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The Jackson Family

Research on this family is far from complete. What you see here is a worksheet in progress as I begin to try to connect the dots. The birth order of the children is not firmly established! The family group may include or exclude siblings! There may be errors! If you have information to provide, contact me

Family of Samuel Jackson and Hannah McDowell

Rev. Samuel Jackson [1] 1772 Harrison County, Virginia (now WV) bef. 25 September 1841 Bath/Fleming KY 5 February 1795 Bourbon County, Kentucky Hannah McDowell [2]
Rev. William Jackson 28 March 1799 Bath/Fleming, Kentucky     29 March  1821 Bath County, Kentucky Elizabeth Harmon [3]
Nancy Jackson 16 October 1801 Bath/Fleming, Kentucky 25 September 1885 Jennings, Indiana 10 March  1825

Montgomery County, Kentucky

Philip Harmon
Elisha Jackson 1808 Bath/Fleming, Kentucky     11 September 1828 Bath County, Kentucky Anna Harmon
Dorothy Jackson 12 July 1809 Sharpsburg, Bath Co., Kentucky     1) ?

2) 10 January 1828

1) ?

2) Morgan County, Kentucky

1) ?Ellington? 

2) James Graham Hazelrigg [4]

Samuel Jackson Jr. 12 January 1812 Bath/Fleming, Kentucky     22 February 1832 Morgan County, Kentucky Nancy Ellington
Harrison Jackson 1814 Bath/Fleming, Kentucky     20 March 1835 Fleming County, Kentucky Elizabeth Morton
Polly (Mary) Jackson   Bath/Fleming, Kentucky     10 August 1825 Bath County, Kentucky Albert Bowrty
Huston Jackson   Bath/Fleming, Kentucky     1) 15 February 1838

2) 1849

  1) Elizabeth Evans

2) Eveline Goodard

[1] Source of marriage information: Register of the Kentucky State Historical Society, January 1924, Vol. 22, No. 64. Bourbon County Marriages, 1786-1800. Bath County records show Samuel Jackson serving as a minister in several weddings.

[2]  Hannah McDowell is found living with her daughter Nancy in Philip Harmon's household in the 1850 Census, Switzerland County, Indiana.

[3] Jackson siblings William, Nancy and Elisha married Harman/on siblings Elizabeth, Philip and Anna. Follow the link for Philip Harmon to see that family group. Click on William to see his descendants.

[4] James Graham Hazelrigg, son of Eli ( 1777-1852) and Rebecca Fletcher Hazelrigg (1784-1840) was b. 4 Oct. 1801, Bath County, KY and died 11 April 1848, Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co., KY

UPDATE 2002: Liz Smith , another Jackson family researcher, took on the astonishing task of documenting ALL Jacksons in Bath County of  during the 1700's and 1800's. Her work is located here. In the process of her research she created a Chronology of the life of Samuel Jackson Sr. which is reproduced, with permission here:

1816 - had a survey made (and patented?) 144 acres of land in Fleming Co., KY (Book C, pg. 20; Source: Jilson)

22 Nov 1838 - had a survey made (and patented?) 106 acres of land in Fleming Co., KY (Book 6 ,pg. 304; Source: Jilson)

22 Oct 1824 - was deeded 97 acres on the Licking River by Samuel Cobb Jr. for 5 pounds. The land was part of Richard Rix's 5800 acre survey.

5 Nov 1832 - deeded 8 3/4 acres of land to Abram (or Abraham) Alfry of Fleming Co. for $18.00. The land was part Samuel Jackson's survey and patent by way of a KY Treasury Warrant. (Fleming Co., KY Deed Book R, pg.77)

17 Dec 1836 - deeded 144 acres of land on the Licking River in Fleming Co., KY to John W. Hazelrigg and Thomas F. Hazelrigg to secure a debt of several notes. The deed would be void if paid on time. (Fleming Co., KY Deed Book U, pg. 136)

5 Sept 1837 - mortgaged horses worth to John Cogswell, who secured a $200note to Sarah Cary due 12 Apr 1838. If the note was paid on time, the deed was void. (Fleming Co., KY Deed Book U, pg. 253)

15 Aug 1837 - deeded 97 acres on the Licking River in Fleming Co., KY to Harrison Jackson for $250. (Fleming Co., KY Deed Book U, pg. 456)

13 Dec 1837 - deeded 144 acres (on which he, Samuel, Sr. lived) and 106acres (on which Samuel, Jr. lived) to John W. Hazelrigg of Bath Co., KY to secure a debt owed by Samuel Jackson, Jr., Samuel Jackson, Sr., and Harrison Jackson. If the note was paid on time, the deed would be void. (Fleming Co., KY Deed Book U, pg. 283)

4 June 1838 - Samuel, Sr., Samuel, Jr., and Harrison Jackson mortgaged livestock, a wagon, farm equipment, furniture, and personal property to Cutter and Jackson of Maysville, Mason Co., KY to secure payment of a debt, adjudged due at the June term of the Fleming Circuit Court. (Fleming Co., KY Deed Book U, pg. 585)

29 Feb 1840 - deeded 2 tracts of land on the Licking River in Fleming Co., KY to James G. Hazelrigg for $1200. The first tract of land contained 154 acres and the second tract contained 106 acres. The land was that surveyed and patented by Samuel Jackson, Sr. (Fleming Co., KY Deed Book V, pg. 353)

Bef. 25 Sep 1841 - died. (Fleming Co., KY Deed Book X, pg. 142)

25 Sep 1841 - Hannah, widow of Samuel Jackson, Sr., and James G. Hazelrigg and Dorothy (Jackson), his wife, all of Morgan Co., KY, deeded two tracts of land on the Licking River to Samuel Gill of Fleming Co. Hazelrigg received $1200 for the first tract, containing 144 acres. Hannah received $350 for the second tract, containing 106 acres. (Fleming Co., KY Deed Book X, pg. 142)

UPDATE 2/2002: Contacted by Brenda Jackson Koukas , direct descendant of Samuel Jackson Jr. and Nancy Ellington who has generously added some notes I was missing! Click on Samuel's name to see his family group sheet.

A list of Revolutionary War Soldiers from Boone, Bourbon and Bracken Counties includes: JACKSON, Joseph, Pvt., VA Line; 1 Nov 1832; $80; age 77 (born: 15, Dec. 1756, Bedford County, Virginia.  He died 10, May, 1844, Paris, Bourbon County, Kentucky.  Married to unknown and then to Charlotte Payne, 20, August, 1801 in Madison County, Kentucky and McDOWELL, Daniel, VA Militia; 31 May 1833; $40; age 82. Lastly, Samuel and William McDowell, uncless to Hannah, are all listed as men who participated in the establishment of Kentucky Government after the war - data can be seen here.


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