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Cemetery Records, Page 3

KAY Cemetery Returns, Philadelphia, PA: 1803-1860

The following information was collected from public records and submitted by Lynn Jefferies.

SurnameGiven NameAgeDate of DeathCemeteryCause of Death
KAYRichard44 years4 April 1838Francisvillecongestion of the brain
KAYBenny78 years31 February 1850(?)Laurel Hillapoplexy
KAYSarah H.73 years23 June 1858Laurel Hillparalysis
KAYJohn J.53 years12 December 1859Laurel Hillinflammation of the stomach
KAYMaria30 years1 February 1843Laurel Hillsmallpox
KAYChild--22 January 1838Machpelahstillborn
KAYJames1 year 3 months19 July 1847Machpelahcholera infantum
KAYMary A. L.8 years9 February 1857Mount Moriahmeningitis
KAYEdward77 years18 August 1859Mount Moriahpneumonia
KAYUnknown35 years5 November 1849Mutual of Kensingtonconsumption
KAYSarah6 years27 December 1848Mutual of Kensingtonscarlatina
KAYJohn13 years8 February 1835No cemetery givenpneumonia
KAYChild of J. Kay--4 December 1834No cemetery given stillborn
KAYMary2 years7 May 1841St. Petersmeasles
KAYMary G.45 years9 November 1853Third Presbyterianparalysis
KAYJoseph S.67 years27 May 1849Third Presbyterianspasms of the heart
KAYJohn1 year2 July 1943Uniondiarrhea
KAYSon of Thomas8 months13 August 1854Unioncholera infantum

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