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CLARK (Genealogical Query by JRD).

Summary/Outline/Excerpt/Description: CLARK 1799 NH 1828 HI 1864 USA 1867 NY 1872 IL 1878.


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CLARK, KITTREDGE, RICHARDS, HUTCHINSON, BONNEY, GULICK, AUSTIN, LYMAN, HOWELL, SEVERANCE, HAMLIN From the Missionary Album, 1969, Hawaiian Mission Children's Society: Ephraim Weston CLARK b.1799 Haverhill, NH, d.1878 Chicago, IL m1.1827 Mary KITTREDGE b.1803 Mt. Vernon, NH, d.1857 Honolulu, HI m2.1859 Sarah Helen (RICHARDS) HALL b.1812 Norwich, VT, d.1887 Chicago, IL Mary Kekauluohi 1829-1835 Alvah Kittredge 1831-1913, m1. Harriet E. Merrill HUTCHINSON m2. Mrs. Rebecca BONNEY Ann Eliza 1833-1938, m. Orramel Hinckley GULICK (*) Caroline Hannah 1836-1915, m. Stafford Lapham AUSTIN Sarah Kittredge 1838-1900, m. Henry Munson LYMAN (*) Charles Kittredge 1841-1900, m. Harriet Woodruff HOWELL Lucinda Maria 1843-1921, m. Luther SEVERANCE Albert Barnes 1845-1914, m. Sara Jane HAMLIN (*) Spouses parents (were ABCFM missionaries to HI also): Peter Johnson GULICK 1796-1877 m.1827 Fanny Hinckley THOMAS 1798-1883 David Belden LYMAN 1803-1884 m.1831 Sarah JOINER 1805-1885 Places lived: NH, Haverhill 1799 born NH 1824 graduated from Dartmouth College MA 1827 graduated from Andover T.S. VT, Brandon 1827 ordained HI, Honolulu, Oahu 1828-1834 stationed as ABCFM missionary HI, Waialua, Oahu 1832 established station HI, Lahaina, Maui 1834-1843 stationed at HI, Wailuku, Maui 1843-1848 stationed at HI, Honolulu, Oahu 1848-1863 stationed at, Kawaiahoa Church USA 1864 resigned ABCFM, supervised printing of Hawaiian scriptures by Am.Bible Soc. NY 1867-1872 Tract House, in charge of HI printing IL, Chicago 1872-1878 lived by children, died Need help with CLARK in NH, HI, NY, IL, CA, MA. Who were his parents and siblings? Want to trace and contact descendants. Any help would be appreciated. James R. Davis, 6708 Austin Way, Sacramento, CA 95823 (916)-393-9186 ------------------- Ancestry of Ephraim Weston CLARK primarily from: "The Antecedents and Descendants of Epraim Weston Clark" by Richard L. Hughes, Jr. Provided throught the generosity of Susan Thomas of Burlington, MA: Edward CLARK 1694 H1*,MA-<1746 H* m. Sarah STEVENS 1696 S*, MA Edward CLARK 1717 M*,MA -1761 m. Ruth KELLY 1716 N*,MA Edward CLARK 1759 M*,MA-1840 Pe*,VT m. Elizabeth WESSON 1765 Pl*,NH Russel CLARK 1795 -1867 m. Florrilla FOSTER Edward CLARK 1796 -1842 Ephraim W. CLARK 1799 H2*,NH-1878 C*,IL m. Mary KITTREDGE 1803 Mt*,NH-1857 H3*,HI Eliza W. CLARK 1800 - m. Turner STROWBRIDGE Lydia P. CLARK 1802 -1824 Hannah W. CLARK 1804 m. Nathan WARD Joseph CLARK 1806 Francis KITTREDGE 1706 T*,MA- m. Lydia PHILLIPS 1706 T*, MA- Solomon KITTREDGE 1736 T*,MA-1792 Mt*,NH m. Tabitha INGALLS 1735 A*,MA-1794 Mt*,NH Josiah KITTREDGE 1761 T*,MA-1850 Mt*,NH m. Mary BAKER 1762 L*,MA-1828 Mt*,NH Mary KITTREDGE 1803 Mt*,NH-1857 H3*,HI m. Ephraim W. CLARK 1799 H2*,NH-1878 C*,IL A* = Andover, Essex Co., MA C* = Chicago, Cook Co., IL H1* = Haverhill, Essex Co., MA H2* = Haverhill, NH Ho* = Honolulu, Oahu, HI L* = Littleton, MA M* = Methuem, Esses Co., MA Mt* = Mt.Vernon, NH N* = Newbury, Essex Co., MA Pl* = Plymouth, NH Pe* = Peacham, Caledonia Co., VT S* = Salisbury, Essex Co., MA T* = Tewksbury, MA Donna O'Neill at shared Josiah Kittredge born July 26,1762, died May 23,1850 m. Mary Baker born Oct.13,1792, died Sep.16,1828, Both buried in Mont Vernon, NH . Children: Mary Kittredge: born Dec 7, 1803 died Sept. 27, 1837 in Honolulu, HI m.Nov.3,1827 Ephraim W. Clark on Sep. 27, 1827. Within two months of their marriage,they sailed to Hawaii as missionaries. Their eight children were born there; One daughter who graduated from Mt Holyoke Seminary and co-authored a book "The Pilgrims of Hawaii " 6 other children, including Capt.Timothy Kittredge the gggf of Donna O'Neill CLARK kids married and lived: Alvah K. CLARK ... to Honolulu, Oahu, then died Oakland, CA Anna m. Orramel H. GULICK ... to San Francisco, CA and Boston, MA for kids, then back to HI ... gdaus. m. C.A. GAMWELL and F.G. WOODROUGH Caroline m. S. L. AUSTN Sarah m. H. M. LYMAN ... to Chicago and Evanston, IL ... gdaus. m. H. GREER and W.H. DAY Charles K. CLARK ... to Newburgh, NY; Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco, CA ... gkids to Los Angeles, and Berkeley,. CA Lucinda m. L. SEVERENCE ... stayed in HI Albert B. CLARK ... to Chicago, IL, then died in Honolulu, Oahu, HI From 1879 Congregation Year Book Vital Stastistics Clark, Ephrain Weston (son of Edward Clark and Elizabeth Weston) 1799- born 25 April, Haverhill, N.H. Peacham, VT, preparatory study Bangor, ME, preparatory study Andover, MA, preparatory study -1824 Dartmouth College, graduated -1827 Andover Theological Seminary, graduated 1827 married 27 Sep, Mary Kittredge, d.14 Aug 1857, Honolulu, age 55 years. (dau. of Josiah and Mary Kittredge of Mount Vernon, N.H.) had seven children 1827- Brandon, VT, ordained 3 Oct. -1827 A.B.C.F.M., saided in Nov as missionary 1828- Honolulu, HI, arrived in March, 1828-1843 Lahainaluna Seminary -1848 Wailuku, Maui, preacher until Aug. 1848-1863 Kawaiahao Church, Honolulu 1856 America, visit 1859 America, visit 1859- married second 13 Sep, Sarah Hellen Richards (widow of Rev. Thomas Hall) (dau. of Levi Richards and Sarah Slade of Norwich, VT) 1864- New York, superintend printing of revised version of the Hawaiian Scriptures by the Americna Bible Society 1864-1867 New York, resided 1867-1868 Middletown, CT 1868-1873 Portland, CT 1874-1878 Chicago, until death -1878 died 15 July, Chicago, from effect of heat, age 79 years, 9 months, 20 days He was first Secretary of the Hawaiian Missionary Society. Published: Small textbooks in Hawaiian on Geometry, Trigonometry, and Surveying. The Little Philosopher, translated from Abbot First Lessons in Astronomy Marriage, tract Bible Dictionary, translation, published by Tract Society others From Kawaiahao Church Cemetery, Honolulu, Oahu: Mrs. Mary Kitteridge CLARK 1803* Mount Vernon, NH-1857* Honolulu, HI Ann Eliza Clark GULICK 1833-1938 Orramel Hinkley GULICK 1830-1923 Luther Halsey GULICK 1828-1891 bur. Springfield, MA Louisa Lewis GULICK 1830-1894 bur. Kobe, Japan Sidney Lewis GULICK 1860-1945 Clara Fisher GULICK 1830-1941 Grace Clark BERGER -1900 Henry BERGER 1843-1929 b.Germany-d.Honolulu Rose Clark BERGER 1870-1934 *Complete dates on stone. From Hawaii 1900 Soundex C462: Many Clark's so only recorded ones with head of family b. in HI, or b.<1850 or lived on Maui. Clark, A.F. 1871 HI in Honolulu Elian R. 1871 Emgland Clark, Caroline 1855 HI in Honolulu C. 1879 HI Alice 1882 HI Gussie 1883 HI Clark, Chas. 1888 HI boarder in Hospital for Incurables Clark, Charley H. 1859 HI in Honolulu -Kalihi Detention Camp Clark, Frank 1837 Am. Lahaina, Maui Wahineaea 1863 HI Frank, Jr. 1882 HI Becky 1886 HI Charley 1887 HI Mili O. 1896 HI (d) Dewey 1899 HI Clark, George 1887 HI alone at St.Louis College, Oahu Clark, George 1878 HI alone on Oahu Clark, Jane 1860 HI Kalanialoha 1881 HI Charles K. 1883 HI Harvey K. 1884 HI Henry W. 1895 HI Emma L. 1891 HI Mary K. 1892 HI Valeino 1897 HI Clark, Joe & fam. 1880 HI in Honolulu Clark, John alone 1891 HI at St.Louis college in Honolulu Clark, Joseph &wife1875 HI in Honolulu Clark, Martha alone1875 HI at Bishop Home for Females on Molokai Clark, Mary 1875 HI Lahaina, Maui Austin 1898 HI Clark, Piliola 1877 HI alone on Hawaii Clark, T.K. 1872 HI & fam. at Waialua, Oahu Clark, Thos. 1854 HI Wailuku, Maui Lewaina 1847 HI Lewaina 1893 HI (S.D.) Clark, Thomas 1897 HI alone in Honolulu Clark, Thomas K. 1843 Canada Honolulu, Oahu Annie K. 1843 HI Lousie K. 1874 HI Annie K. 1877 HI Emily K. 1880 HI Benjamin H. 1882 HI John K. 1883 HI Robert K. 1886 HI Clark, William 1847 England Molokai Wamaikea 1850 HI Clark, Wm. 1884 HI alone at St. Louis college in Honolulu Clark, William 1877 HI alone on Hawaii Hawaii 1900, year?, Ronald Vern Jackson, AIS Severence, Luther 1836 ME Hilo, Hawaii L.M. 1843 HI wife (dau. of Ephraim Clark) Helen 1867 HI Need help with CLARK in NH, HI, NY, IL, CA, MA. Who were his parents and siblings? Want to trace and contact descendants. Any help would be appreciated. James R. Davis, 6708 Austin Way, Sacramento, CA 95823 (916)-393-9186

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