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Descendants of John B. Kirwin

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JOHN B. KIRWIN Abt. 1831 Ireland         CATHERINE (b. abt. 1845, Ireland)
TIMOTHY KIRWIN Abt. 1867 Canada          
MARY E. KIRWIN [1] April 1870 Canada     Abt. 1886 Michigan THOMAS P. MURRAY (b. June 1858, Ireland) [2]
HOWARD KIRWIN Abt. 1872 Canada          
THOMAS KIRWIN Abt. 1873 Canada          
BRIDGET E. KIRWIN 1874 Canada          
ANNA S. KIRWIN 1879 Canada          

[1] Mary E. (born in April 1870 in Canada) immigrated in 1875 at the age of 5. Mary E. (Kerwin) Murray named five of her children after the same names as
Mary E. Kerwin's parents and three siblings in the 1880 census; Catherine (born in October 1888 in Michigan), John J. (born in December 1889 in Michigan), Thomas F, (born in September 1891 in Michigan), Charles J. (born in November 1895 in Illinois), and Timothy (born in March 1898 in Indiana.)

[2] Thomas Murray  immigrated from Ireland in 1881 & first appears in the 1899/1900 South Bend City Directory. He is listed as a (stone) mason and resides at 230 Indiana avenue. Since their first known children are listed as having been born in Michigan, Thomas and Mary may have been married in Michigan.

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