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Elton All Saints -- Lancashire (Part II)

Records contributed by ; she says, "The spelling is as I found it in the record. I have also kept others whose surnames are different together in the record in case they are related to the KAY's mentioned."

Row 50, P. 111 -- #11

In memory of the late Arthur KAY of Elton who died on the 2nd day of March 1865 in the 68th year of his age.

Also Charlotte wife of the above who died on the 11th September 1858 aged 55 years.

Also George HUTCHINSON of Elton who died on the 9th June 1866 in the 41st year of his age.

"He lived respected and died lamented"

Also George son of the above George & Ann HUTCHINSON who died on the 17th January 1861 aged 11 months.


Row 52 -- #2

In loving memory of James HESTEN who died Oct 20th 1890 aged 81 years.

Also of Ann wife of James HESTEN of Walshaw who died March 23rd 1886 in her 77th year.

Also of James their son who died July 18th 1861 aged 18 years.

Also of Thomas son of Joseph & Sarah GREENHALGH of Elton who died May 23rd 1898 aged 6 months.

Also of Alexander HESTEN who died April 7th 1908 aged 62 years.

In memory of Annie who died March 10th 1900 aged 22 months, also Bessie who died Feb 17th 1903 aged 16 months. The beloved children of Thomas & Betsy KAY of Radcliffe.


Row 56 -- #6


Sacred to the memory of Thomas WARD who died Sept 15th 1857 in the 66th year of his age.

Also Lucy the wife of the above Thomas WARD who died Dec 3rd 1860 aged 75 years.

Also Matilda GREGSON daughter of the above Thomas & Lucy WARD who died Feb 21st 1849 in the 20th year of her age.

"Short was my life, but longer is my rest, God called me hence because he thought it best"

Also of Peter KAY son-in-law of the above Thomas & Lucy WARD who died July 20th 1885 aged 70 years.

Also of Lucy widow of the above Peter KAY who died Feb 1st 1893 in her 72nd yr.

Also of Louisa their daughter & the beloved wife of Peter HOPKINSON who died Dec 27th 1892 in her 46th yr

"With Christ which is far better"


Row 59 -- #14

In memory of James SEDDON of Moss Side, Tottington who died March 16th 1850 aged 60 yrs.

Also of Susan SEDDON his wife who died March 12th 1855 aged 65 yrs.

Also Hannah KAY of Elton who died Jan 3rd 1885 aged 67 yrs.


Row 65 -- #20

In memory of Arthur KAY of Bury who died March 19th 1916 aged 75 yrs.

"Until the day breaks & the shadows flee away"

Also William the beloved son of Arthur & Ellen KAY of Bury who died June 1st 1869 aged 5 weeks and was interred at Rochdale Cemetery.

Also of Fred their beloved son who died Feb 8th 1877 aged 7 months.

Also of Ellen Ann their beloved daughter who died April 18th 1878 aged 8 years.

Also Ada their beloved daughter who died April 22nd 1878 aged 4 yrs & 4 months.

"He shall gather the lambs in his arms & carry them into his bosom"

Also of Ellen the beloved wife of the above who died July 29th 1920 aged 73 yrs.

"Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in holy love"

Also Sarah wife of Samuel KAY & grandmother of the above who died March 29th 1877 aged 73 yrs

"Thy will be done"


Row 66 -- #2


Sacred to the memory of James KAY of Bury who died May 22nd 1861 in the 50th year of his age.

Also Harriet his wife who died March 15th 1873 aged 61 yrs

Also of John their son who died January 10th 1847 aged 7 yrs

Also Mary their daughter who died January 12th 1847 aged 3 yrs


Row 67 -- #12

In affectionate remembrance of Robert NUTTALL of Wellington St., who departed this life Oct 17th 1876 aged 52 yrs

Also of Eliza his wife who departed this life Feb 14th 1879 in her 61st yr

Also Mary Ann daughter of Robert & Eliza NUTTALL who departed this life Sept 2nd 1876 aged 21 yrs.

Also Richard WARD of Bury who died May 1st 1886 in his 43rd yr

Also Susannah his wife who died Jan 25th 1897 in her 54th yr

Also of William KAY WARD their son who died Feb 8th 1882 aged 2 years & 5 months


Row 68 -- #1

In loving memory of Barbara beloved daughter of Elsie & Robert KAY died Oct 10th 1957 aged 19 years

Also Robert H. KAY who died Dec 28th 1972 aged 58 years


Row 71 -- # 9

In loving memory of John METCALFE of Elton who died October 28th 1893 aged 59 yrs.

Also Betsy daughter of Peter & Jane Turner and grand daughter of the above who died April 6th 1898 aged 16 months

Also of Sarah Ann wife of Robert William KAY and daughter of the above who died September 14th 1901 in her 36th year

Also of Jane wife of Peter TURNER who died August 13th 1908 aged 40 years.


Row 72 -- #4

In loving memory William KAY of Woolfold who died Nov 27 1905 aged 53 yrs

Also of Mary Ellen his beloved wife who died May 7th 1927 aged 62 years

Also of Tom son of William & Mary Ellen KAY who died Jan 28 1896 aged 4 years

Also of Jesse their son who died at Llandudno May 31st 1904 in his 18th year

Also of Harry their son died in Lewisham Military Hospital May 21 1918 aged 25 years

Also of Jack WINWOOD grandson of the above who died Oct 9 1929 aged 22 years.


Row 82 -- #2

I.L.M of Minnie ARMITAGE the dearly loved wife of Richard T. KAY who died Dec 23rd 1940 aged 69 years

Also of the above Richard T. KAY who died May 31st 1945 aged 75 years.

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