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The Weddle Family

During the summer of 1999 I was able to spend a good deal of time in Salt Lake City going through everything I could find on this line. I found all of Elizabeth Meuting's work including several updates supplied by her over the years. What you see posted here seems to be the best substantiated evidence I can find (so far). The Wallen Trunk Record (papers found in the possession of Thomas J. Walden after his death in 1951, attributed to Joseph B. Wallen) was in the Joseph Smith Library as was The David Dolling's Diary material. There is still lots unproved that may never be proved, but what you see here is my best educated summation as of the year 2000.

I thank Mary Weddle, Gordon Weddle, Richard Coulter, Tom Kintigh, Albert B. Weddle, Linda Myers and Jana Slagle for their support, encouragement and contributions along the way. Until I see better evidence, I have decided that the best of what is available points to Scottish Ancestry for this family descending from Sea Captain John Weddell/Waddell (1583-1642) and it is this genealogy I present below. My objective is always to get it right for future generations. Feel free to contact me email_ghost_w.gif (907 bytes)if you have substantive data to discuss. What you see is what I have...

Also check out The Rainwater Collection (excellent site!) This site follows the lines of George Weddle Jr.

Historical Facts according to Elizabeth Meuting: "We have been proven to be of Scotch (sic) ancestry. All of the various spellings of our name are somehow related. We have no German names. But WADDLE was used when they first came to America. The double 'l' was the Scotch spelling. The English took off the double 'l' and used 'WEDDLE.' Their speech was a dialect spoken all along the coast of Germany (when they came to America)."

GENERATION ONE: Admiral John WEDDELL/WADDELL b. 1583 was a great Sea Captain who died in India in 1642. With wife, Frances, he had three children (listed below)

GENERATION TWO: John (who predeceased his mother), Jeremy and Elizabeth who married a WYE.

GENERATION THREE: John's son William was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, became a Scottish Covenanter and was taken prisoner at Bothwell Bridge in 1679 when he refused to give up his Presbyterian faith to become English Catholic. He escaped and fled to County Down, Ireland where he married the daughter of another Scottish family Mary IRVIN/IRWIN.

This is where I begin the charts:

Family of William Weddell/Waddell and Mary Irvin/Irwin

William Weddell/Waddell   Edinburgh, Scotland 30 September 1750 buried St. Mary the Virgin Church, Dover, England   County Down, Ireland Mary Irvin/Irwin [1]
William Weddell 25 January 1704   buried 5 May 1705        
Thomas Weddell 24 February 1706/7            
William 29 October 1710            
John Weddell 3 Ocotober 1714 Dover, England 29 May 1762 New York City, New York, USA     Anne Kirten
Sarah Weddell 29 September 1715           Henry Nethers

[1] Mary Irvin/Irwin Weddell/Waddell is buried St. Mary the Virgin Church, Dover, England

NOTE: It is not clear how this line connects to the line of John WEDDLE, but Meuting contends there is a connection. I cannot prove it one way or another.

Meuting states: "John's father was JOSEPH WEDDLE - although born in (Weisbaden) Germany, he died in Holland where he lived.* His wife's name is unknown. Joseph's children were: John, Susan m. Polser ROUSE, George, Daniel, and Joseph. John married Mary WALLING who was a relative. After they had three sons, they moved to America. The date was 1774. Two records state he came over from England. Their son, Thomas was born in Baltimore. He and Polser ROUSE made a flat boat and sailed down the Ohio to the Falls which is now where Louisville stands. We next find John in Lee County, Virginia which later became Scott County. It was the year 1792 when we find the first John WADDLE deed in Hawkins County, Tennessee. Here he lived, bought and sold land and brought up his nine children. He died here on the 5th day of Sept. 1799. We do not know where he is buried. However there is a WEDDELL Cemetery in Green Co. on the Nolichuky River which would be near Hawkins County. He had settled on the North bank of the Holston River on Possum Creek in Stanley Valley. Later this was called Plum Grove. Found were twenty deeds of this family which showed they sold their land and moved to Indiana when that state opened up for settlement." Meuting also states: "He lived in Baltimore until 1786 when he moved to Pittsburgh." She suggests we all read  "the ancestry as told by great uncle, David DOLLING WEDDLE." 

David Dollings WEDDLE is the second child of Thomas William and Rosannah (Rosamund) WALLEN WEDDLE. He left a diary containing pertinent information regarding the ancestry of John WEDDLE. Here is the excerpt (spelled as written): "The following is a true naritive as was told to me By my Father and Mother concerning my Ancestors Beginning with My great grandfather. He was born in Germiny, lived and died there in Hollen. His name was Joseph Weddle in Hollen. My grandfather was Born 1739. He had three other brothers, George and Daniel and Joseph, 1 sister Susan. she married Polser Rouse. My grandfather's name was John. He maried to Mary Walling and after they had three sons they emigrated to America in 1774...."

* NOTE: 2007 - it has been suggested that Elizabeth Meuting may have made an incorrect conclusion translating "Hollen" in the David Dollings Weddle diary to "Holland." There is a Hollen, Germany north of Bremen and west of Hamburg. It is not near Wiesbaden, which is further south near Frankfurt. However, given DDW's sentence, "He was born in Germiny, lived and died there in Hollen ..." it is reasonable to conclude Joseph lived and died in Hollen, Germany, thus that would be where his children were born. Polser Rouse, who married John's daughter, Susan Weddle, is documented to have originated in Hollen, Germany - look here for further information regarding the birthplace of John Weddle.

** NOTE: 2007 - Further research into the family of Mary Walling make it questionable whether she immigrated along with John, as stated by David Dollings Weddle. Mary's father, Elisha Wallen/Walling was born 26 JUL 1708 in Cohansey, Salem Co., NJ. Her mother, Mary Blevins, was born abt. 1710 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI. If Mary Wallen/Walling's parents were both born in the USA and her elder siblings were born in Maryland, why would Mary go to Germany, have three sons between 1763-1774 then come back to the USA with John Weddle in 1774? She is said to have been a "relative" of John Weddle, thus could have gone to Germany on a family visit, met John, married, begun a family and come back with him the the USA. No evidence of same has been found and the likelihood that transatlantic visits would have been so casual in the early 1700s seems remote. If anyone has proof that Mary went back and forth, or that she was born in Germany, please contact me.

Here are the resulting charts:

Family of Joseph Weddle and ???

Joseph Weddle   Weisbaden, Germany   Hollen, Germany     ???
John Weddle 1739 likely Hollen, Germany 5 September 1799 Hawkins County, Tennessee; buried Weddell Cemetery, Greene, Tennessee 1763   Mary Walling (Wallen) (daughter of Elisha Wallen and Mary Blevins)
Susan Weddle   likely Hollen, Germany         Polser Rouse
George Weddle   likely Hollen, Germany          

Daniel Weddle

. likely Hollen, Germany          
Joseph Weddle Jr.   likely Hollen, Germany          

Family of John Waddle/Weddle and Mary Walling (Wallen)

Click to see charts for other grandchildren of John Weddle and Mary Wallen

John Weddle [1]   1739 likely Hollen, Germany 5 September 1799 Hawkins County, Tennessee; buried Weddell Cemetery, Greene, Tennessee abt. 1763   Mary Walling (Wallen) (daughter of Elisha Wallen and Mary Blevins)[1]
Amos Weddle   Abt. 1764 likely Hollen, Germany 1820-1830     PA? or Hawkins County, Tennessee Elizabeth Stinson
Elias Weddle   16 April 1767/70 likely Hollen, Germany 27 March 1814 Battle of Horseshoe Bend, War of 1812, Tohopeka, Alabama (2nd Lt. in Cpt. Jonas Laughmiller's Company under Col. Ewen Allison); buried Tennessee 29 May 1791 Hawkins County, Tennessee Nancy Wallen [2]
Daniel Weddle [3]   30 November 1771 Baltimore, Maryland 1828 Jackson County, Indiana 1795 Hawkins County, Tennessee Mary Wallen
Dr. George Weddle   Abt. 1774 Holland or Baltimore, Maryland         ? Wallen (of an unrelated Wallen family)
Thomas William/ Walling Weddle   2 February 1776 Baltimore, Maryland 20 August 1838 Brown County, Indiana; buried Bear Creek Cemetery 1796 Alexander, Tennessee Rosemund (Rosannah) Wallen
Mary Weddle   9 February 1780 Baltimore, Maryland After 1861 Jackson County, Indiana 10 May 1804 Hawkins County, Tennessee (1) ???

(2) Richard Matlock

John (Jack) W. Weddle   March 1781 Baltimore, Maryland 8 April 1857 Jackson County, Indiana; buried Weddel Cemetery 1799   Mary (Polly) Curry
James R. Weddle    10 February 1782 Baltimore, Maryland 5 September 1855 Jackson County, Indiana; buried Shields Cemetery, Lawrence, Indiana 1804   Charity Curry
David Erwin Weddle

10 July 1785 Hawkins County, Tennessee 19 January 1867 Jackson County, Indiana; buried Pleasentville Cemetery 1809 Hawkins County, Tennessee Elizabeth Coop

[1] Mary Walling/Wallen was the sister Joseph Walling/Wallen. Three sons of John Waddle/Weddle and Mary Walling/Wallen married three daughters of Mary's brother Joseph Walling/Wallen.
[2] Notes from the Wallen Trunk Record state that Nancy, Mary & Rosamund are all daughters of Joseph and Milly Jones Walling
[3] Children of this couple: Hiram, John D, Millicent, Elizabeth, Louisiana, Susanna, Alfred, Thirza, Mary Ann, Alzira, Amanda & Hester

Family of Amos Weddle and Elizabeth Stinson

Amos Weddle Abt. 1764 Holland       PA? or Hawkins County, Tennessee Elizabeth Stinson
John Weddle [2] 14 February 1790 Hawkins County, Tennessee 16 March 1828 Pleasantville, Jackson County, Indiana 14 November 1811 Hawkins County, Tennessee Lucy Hubbard
James R. Weddle 1793 Hawkins County, Tennessee After 1860 Jackson County, Indiana abt. 1818 Hawkins County, TN Elizabeth Mundy/Munday [1]
Elizabeth (Betsey) Weddle Abt. 1794 Hawkins County, Tennessee After 1784 Jackson County, Indiana     John Yount Gallion
Sarah (Sallyann) Weddle Between 1784-1794 Hawkins County, Tennessee 1 October 1842 Lawrence County, Indiana Abt. 1805   Robert Flinn
Robert Weddle   Hawkins County, Tennessee         (1) Mary (Polly) Forgey

(2) Alice Coop

Amos Weddle Jr. [3] 1796 Hawkins County, Tennessee Abt. 1860 Dade County, Georgia     Nancy Caldwell
Edward Weddle Abt. 1797 Hawkins County, Tennessee 1870-1880 Jackson County, Indiana 16 December 1819 Jackson County, Indiana

Mary (Polly) Kindred

Mary Weddle   Hawkins County, Tennessee          
Joseph Weddle 5 October 1826 Hawkins County, Tennessee          

[1] Elizabeth Mundy b. 5 Oct 1801, Middlesex, NJ daughter of Ezra Munday and Catherine Prall, m. James Weddle abt. 1818 Hawkins County, TN, d. 13 SEP 1842 , Jackson County, IN. Siblings: Charlotte b. 15 MAY 1799, d. 16 JAN 1827; Rebecca b. 09 JAN 1806, d. 16 NOV 1822; William P. b. 28 FEB 1809, d. 30 JUL 1811; Henrietta b. 16 AUG 1812, d. 11 NOV 1890 - all Middlesex, NJ.

[2] Lucy Hubbard Weddle was b. 20 Feb 1795, Patrick Co., VA; d. 16 March 1878, Pleasantville, Jackson Co., IN. John Weddle and Lucy Hubbard's children are: Isaac Yount, Elizabeth Ann, Matilda, Alvin, Elisha + 1 more son and 2 more daughters. Contact Mary Weddle or Gina Abney for further info.

[3] Children of Amos Weddle Jr. and Nancy Caldwell are Bryon, Betsy (probably Elizabeth), Sallyann, Lewis and John (source Mary Weddle).

Family of James R. Weddle and Elizabeth Mundy

NOTE: Placing Elizabeth Mariah WEDDLE as the daughter of James R. WEDDLE is assumption based upon the fact that in three censuses, she and William Robert MATLOCK lived adjacent to either parents or siblings of this family. If you can help me absolutely prove it, please contact me! Elizabeth and William ended up in Franklin County, Arkansas.  Based upon other research I have done, I can also say now that this family has connections to Quakers who became Baptists who lived in Washington and Franklin counties in Arkansas.... it all fits.

James R. Weddle   1793 Hawkins County, Tennessee After 1860 Jackson County, Indiana abt. 1818 Hawkins County, TN Elizabeth Mundy/Munday 
Andrew Weddle [1]   3 August 1818 Hawkins County, Tennessee     (1) 23 March 1843

(2) 16 September 1875

1) Jackson County, Indiana

2) Jackson County, Indiana

(1)Sarah Harmon

(2)Amanda C. Aldridge

Amos W. Weddle [2]   10 May 1821 Hawkins County, Tennessee 8 October 1909 (war record, Co. G, 35th Regiment, IN Vol. Infantry - Enlisted) Seymour, Indiana; buried: Beem Cemetery, Medora, Jackson County, Indiana 22 July 1845 Jackson County, Indiana Elizabeth Hicks
Henry Weddle [3]   16 February 1830       8 Sept 1850 Collins County, Kentucky Lucinda Hubbard
Isaac Yount Weddle   8 July 1833            
Elizabeth Mariah Weddle 1836 Indiana Between February 4 & May 29, 1913 Depew, Oklahoma

buried Hall Cemetery (no. of Stroud)

17 July 1850 Jackson County, Indiana William Robert Matlock

[1] Andrew served as Private in Co. F, 67th Reg. from 12 Aug 1862 - 19 July 1865, Civil War. Children of Andrew and (1) Sarah Harmon are: Harmon Weddle, Rachael Weddle, James R. Weddle, Alexander Weddle, Martha E. Weddle, Lydia Almira Weddle, Annie Weddle.
[2] Amos served Co. G 35th Reg. Ind. Vol. 15 July 1861 - 30 Oct 1862 (discharged with TB). Elizabeth Hicks b. 16 Aug 1822, d. 24 Feb 1906, Jackson Co., IN. Children of Amos W. Weddle and Elizabeth Hicks are: Mary Jane (b. 1846); George W. (b. 1847; Co. G and H., 117th Infantry; m. Margaret A. Spay 11 September 1873 - one child, Samuel Weddle); Sarah Ann (b. 1849-50); Elizabeth (b. 1850); Isaiah (b. 1855); Dorcas (b. 1858, m. Charles Anderson 18 January 1877); Barthena Hulda (b. 1863, m. John Allman 4 December 1879, d. 1905); Samuel (b. 19 June 1864, m. 1) Nancy Weddel [daughter of Jasper and Sarilda Weddel] 18 August 1889 2) Lucinda Mitchell 23 December 1916); Adaline (b. 1866); Lillian (b. 1872); Della (b. 1876, m. Homer Goens 12 June 1898). Source Gordon Weddle with some additional data from Elizabeth Weddle Meuting's "Genealogical Record of John Weddle"
[3] Children of Henry and Lucinda Hubbard Weddle are: C.E. (female), b. 1851 Jackson Co., IN; Nancy Jane b. 1853 Jackson Co., IN; Martha Ann b. 1855 Jackson Co., IN; Eliza E. b. 1857 Jackson Co., IN; John H. b. 1859 Jackson Co., IN; A.D. (female) b. 1861 Jackson Co., IN.

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