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[Page 83]

Asch, David L. and Nancy B. Asch

Ash, Andrew N., C.B. McDonald, E.S. Kane and C.A. Pories

Baart, Jan

Barbour, Phillip L.

Barbour, Phillip L. (editor)

Bartram, William

Bellis, Vincent, and Michael P. O'Connor and Stanley R. Riggs

Bennett, Monte

Binford, Lewis R.

Blaker, Margaret C.

[Page 84]

Bradley, James W.

Cain, Robert J. (editor)

Carnes, Linda F.

Claassen, Cheryl

Clay, James W., Douglas M. Orr, Jr., and Alfred W. Stuart

Coe, Joffre L.

Cook, Cindy

Copeland, B.J., Ronald G. Hudson and Stanley R. Riggs

Cowan, C. Wesley

[Page 85]

Davis, R.P. Stephen, Jr.

Davis, R.P. Stephen, Jr. and H. Trawick Ward

Delcourt, Hazel R. and Paul A. Delcourt

Dickens, Roy S., Jr.

Egghart, Chris

Egloft, Keith T. and E. Randolph Turner

Egloff, Keith T. and Stephen R. Potter

Emerson, Mathew C.

Emmons, Ebenezer

Evans, Clifford

Feest, Christian F.

Garrow, Patrick H.

[Page 86]

Glazier, Edward W., Jr.

Goodyear, Albert C.

Grayson, Donald K.

Green, Paul R.

Greer, Georgeanna H.

Gremillion, Kristen J.

Haag, William G.

Haberman, Thomas W.

Hally, David J.

Harper, R.M.

[Page 87]

Harrington, J. Carl

Harris, Suzanne E. and Elizabeth Sheldon

Hassan, Fekri A.

Hawkes, Francis L.

Hayes, Charles F., III

Hearn, W. Edward

Heath, Ralph C.

Hedrick, U.P.

Heite, Edward F.

Helm, June (Editor)

Henry, Susan L.

Holland, T. Dale and Kenneth Weeden

[Page 88]

Huey, Paul R.

Hulton, Paul

Janiger, Oscar and Marlene Dobkin de Rios

Karklins, Karlis

Kaye, C.A. and Stuckey, G.W.

Kent, Barry C.

Kenyon, Ian T. and Thomas Kenyon

Kidd, Kenneth E.and Martha A. Kidd

Kirby, M. Dale

Kopec, Richard W. and James W. Clay

Kupperman, Karen 0.

Lautzenheiser, Loretta E.

[Page 89]

Lee, E. Lawrence

Lefler, Hugh T. (editor)

Loftfield, Thomas C.

Long, Austin

Lukin, Craig G. and Lucy L. Mauger

Lynch, J. Merrill and S. Lance Peacock

MacCord, Howard A.

Majewski, Teresita and Michael J. O’Brien

Martoff, Bernard S., William M. Palmer, Joseph R. Bailey and Julian R.Harrison III

[Page 90]

McCary, Ben C.

McIlwaine, Henry R. (editor)

McManus, Jane M.

Medsgar, Oliver P.

Merrens, Harry R.

Miller, Henry M., Dennis J. Pogue and Michael R. Polhemus

Mitchell, Vivenne

Mook, Maurice A.

Newman, T. Stell

Noel Hume, lvor

Otte, L.J.

Oxford English Dictionary

Painter, Floyd

(Page 91)

Paschal, Herbert R. Jr.

Payne, Ted M. and Bruce H. Dahlin

Perkinson, Phil

Phelps, David S.

Potter, Stephen R.

Powell, William S.

Quinn, David B. (editor)

Radford, Albert E., Harry E. Ahles and C. Ritchie Bell

[Page 92]

Reitz, Elizabeth J. and C. Margaret Scarry

Reitz, Elizabeth J., lrvy R. Quitmyer, H. Stephen Hale, Sylvia J. Scudder, and Elizabeth S. Wing

Renfrew, Jane M.

Rights, Douglas L.

Saunders, William L. (editor)

Schmitt, Karl, Jr.

Service, Elman R.

Simpkins, Daniel L.

Smith, Bruce D.

Smith, Marvin T.

Smith, Marvin T. and Mary Elizabeth Good

[Page 93]

South, Stanley

Stephenson, Robert L., Alice L. Ferguson and Henry G. Ferguson

Stoltman, James B.

Stuiver, M. and P.J. Reimer

Swanton, John R.

Tippitt, V. Ann

Toulouse, Julian T.

Trinkley, Michael

Trinkley, Michael, S. Homes Hogue, Martha Zierden and Jack H. Wilson, Jr.

United States Department of Agriculture

Ward, H. Trawick

[Page 94]

Waselkov, Gregory A.

Watson, Patty Jo

Watt, Bernice K. and Annabel L. Merrill

Whitehead, Donald R.

Whyte, Thomas R. and Stephen M. Thompson

Wray, Charles F.

Wright, Louis B. (editor)

Yarnell, Richard A.

Yarnell, Richard A. and M. Jean Black

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