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Elton All Saints -- Lancashire (Part I)

Records contributed by ; she says, "The spelling is as I found it in the record. I have also kept others whose surnames are different together in the record in case they are related to the KAY's mentioned."

Row 7 -- #16

Thomas KAY died January 23 1829

Mary KAY died October 26th 1825 aged 79 years

Also John son of Thomas and Mary KAY died June 25th 1870 aged 18 months

Also James Ashton KAY died January 24th 1886 aged 4 years

"Thy Will Be Done"


Row 12 -- # 2

Sacred to the memory of Squire KAY of Woolfold who departed this life April 28th 1853 aged 56 years.

Also of Betty relict of the above who departed this life April 21st 1876 in her her 79th year.

Also of Mercy the daughter of Squire and Betty KAY of Woolfold who departed this life May 6th 1846 aged 8 years.

Also Caleb KAY their son who died on Saturday 24th November 1849 in the 27th year of his age.

"A sudden change in a moment fell
He had not time to say farewell
Be ye therefore ready also for the Son of Man
cometh at the hour when ye think not"


Row 14 -- #1


Sacred to the memory if the late Samuel KAY of Elton who died November 22 1857 in the 52nd year of his age.

Also Ann wife of the above who died April 9 1883 aged 72 years.

Also Thomas BOOTH of Bury who died March 29 1912 aged 76 years.

Also of Elizabeth wife of the above who died October 18 1914 aged 76 years.

Also Ann BOOTH who died January 20 1950 aged 71 years.


Row 14 -- #2

Sacred to the memory of Hannah FLETCHER relict of the late John FLETCHER of Elton who departed this life on September 21 1846 aged 61 years.

Also of Robert KAY of Wilton's Hill, Radcliffe who died February 5 1889 aged 69 years.

Also of Betsy his wife who died December 22 1890 aged 68 years.

Also Charles KAY son of the above Robert and Betsy KAY of Wilton's Hill Radcliffe who died May 2 1917 aged 60 years.

"Thy Will Be Done."


Row 16 -- #17

In remembrance of Samuel son of John and Betty KAY of Hill Street Bury who died March 29th 1858 in his 2nd year.

Also of of William their son who died March 18th 1880 in his 34th years.

Also of the above John KAY who departed February 20th 1882 in his 65th year.

Also of Betty his wife who died August 17th 1888 aged 68 years.


Row 18 -- #9

In memory of Nanny the beloved wife of Lambert BIMSON of Bury who died December(? hard to read on fiche) 24th 1863 in her 49th year.

Also of Lambert BIMSON born March 26th 1819, died May 24th 1885.

"He is not dead, but sleepeth trusting in Jesus"

Also Mary DUCKWORTH daughter of above Lambert BIMSON who died June 17th 1923 in her 83rd year.

"Gone but not forgotton".

Also of Robert son of Moses and Sarah Ann KAY and grandson of the above who died February 18th 1874 aged 4 weeks.

Also of Walter KAY grandson of the above who died November 20th 1872 in his 4th year.


Row 24 -- #26

In remembrance of Mary Ann daughter of Henry and Sarah KAY of Bury who departed this life on the 22nd day of October 1860 in the 21st year of her age.

Also Henry KAY of Bury who departed this life on the 6th day of November 1871 in the 59th year of his age.

Also of John Henry KAY of Bury who departed this life on the 8th day of November 1910 in the 67th year of his age.

Also of Margaret the dearly beloved wife of John Henry KAY who departed this life on the 7th day of February 1917 in the 74th year of her age.


Row 27 -- #11

In memory of John KAY of Bury born March 26th died May 18th 1882.

Also Sarah his wife born May 22nd 1846 died December 12th 1934.

Also Harriet Ann elder daughter of the above born October 18th died June 18th 1927.

Also Agnes Mary their daughter born August 9th 1879 died September 3rd 1936.


Row 38 -- #10

In loving memory of James KAY of Elton who died June 15 1888 aged 43 years.

Also of Elizabeth MADEN who died June 29th 1883 aged 51 years.

Also George MADEN who died January 2nd 1895 aged 53 years.

Also of Mary Ann BUTTLER who died February 13th 1908 aged 73 years.


Row 38 -- #23

In loving memory of Albert Henry KAY of Bury who died November 15th 1889 in his 35th year.

"Gone but not forgotten"

Also Hannah KAY died March 16th 1934 in her 74th ye..

"At Rest"

Also Emma daughter of Albert Henry and Hannah KAY who died 22nd November 1883 in her 4th year.


Row 43 -- #9


In memory of Richard NABB of Elton who died August 11 1876 in his 53rd year.

"Thy will be done"

Also of Martha his wife who died october 15th 1888 in her 63rd year.

Also of Mary daughter of the above and wife of Sergt Patrick WINTERS who died July 28th 1891 aged 40 years.

Also of Charlotte Ann daughter of William and Elizabeth KAY who died April 10th 1881 in her 18th year.

Also of the above named Elizabeth KAY wife of William BRIDGE of Walmersley who died August 24th 1905 aged 64 years.

Ann NUTTALL of Elton who died July 1st 1871 aged 39 years.


Row 46 -- #14

In memory of John RAMSBOTTOM of Elton who died September 14th 1859 aged 34 years.

Also Elizabeth relict of the above who died October 4th 1866 aged 34 years.

Also of George KAY of Moorgate Bury who died July 4th 1866 in the 62nd year of his age.

Also Mary wife of the above named George KAY who died August 11th 1887 aged 75 years.

"Not my will but thine be done"

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