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Social Security Death Index:

SSN 141-30-9634
Residence: 08318 Elmer, NJ
Born 16 Dec 1893
Last Benefit:
Died Apr 1986
Issued: NJ (1955 And 1956)

Social Security Death Index:

SSN 148-26-5055
Residence: 08098 Woodstown, NJ
Born 15 Sep 1920
Last Benefit:
Died 20 Sep 1994
Issued: NJ (1951 And 1952)


[NI3898] Name: Utz to Utzner to Itschner to Hitschner to Hitchner

From Hitchner Family by Charles C. Baker:

"HANS JACOB (Utz) (Utzner) (Hitschner) Hitchner, & Hans George Utz,
came to America with 44 males 34 females 24 males under 16, 35 females
in all 137 passengers who were Palatines, from Germany, Christopher
Ckymer, master from Rotterdam, last from Plymouth, ship Richmond & Elizabeth
arrived at Phila, Pa, Sept, 28, 1733, said Passenger list is on file at
Harrisburg, Pa, in State Library, at Phila, they signed their name declaring
allegiance & subjection to the King of Great Britain, & fidelity to the
Proprietary of this province. Jacob Hitchner with his son John Jacob
under 16 years, Settled near Friesburg, N,J, & attended the Emanuel Evangelical
Luthern Church at Friesburg, where he had his son Jacob Baptised &
Confirmed Jan, 28, 1768, no wife is mentioned in passenger list."

Meldrum, Charlotte. Early Records of Cumberland County. Westminster, Maryland: Family Line Publications, 1998. p. 48:

Immigrants Living at Cohansey

Names of some immigrants, time of arrival at Philadelphia, PA, name of ship. These immigrants from Germany settled in Old Greenwich twp.

Mitchner (Utz) (Utzner), Hans Jacob, Sept. 28, 1733, ship Richmond and Eliz, Chris Clymer.
Mitchner (Utz) (Utzner), Hans George, Sept. 28, 1733, ship Richmond and Eliz, Chris Clymer.

[NI3902] Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 12:29:12 -0400 (EDT)
From: Rlmlcamp@aol.comm
Subject: Re: Cumberland County LOOKUP


Here's what I found:

Cumberland Co Genealogical Data: Nothing either surname HEPNER or

Genealogical Data from Cumberland County Wills compiled by H. Stanley Craig,
pg. 69

HICHNER, Jacob, Stow Creek, will Apr 19, 1789; proved Dec 1, 1800. Wife, Mary
Magdalene. Children, Juliana, Salome Rocap, Catharina Rammel, Mary Magdalena
Sickle, Barbara Bacon, George, Mary Hepner, Andrew, Margaret May, and Martin.


Hope I gave you something new! There are lots of Hitchner records as well, if
you determine which line is are a few other researchers for you,
OK if I add you to my list for your two names?


Good luck,
Robin Campbell

Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 19:23:44 -0400 (EDT)
From: Rlmlcamp@aol.comm
Subject: Re: Cumberland County LOOKUP


Yup, it's typos....sorry about that!
the 1973 is 1793
the 1788 for Anna Maria s/b 1789

Hichner was spelled that way.

From A Hitchner Genealogy, 1754-1976:

"He arrived at Philadelphia October 19, 1754, on the ship Henrietta (Captain John Ross), from Rotterdam and Cowes. The ship's arrival was noted, incidentally, in the newspapers Pennsylvania Journal and Pennsylvania Gazette, both of October 24, 1754. He is inscribed on the passenger list as 'Jacob Itschner'; on the list of those taking the oath of allegiance to King George II, he is entered as 'Jacob Haysner.' The passenger list describes 'the foreigners' as 'in all 80 [men],' 'from Franconia, Wirtenberg (sic), Hesse, etc.'"

E-mail from Jane Gant, 6 March 1999, 12:46 PM:

Searched the tax rateables for Stoe(Stow)Creek and found:May 28,1778 Jacob Hitchner
200 acres of improved lands
270 " unimproved lands
5 Horses,6 cattle,6 hogs,2stoves,2 chairs- 4pounds,10 shillimgs,2 pence.
1802- Mary M. Hitchner- tax -40cents
1803- Mary M. Hitchner
Mary Hepner- each 1 cattle, each taxed 12 cents
1804-Jacob Hitchner and Mary M. Hitchner-couldn't read what they had.
1810- Mary Hepner- tax $5.30
100 acres of improved land,1 horse,4 cattle
John Hepner,single man-tax 3.00
1812- neither Hitchner nor Hepner found.

Social Security Death Index:


SSN 155-18-3852
Residence: 08028 Glassboro, NJ
Born 15 Jul 1890
Last Benefit:
Died Nov 1976
Issued: NJ (Before 1951)

Social Security Death Index:


SSN 150-36-5330
Residence: 08302 Bridgeton, Cumberland, NJ
Born 23 Apr 1886
Last Benefit:
Died Mar 1971
Issued: NJ (1962)

Social Security Death Index:


SSN 158-26-7776
Residence: 08302 Bridgeton, Cumberland, NJ
Born 10 Apr 1889
Last Benefit:
Died Apr 1966
Issued: NJ (1951 And 1953)

Social Security Death Index:


SSN 106-32-8893
Residence: 33540 Zephyrhills, Pasco, FL
Born 3 Aug 1903
Last Benefit:
Died Jul 1983
Issued: NY (1957 And 1959)

Social Security Death Index:


SSN 082-22-3343
Born 26 Apr 1905
Last Benefit:
Died 2 Dec 1972
Issued: NY (Before 1951)

Social Security Death Index:


SSN 177-50-9373
Residence: 15401 Uniontown, Fayette, PA
Born 11 Dec 1907
Last Benefit:
Died Dec 1981
Issued: PA (1973)


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