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Beaufort and Bath Co., NC Wills

1700 - 1900


Name Date Recorded Copy Original Remarks
Bailey, Elizabeth 1861 OB-L/382 AR  
Bailey, Josias 1823 OB-A/329 AR  
Bailey, Oden 1861 OB-L/282 AR  
Bailey, Simon c1823 Original Only AR  
Baker, Henry 1821 OB-A/315 AR  
Baker, Mary W. 1845 OB-E/479 AR  
Baley, William 1833 OB-B/294 AR  
Ball, Bathana c1829 OB-B/300 AR  
Ball, James c1806 OB-A/176 AR  
Ball, Miles 1829 OB-B/15 AR  
Ball, Wilson 1861 OB-L/373 AR  
Banks, William c1846 OWB/542 AR  
Barnard, Benoni 1790 028 WB-A/230 028AR Craven County
Baros, Moses 1733/4 SS 876/269 SS/AR  
Barr, Robert D. 1852 Original Only AR  
Barrow, Elizabeth c1811 OB-A/177 AR  
Barrow, Fredrick 1827 OB-A/384 AR  
Barrow, Fredrick 1841 OB-D/137 AR/CRX  
Barrow, George W. 1870 WB-1/63 AR  
Barrow, John 1781 OWB/167 AR  
Barrow, Joseph 1752 028 DB-5/272 SS/AR Craven County
Barrow, Martha c1790 OWB/244 AR  
Barrow, Susan E. 1896 WB-2/101 AR  
Barrow, Thomas 1806 OWB/435 AR  
Barrow, William 1793 OWB/292 AR  
Barrow, William T. 1835 OB-B/532 AR  
Barry, William 1721 SS 875/338 SS/AR  
Batters, Thomas 1734 SS 876/339 SS/AR Bath County
Bawstick, Mary 1831 OB-B/89 AR Bostick in Johnson's book
Bayner, Alfred


OB-A/505 AR Baynor in Johnson's book
Bayner, Wiley 1832 OB-OB-B/226B0 AR  
Baynor, Eli 1887 WB-1/439 CTY  
Baynor, Emeline 1892 WB-1/540 CTY  
Baynor, Louisa 1858 OB-K/402 CTY  
Beacham, Jesse 1833 OB-B/282    
Beacham, Julia 1825 OB-A/345 AR  
Beaner, Richard 1795 OWB/313   Richard Beaner, Sr. in Johnson's book
Beasley, Mary c1799 OWB/350 AR  
Beasley, Thomas 1792 OWB/277 AR Thomas Beasley, Sr. in Johnson's book
Beasly, Alfred B. 1842 OB-D/278 AR  
Beck, Nancy 1837 OB-B/473 AR/CRX  
Beckwith, S. T. 1897 056 WB-4/65 056 AR Johnston County
Beckwith, S.T. 1897 WB-2/110 CTY  
Becton, Richard 1759 OWB/62 AR  
Bell, Cornelius 1730 Original Only SS/AR  
Bell, Joshua 1830 OB-B/86 AR  
Belote, Hillery 1763 OWB/91 AR  
Bennet, Luke 1787 OWB/222 AR  
Bennett, Alvy D. 1895 WB-2/67 CTY  
Bennett, Josephus 1880 WB-1/253 CTY  
Bennett, Wiley 1871 WB-1/69 AR  
Bentley, Sally 1820 OB-A/304 AR  
Bergeron, Judeth 1742 LGB-4/#150 SS/AR  
Best, Eliza 1898 WB-2/141 CTY  
Best, Marietta 1893 WB-1/591 CTY  
Blackledge, Benjamin c1806 OWB/436 AR  
Blango, Isaac 1842 OB-D/281 AR  
Blatchford, John C. 1840 OB-C2/358 AR  
Bleu, Peter c1783 OWB/179 AR  
Blin, Daniel 1753

SS 879/117


Grimes' book gives dates 1742-1753.  This may be the same man as Daniel Bliss listed below.

Bliss, Daniel 1753 SS 877/340    
Blount, Benjamin no date Original Only AR-Nunc.  
Blount, Bryan c1807 OB-A/20 AR  
Blount, Elizabeth 1807 OWB/451 AR Eliz. or Betsy Blount in Johnson's book
Blount, Henry 1842 OB-D/355 AR  
Blount, James H. 1849 OB-G/138 AR  
Blount, James S. 1845 OB-E/408 AR  
Blount, Jesse c1808 OWB/452 AR  
Blount, John 1765 Original Only AR  
Blount, John Gray 1833 107 WB-2/142   Yancy County
Blount, John Gray 1833 019 WB-B/254 019 AR Carteret County
Blount, John Gray 1833 093 WB-2/16   Transylvania County
Blount, John Gray 1833 OB-B/223 AR  
Blount, John Gray 1833 049 WB-2/406 049 AR Haywood County
Blount, John Gray 1833 Copy 096 AR Tyrrell County
Blount, John Gray 1833 013 WB-C/95   Buncombe County
Blount, John Gray 1833 062 WB-B/115   Madison County
Blount, Joseph c1779 OWB/142 AR  
Blount, Lewis 1824 OB-A/343 AR  
Blount, Lucy 1818 OB-A/280 AR  
Blount, Mary 1828 OB-A/466 AR  
Blount, Mary A. 1884 WB-1/354 CTY  
Blount, Patsy B. 1886 WB-1/371 CTY Patsy Baker Blount in Johnson's book
Blount, Reading 1776 OWB/128 AR  
Blount, Sarah c1820 OWB/477 AR  
Blount, Thomas 1793 OWB/290 AR  
Blount, Thomas H. 1850 OB-G/226 AR  
Blount, Willie 1840 OB-C2/269 AR  
Bohaman, John Anna



John Anna Bohannan in Johnson's book and found in WB-1/566

Bond, James 1769 OWB/103 AR  
Bond, John 1749 SS 877/147 SS/AR  
Bond, John c1808 OB-A/32 AR  
Bond, Pheriby c1809 OB-A/32 AR  
Bond, Robert 1802 OWB/394 AR  
Bond, Vinyard 1762 SS 881/263 SS/AR  
Bond, William 1757 SS 882/29 SS/AR  
Bonner, Anthony 1877 WB-1/206 CTY  
Bonner, George 1796 OWB/326 AR  
Bonner, Henry 1779 OWB/145 AR  
Bonner, James 1791 OWB/263 AR  
Bonner, James 1782 OWB/177 AR  
Bonner, John 1787 OWB/220 AR  
Bonner, John B. 1871 WB-1/78 CTY  
Bonner, John G. 1846 OB-F/116 AR  
Bonner, Joseph 1805 OWB/432 AR  
Bonner, Joseph 1876 WB-1/164 CTY  
Bonner, Mary E. 1879 WB-1/248 CTY  
Bonner, Thomas 1764 OWB/566 AR  
Bostick, Mary 1831 OB-B/89 AR  
Boutwell, Samuel 1779 OWB/147 AR  
Bowen, Dinah E. 1884 WB-1/342 CTY  
Bowen, Orpah 1899 WB-2/198 CTY  
Bowen, Rhoda 1886 WB-1/379 CTY  
Bowen, Tennert 1802 OWB/399 AR  
Bowen, Thomas 1820 OB-A/297 AR  
Boyd, George 1843 OB-E/132 AR  
Boyd, John H. 1828 OWB/494 AR also found in OB-A/510
Boyd, John S. 1852 OB-H/82 AR John L. Boyd in Johnson's book
Boyd, Robert 1775 053 RW-1/69 053 AR Hyde County
Boyd, Sarah 1843 OB-E/191 AR  
Boyd, Thomas 1785 OWB/201 AR  
Boyd, Thomas 1822 OB-A/325 AR  
Boyd, William 1797 OWB/333 AR  
Boyd, William c1809 OWB/458 AR  
Boyd, William 1830 OB-B/47 AR  
Boyd, William P. 1894 WB-2/44 CTY  
Boyd, Zachariah 1873 WB-1/116 AR  
Braddy, Benjamin 1822 OB-A/320 AR Benjamin Brady, Jr. in Johnson's book
Braddy, Benjamin 1900 WB-2/227 CTY  
Braddy, Lewis 1882 WB-1/314 CTY  
Bradley, William 1839 OB-C2/119 AR  
Brady, John c1810 OWB/556 AR  
Brady, Marcy 1815 OB-A/238 AR  
Brewer, William 1783 OWB/184 AR  
Brickell, James 1746 SS 878/61 SS/AR  
Brickell, Susanah 1836 OWB/531 AR  
Bright, Churchill 1890 WB-1/485 CTY  
Bright, James G. 1894 WB-2/47 CTY  
Bright, John 1833 OB-B/234 AR  
Bright, Richard 1731/2 OWB/11 AR  
Briley, Daniel 1885 WB-1/351 CTY  
Brinn, Reading J. 1851 OB-H/7 AR  
Britton, George 1888 WB-1/446 CTY  
Brock, Losson 1836 OWB/487 AR  
Brook, Horatio c1778 OWB/136 AR  
Brown, Dorothy 1780 OWB/154 AR  
Brown, Dorothy 1849 OB-G/124 AR  
Brown, Elizabeth 1894 WB-2/35 CTY Elizabeth A. Brown in Johnson's book
Brown, Jacob c1805 OWB/434 AR  
Brown, James 1750 SS 877/269 SS/AR Grimes' gives 1746 date
Brown, John 1846 OB-F/252 AR  
Brown, Macon 1893 WB-1/587 CTY  
Brown, Nancy 1816 OB-A/264 AR  
Brown, Nathan 1845 OB-F/84 AR  
Brown, Nathan 1845 OB-F/57 AR  
Brown, Parson W. 1874 WB-1/126 CTY  
Brown, Sarah c1802 OWB/406 AR  
Brown, Temperance 1860 OB-L/66 & 142 AR  
Brown, William 1751 028 DB-5/239 SS/AR Craven County
Bruffet, Patsey A. 1870 WB-1/53 CTY  
Bryan, C. J. 1825 OB-A/353 AR  
Bryan, Clarinda 1885 WB-1/369    
Bryan, Clarissa 1898 WB-2/151 CTY  
Bryan, Elizabeth M.B. 1860 OB-L/231 AR  
Bryan, John S. 1848 RB-27/93 AR  
Bryan, Larry O. 1893 WB-1/589 CTY Listed as Larry O'Bryan? in Johnson's book
Bryan, Mary 1824 OB-A/334 AR  
Buchanan, Sally 1889 WB-1/465 CTY  
Buck, Allen 1895 WB-2/59    
Buck, Isaac Jr. 1844 OB-E/206 AR  
Buck, Penelope 1875 WB-1/142 CTY  
Buck, Richard 1832 OB-B/148 AR  
Buckingham, Stephen c1760 OWB/80    
Burbage, John S. 1881 WB-1/271 CTY  
Burbbagge, John c1786 OWB/211 AR  
Burnett, Alice 1900 WWB-2/251B CTY  

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Sources: North Carolina Wills: A Testator Index 1665 - 1900  by Thornton W. Mitchell © 1987, 1992
Index to North Carolina Wills - 1663 - 1900 by William Perry Johnson © 1963

Transcribed by Kay M. Sheppard & John B. McGowan and Prepared by Sallie Gargis

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