died 30 April 1842 married Rachel Stark, born about 1768, died about 1831. James Cannon moved to TN.

1. Samuel Cannon, born 2 October 1786, died about 1857, MO, married 1) 28 July 1810, Christian Co., KY, Temperance Stewart, born 15 March 1793 (GA), died 6 August 1855 (MO), daughter of Grosvener Stewart and Jane Fields; married 2) 17 June 1856, Hannah Allen, born 18 August 1816, died 22 October 1864.
2. John Cannon, born 16 March 1790, died 13 June 1871, married 27 January 1813 (KY), Jane Knox, born 16 March 1794, died 10 August 1883.
3. Lydia Cannon, born 4 November 1791, died 12 August 1869, married 1) James Collard, born KY; married 2) Isaac L. Thurman, born about 1794 (KY), died about 1852; married 3) J. Sinclair. Lydia is bur at Nebo, Pike Co., IL.
4. Isaac Cannon, born 4 November 1793 (Robertson Co., TN), died 3 May 1862, married 6 February 1817 (KY), Mary Collard, born 14 December 1799 (KY), died 27 November 1872. Moved to MO.
5. William Cannon, born 12 August 1795, died 7 March 1861, married Nancy Byars.
6. Elizabeth Cannon, born about 1798, died about 1839, married 1) ___ Pyle; married 2) Jehugh Pyle.
7. Nancy Cannon, born 29 April 1800, died 15 August 1875, married 1) ___ Stinebaugh; married 2) Jacob Stinebaugh.
8. Ephriam Cannon, born 16 December 1801, died 11 April 1867, married Dorothy Hunter.
9. Mary Cannon, born 28 February 1803, died about 1826, married Thomas McCoy.
10. Rachel Cannon, born 4 December 1804, died 4 July 1876, married 1) ___ Trail; married 2) John Rollins Trail.
11. Keziah Cannon, born about 1806, died about 1828, married Eli Hubbard.
12. Rebecca Cannon, born about 1808, died 9 May 1837, married Joseph Barnett.
13. Margarette Cannon, born about 1812, died 1 December 1879, married 1) ______ Hubbard; married 2) Charles Hubbard.
14. Jane Cannon, born 17 April 1815, died 21 January 1860, married Nicholas Thomas Dameron.

C. John Cannon, born 1766, died 1826, wife named Eleanor.

1. Isaac Cannon.
2. Mary Gideon Cannon
3. Jeane Cannon.
4. Daniel Cannon.
5. Jabez Cannon, born 1801, died 1867, married Sarah Reeder, born 23 October 1804, died 1869. Moved to Lauderdale Co., AL.

D. Mary Cannon.
E. William Cannon, died 1815.
F. Keziah Cannon.
G. Lydia Cannon.
H. Elizabeth Cannon, died 1815.

Family of Ephraim Cannon

II. Ephriam Cannon, born 1737, died 1803, married 2) Mrs. Eleanor Paden Caldwell, born 24 August 1734, Larne, Ireland, died about 1804. She was first married in Ireland in 1754 to John Caldwell. Ephriam Cannon had a 200 acre survey of 1769 in the area of Bethlehem Lutheran Church and deeded much of this survey in 1783 to son, David Cannon (Newberry Deeds B-225). This land is shown on Mills Map of 1825 as land of Col. Cannon. Ephraim Cannon made will 11 December 1802, proven 2 May 1803 (Newberry Probate file 25-9).

Children by first wife:
A. David Cannon, Sr., born about 1759, died 26 Mar 1826, married Nancy Johnston, born 1766, died 3 January 1825, daughter of Daniel Johnston and Ann Anderson. Buried Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery.

1. Mary Cannon, born 15 November 1781, died 24 May 1848, married 1) Jacob Epting, born 25 December 1775, died 11 July 1816, son of Adam Frederick Epting and Anna Christina Setzler Black; married 2) John Adam Wicker, Jr., born 14 August 1791, died 25 October 1835, son of John Adam Wicker, Sr. and wife Catherine.

Children by Jacob Epting:
a. Sarah Epting, born 4 April 1802, died 1882, married George Adam Setzler, born about 1790, son of John Adam Setzler and wife, Barbara.
b. Adam Epting, born 4 March 1804, died 6 November 1871, married 1) 14 January 1823, Eve Koon, born about 1806, died 23 November 1849; married 2) 18 February 1853, Harriet Swittenberg, born 14 February 1825, died 12 February 1896, daughter of John Swittenberg and Christina Kinard.
c. William Epting, born 6 May 1806, died 14 August 1881, married Elvina Lane. Moved to Macon Co., GA.
d. John Henry Epting, born 2 August 1808, died 28 May 1881, married 1) Mary M. Summer, born January 1810, died 12 May 1837, daughter of John Nicholas Summer and Martha Elizabeth Counts; married 2) Lucinda Hoard; and married 3) Harriet Frances Lane, born 28 February 1823, died 9 July 1888.
e. Nancy Epting, born about 1810.
f. Elizabeth Epting, born 28 February 1813, died 1 June 1871, married 1) George Sligh; married 2) Rev. Mark Moore Boyd, born 4 February 1806, died 24 March 1900.
g. Anna Epting, born 15 January 1816, died 19 August 1858, married Jabez G. Lake, born 19 November 1809, died 7 July 1870, son of Enoch Lake and Elizabeth Buchanan.

Children by John Adam Wicker, Jr.:
h. David Lambert Wicker, born 6 April 1822, died 31 December 1868, married 15 December 1842, Nancy Jane Lane, born about 1826. Moved to Macon Co., GA.
i. Thomas Vardeman Wicker, born 4 March 1824, married Louisa A. C. Koon, born 15 January 1831, died 28 August 1909, daughter of Henry Koon and Elizabeth Cannon. Buried Rosemont Cemetery, Newberry, SC.
j. Jacob L. Wicker, born 25 November 1827, died 16 March 1844. Buried Wicker Cemetery #1.

2. Capt. William Cannon, born 1787, died 17 October 1815, married Elizabeth Ruff, born about 1792, daughter of David Ruff and Elizabeth Gray. Capt. William Cannon is buried at Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery.
3. Anna Cannon, married Jeremiah Hutchinson.

a. William D. Hutchinson.
b. Levi Hutchinson.
c. Mahala Hutchinson, born 1 December 1811, died 19 February 1874. Buried Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery.

4. Sarah Cannon, married John George Setzler, born about 1790, died 12 November 1852, son of John Adam Setzler and wife, Barbara.

a. Jacob Setzler, born 15 May 1809, died 26 November 1887, married 10 January 1832, Anna Wicker, born 29 March 1807, died 7 October 1874, daughter of John Adam Wicker and wife Catherine.
b. Nancy Setzler, died before 1852, married John Mock.
c. William Cannon Setzler, born 1822, died 29 February 1855.

5. Mahala Cannon, died before 1831, married (as first wife) Martin Riser, Jr., born 1794, died before 1870, son of Martin Riser, Sr. and Christina Sease.

a. William Andrew Riser.
b. David Martin Riser. Moved to GA.
c. Son, named not known.
d. Nancy Elizabeth Riser.
e. John Thomas Riser, born about 1824.

6. Samuel David Cannon, born June 1800, died 26 January 1839, married Christina Eichelberger, born 12 December 1803, died 21 January 1873, daughter of John Eichelberger, Sr. and wife, Anna Barbara. Buried Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery.

a. Elizabeth A. Cannon, born 24 January 1822.
b. John William Cannon, born 1824, died October 1830. Buried Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery.
c. George Franklin Cannon, born 5 January 1826, died 17 August 1830. Buried Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery.
d. Dr. David Albert Cannon, born 29 August 1831.
e. Mary Katherine Cannon, born August 1834, died 30 July 1836. Buried Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery.
f. Nancy B. Cannon, born 24 February 1831, died 18 February 1812, married John J. Cook, born 3 March 1828, died 26 June 1892.
g. Samuel D. Cannon, Jr.
h. Jacob Harrison Cannon, born 28 December 1836, died 9 June 1889, married Rosanna Lavenia Singley, born 3 February 1829, died 11 May 1902. Buried Prosperity Cemetery.
i. S. D. Preston Cannon, born about 11 February 1839, died 26 January 1858. Buried Beth Eden Lutheran Church cemetery, Newberry Co., SC.

7. George Johnston Cannon, born 5 April 1804, died 13 January 1848, married 18 December 1823, Mary Glymph, born 25 March 1805, daughter of John Glymph and Hannah Suber.
8. David M. Cannon, born about 1806, died about 1886, married Irene Heller, born 25 January 1812, died 19 February 1860, daughter of John Heller and Sarah Glymph. Buried Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery.

a. Dr. John David Cannon, born 12 November 1833, died 26 August 1910, married Harriett Caroline Oxner, born 2 February 1842, died 23 December 1926. Buried Ebenezer Methodist Church. Ch: Blanche Estelle Cannon, born 15 October 1861, died 26 April 1887, married George Albert Dickert, born 2 August 1860, died 12 April 1931; Beulah Cannon, born 13 January 1865, died 5 June 1953, married Thomas Irvin Setzler, born 24 June 1865, died 24 June 1939.
b. Laura E. Cannon, born about 1835.
c. Warren C. Cannon, born 21 April 1838, died 28 August 1855. Buried Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery.
d. Hilbern H. Cannon, born about 1840.
e. George S. Cannon, born about 1843.
f. Thomas M. Cannon, born 25 August 1845, died 22 July 1855. Buried Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery.
g. Pinckney Benedict Cannon, born 16 July 1851, died 5 March 1853. Buried Bethlehem Lutheran Church cemetery.

9. Thomas Vardeman Cannon, born 10 March 1808, died 26 April 1843, married (her first husband) Mary Susan Riser, born 24 December 1811, died 24 August 1870, daughter of Martin Riser and Christina Rikard.

a. Louisa Merriler Cannon, born 10 February 1831, died 27 August 1831.
b. George Franklin Cannon, born 1 June 1833, died 25 February 1834.
c. Lavinia Elizabeth Cannon, born 7January 1836, died 10 June 1893, married John Christopher Sims Brown, born 26 May 1831, died 25 October 1910. Both buried Kings Creek ARP Cemetery, Newberry Co., SC.
d. son, born 22 January 1839, died 27 February 1839.
e. Thomas P. Cannon, born 9 February 1840, died 16 August 1842.
f. Henry C. Cannon, born 7 October 1842, died 19 October 1842.

B. John Cannon, born 1760, died 1808, married 1786, Sarah Johnston, daughter of Daniel Johnston and Ann Anderson.

1. Jane Cannon, died 1823, married 1) John Sligh, born about 1790, died about 1819, son of George Sligh and Elizabeth Eigner; married 2) James Hutchinson, born about 1800.

Children by John Sligh:
a. Henry Sligh.
b. George Sligh, died about 1830.
c. William Sligh, died about 1830.

Child by James Hutchinson:
d. John William Hutchinson, born 1822, died 1898, married Margaret Ann Wicker, born 1824, died 1889, daughter of Woolrod Wicker and Elizabeth Sligh Buzzard.

2. Ephriam Cannon, born about 1786, died 1841, married 1818, Mary (Polly) Davis, born 1800. Moved to Anderson Dist., SC.

a. Elias Cannon, born 1819, moved to Habersham Co., GA.
b. Lucinda Cannon.
c. James A. Cannon.
d. George M. Cannon.
e. Zelpha Lavina Cannon.
f. Jesse Cannon.
g. Martha Ann Cannon, born 1832, died 1908, married 1857, Ebenezer Thornton Scott. Moved to Marshall Co., AL.
h. John Cannon.
i. Elias (?) Cannon.

3. John Cannon, died 1836.
4. James Cannon, born 1798, died 1858.
5. David M. Cannon, born 20 August 1796, died 23 January 1863, married 1) Mary Magdalene Folk, born 25 June 1801, died 30 November 1836, daughter of John Adam Folk and Mary Elizabeth Parker; married 2) Eve Margaret Hartman, born 28 October 1812, died 18 October 1882.

Children by Mary Magdalene Folk:
a. John Adam Cannon, born 28 December 1820, died 16 August 1878, married 1) Sarah Elizabeth Hipp, born 2 January 1825, died 8 November 1853, daughter of George John Adam Hipp and Elizabeth Piester; married 2) 19 November 1854, Susannah Rikard, born 9 October 1828, died 20 January 1856, daughter of Henry Rikard and Elizabeth Wicker; married 3) Elizabeth R. Lake Hentz, born about 1822, died 19 August 1857, daughter of Enoch Lake and Elizabeth Buchanan; married (4) Sarah Eleanor Lake,
born about 1838, daughter of Jabez G. Lake and Anna Epting.
b. Margaret Eve Cannon, born 7 December 1822, died 9 March 1863, married (as 1st wife) Thomas H. Alewine, born 15 March 1818, died 28 February 1889.
c. Rachel Cannon, born 25 March 1824, died 30 March 1825.
d. Sarah Elizabeth Cannon, born 1830, died 26 October 1849.
e. Martha Ann Caroline Cannon, born 1 December 1832, died 16 April 1904, married 4 July 1850, William Rish, born 15 February 1817, died 3 February 1877, son of Andrew Rish and Rosanna Barbara Minick. Buried St. Peter's (Piney Woods)
Lutheran Church, Lexington Co., SC.
f. George Martin Cannon, born 22 April 1835, died 12 February 1856.
g. Noah Eli Adam Cannon, born after 1850 (AL).
h. William H. Cannon, died before 1851.

Children by Eve Margaret Hartman:
i. Henry David Cannon, born 14 July 1838, died 2 May 1918, married Ellen Livingston, born 5 November 1851, died 22 March 1941. Buried Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church cemetery, Little Mountain, SC.
j. Jacob James Cannon, born 5 June 1840, died 25 December 1908, married Rosannah Mahala Lindler, born 15 November 1851, died 1 February 1933, daughter of William Lindler and Elizabeth Eargle. Buried St. Peter's (Piney Woods) Lutheran
Church, Lexington Co., SC.
k. Anna Cannon, born about 1841.
l. Mary Cannon, born about 1843.
m. James Calvin Cannon, born 12 October 1849, died 3 February 1915, married Mary Ann Elizabet -etc-

[S29] Re: John Cannon Mary Cannon
Re: John Cannon Mary Cannon

Dear John Ervin,
>I was very pleased to locate your Entries 1729 on the Web in reference to John Cannon, father of Mary Cannon.
>Mary Cannon is the mother of my ancestor Naomi Pennington, my fourth ggrandmother.
>Naomi Pennington married John Wesley Power.
>We are descended from her son Holloway Power(s).
>The Cannon History is very interesting and it appears that you have done lots of work with much success in locating sources for the Cannon Family.
>Do you have any suggestions for me in regards to the Pennington Family? I've been in touch with Pennington Pedigrees and Rod Pennington. Our Power Family line has created some problems. I'm researching the Pennington and Cannon lines, just to find locations on where the Power Family may have been. They certainly had to be living close during the time John Power met and married Naomi Pennington. Therefore, John's father probably was living very close as well.
>Thanks for all the good information you provided.
>Rose Powers Somraty
>392 Windridge Drive
>Collinsville, IL 62234

[S30] Beth Zimmer


C194, ERVIN, Ethel M., b. 1-nov-1910, d. 7-may-1973, buried beside jeff d.
C163, ERVIN, Florence Irene Dendy, b. 1867, d. 20-nov-1902, h. samuel e. ervin, p. thomas h. & lucy dendy, stone says "died aged 35 years"
C7, ERVIN, Florence Ramey, b. 10-dec-1886, d. 29-apr-1971, buried beside barney l. ramey
C194, ERVIN, Jeff D., b. 31-mar-1913, d. 31-dec-1982, buried beside ethel m.
C212, ERVIN, Lucy A., b. 1845, d. 14-nov-1890, h. william f. ervin, buried in gen william f. ervin plots
C212, ERVIN, Margaret A. Cade, b. 14-jan-1840, d. 28-mar-1923, h. william f., buried in gen. william f. ervin plots
C194, ERVIN, Sally May, b. 30-sep-1936, d. 13-nov-1944, buried in jeff d. ervin plots
C212, ERVIN, W. J., b. 7-apr-1862, d. 24-sep-1891, w. margaret cade ervin, buried in gen. w.f. ervin plots
C212, ERVIN, William F. Gen., b. 13-jan-1823, d. 9-aug-1907, w. margaret a. cade ervin, has csa marker on grave

[S33] Pat Innes

Hi John,
Pat Innes here, gg g/d of John Edgar Ervin ( JE Ervin
m MJ Geiselbreth, Henry Guy "Pat" Ervin m Susie P
Terry, Mavis L Ervin m John Parker Hollingsworth,
Jeanne P Hollingsworth m Walter I Innes Jr,
My uncle, Al G Hollingsworth b 1934 m 1954 an Anna
June Gaddy, d/o a Vincenzo Ghetti. I have a few
generations of them back to Italy, but a son was born
5 Nov 1955 MS - Douglas Alan Hollingsworth, who was
later adopted by an Unk Paratore when his mother
remarried. Apparently, ALL ties were severed in the
I haven't found Anna June Gaddy/Paratore - or variants
in the SSDI. I presume she is still alive. Her family
was from MS.
If you could please forward this email to any Gaddy
folks you are/may be in touch with, I'd appreciate it.
I have a cousin out there somewhere; one that I've
never met...I did find a missionary in Central America
at the time, now back in the states I believe, Doug
Paratore. But he stated he wasn't the same fellow.
Funny, right age and he even looked like my uncle!
cheers, and thanks in advance.


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