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"This is an old photo that came from Gertrude Gerard Freihage, my late aunt. She was my dad's sister. Children of Samuel O. Gerard and Minnie Miller Gerard. Grandchildren of Samuel Garrard and Juliette Lemming. There is no identification with it, and we think the girl on the left might be Gertrude. Whoever, she has all the facial characteristics of my dad's family (Frank W. Gerard). The one on the right doesn't ring a bell at all. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions what to do with it? "

If you know who these cutie-pies are, please contact Cynthia Kandel


REPLY #1: (Florence Gerard Quinn) "...when looking at the picture again and again. I see possibilities of the older sisters in this family. Aunt Gertrude was one of the younger three, and one of these was Frank W. Gerard, Cynthia's Dad. There was Aunt Gertrude, Uncle Sam and Uncle Frank. My Dad was the second oldest. There was Aunt Bess, My Dad, John, Aunt Mable and Aunt Minnie. My Grandma was able to take a break and then came the 3 younger children, which I mentioned above. The girls in the picture are either Aunt Bess and Aunt Mable or Aunt Bess and Aunt Minnie.


REPLY #2: (Florence's sister, Jackie) ".....I don't think it's Aunt Gertrude because of the age difference. Wouldn't there be more of an age difference between the two if it were her? I think you may be correct about it being Aunt Bess and Aunt Mable. And I was also thinking the younger girl could be Aunt Minnie and the older, Aunt Mable. I don't know their age difference though. But didn't Aunt Minnie have large eyes and the little one in the picture does too. It's a cute picture. I think Aunt Bess had large eyes too. You know the book you gave me of the Gerards, I looked up the ages of Aunt Bess, Mable, Minnie, and Aunt Gertrude. There's four years difference between Aunt Bess and Aunt Mable, two years between Aunt Mable and Aunt Minnie, and seven years between Aunt Minnie and Aunt Gertrude. Aunt Bess b. 1887, Aunt Mable b. 1891, Aunt Minnie b. 1893, and Aunt Gertrude b. 1900. So maybe that will help to tell.

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