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Julie Hogston's Family Tree

Descendants of Byron Kaye

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1 Byron Kaye b: Abt 1833 in Kirkburton, Yorkshire, England d: March 1865 in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada . +Ellen Smith b: 1833 in Aberdeen, Scotland; daughter of David & ?? Smith. . 2 Barbara Jane Kaye b: March 31, 1863, in Woodstock, ON, Canada d: May 9, 1941 in Zanesville, Ohio ..... +David Menzie Ogilvie b: October 3, 1861, in Hatton of Cargill, Perhshire, near Dundee, Scotland, son of John Ogilvie & Mary Menzie. d: February 27, 1937, in Miami, Florida. . 2 Anna Kaye b: Abt May 1865 ..... +? Park . 2 James Ross Kaye b: Abt May 1865; d: October 12, 1940 in Chicago, IL.; buried: Forest Home Cemetery Oak Park Ill. (Src: found in a note book written by Anna Ogilvie, twin sister to James.) ..... +Ion? Unknown . 2 David Kaye b: Bef 1865; d: August 17, 1946 in El Paso, Texas; buried Evergreen Cemetery Aug 19 1946 El Paso Tx. (Src: found in a note book written by Anna Ogilvie, sister to David.) . 2 Lawrence Kaye b: Bef 1865 . 2 Alexander Kaye b: bef 1865 m. Alma? <<< I am not totally sure that Alexander belongs here, but in a short note that I found, it was Alexander who brought David Ogilvie (they were in seminary school together) home to meet his sister Barbara. Also found a reference to "Uncle Alexander and Aunt Alma" in my father's baby book. There is only one other Uncle Alexander that I am aware of, and he was Barbara's son, Alexander Kaye Ogilvie, and he died long before my father was born. All unknown birthdates are before 1865, as the twins Anna and James were born shortly after their father died.

* * * * *
Children of Barbara Jane Kaye and David Menzie Ogilvie are:

. 2 Winfred Mason Ogilvie, b: March 29, 1888, in Kenosha, Wisconsin; d: July 21, 1960, in Ft Lauderdale, Fla ..... +C. H. Davis . 2 Alexander Kaye Ogilvie, b: July 15, 1889, in Kenosha, Wisconsin; d: November 21, 1918, in France; never had children . 2 Norman Menzie Ogilvie, b: July 14, 1891, in Kenosha, Wisconsin; d: August 4, 1977, in Orlando, Fla. ..... +Bess McKinlay . 2 Eva Louise Ogilvie, b: November 21, 1893, in Earlville, Iowa; d: November 25, 1971, in Leesburg, Fla. ..... +Harry O. Bush . 2 Grace Ogilvie, b: August 27, 1895, in Earlville, Iowa; d: December 15, 1981, in Dallas, Texas ..... +Unknown Wood . *2nd Husband of Grace Ogilvie: ..... +Warde Q. Butler . *3rd Husband of Grace Ogilvie: ..... +Unknown Davis . 2 Marjorie Leona Kaye Ogilvie, b: November 26, 1897, in Oakland, Iowa; d: November 23, 1981, in Ft Lauderdale, Fla. . 2 Florence Ellen Ogilvie, b: March 21, 1903, in Clarence, Iowa; ..... +Thomas Little Never had children . 2 Ruth Ogilvie McCartney, b: September 6, 1905, in Clarence, Iowa; d: April 3, 1985, in North Fort Myers, Fla. ..... +Willard Warren McCartney, b: November 27, 1910; m: November 2, 1935, in Newark, Licking Co., OH, son of Arthur Cellus McCartney & Christina Cutter; d: August 2, 1996 in Kirtland Lake Co Ohio <<<< this couple is my Grandparents.

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