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1850 Federal Census
Beaufort Co., NC

Page 349a

Town of Washington
July 29, 1850
James H.
Williams, Asst. Marshal

House Family Name Age S R


Value of Real Estate Birthplace Remarks
continued Fulford, Caroline 4 F M        
    Hampleton, Alexander 1 M M        
235 244 Swift, Samuel 23 M   Seman   Massa. Can't Read/Write
skipped # Swift, Mary 18 F       NC  
    Cradle, James 13 M         Attended School
    Cradle, John 15 M   Seman      
236 245 Powers, Liven 42 M M       Can't Read/Write
    Powers, Luisa 30 F M       Can't Read/Write
    Powers, Daniel 13 M M        
    Powers, Augustus 9 M M        
    Powers, John 7 M M        
    Powers, Mary 6 F M        
    Powers, Isac 1 M M        
237 246 Ship, Birtain A. 40 M   Ship Carpenter 750    
    Ship, Selona 35 F          
    Ship, Ann 14 F         Attended School
    Ship, Sarah 12 F         Attended School
    Ship, John  7 M         Attended School
238 247 Myers, John 56 M   Merchant 9435 Louisanah  
    Myers, Mary 55 F       NC  
    Myers, R. L. 33 M   Merchant 4000    
    Myers, William B. 31 M   Merchant 1000    
    Myers, Mary L. 29 F          
    Myers, Thomas B. 22 M     50    
    Myers, Jane 18 F          
    Myers, Lucy 11 F         Attended School
    Wetherton, Lucy B. 34 F          
    Myers, Joseph 14 M         Attended School
239 248 Crabtree,  Lemmon 41 M   Seman 1500 Maine  
    Crabtree, Luisa 38 F       NC  
    Crabtree, Albert 4 M          
    Crabtree, Clermer 10/12 F          
240 249 Williams, Sophia 45 F     400    
    Adams, Sarah 35 F         Can't Read/Write
    Latham, Sopha 8 F         Attended School
    Spelman, Cane 12 M B        
*241 250 Mitchell, Sarah A. 50 F B       Can't Read/Write
    Green, Rosetta 28 F B        
    Mitchell, Julia 18 F B        
    Mitchell, Malvina 14 F B        
    Mitchell, Hillard 12 M B        
    Mitchell, John 11 M 13        

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Source: Microfilm Series M432, Roll # 620, Pages 336A-437B (National Archives, Washington, DC)
(Transcribed by Sallie Gargis)  

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