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There is a lot more information on the Kaye name in other editions of books of years that were later than the date of the migration of my G. G. grandfather to Canada, but since I was interested in the origin of my own name, they were not relevant.

Although I have not established any connection between my forefathers and the foregoing line of Kayes it is interesting to note that my G. G. grandfather migrated to Canada, from the village of Kirkburton, in Yorkshire, which is a mere five miles (more or less) from the city of Huddersfield, which was mentioned earlier in the data, in general relation to the approximate period of 1737 which is the general time period that my efforts have been foundering in.

While using the little time available for research into the subject of my G.G. grandfather’s burial site, I have been concentrating in the north part of Wellington County, Ontario, in the area around Arthur, Palmerston, Harriston.

During this time, in September 1974 I received a letter from Eugene T. Scafe of Woodbury, N. J. , U.S.A. He had written it to my cousins, and they in turn passed it on to me through my Aunt Dollie, ( Mrs Archie Fowler), nee Ethel Adeline Kaye. It is copied as follows:-

146 No Bayard Ave.,
Woodbury, N. J.
Apr. 16, 1974.

Kaye Bros. Builders,
Milford Bay,
Lake Muskoka,
Ontario, Canada.

Dear Mr. Kaye (s)

I am taking the liberty to write to you in connection with a family history project -- the Miles Scafe family history. Martha Jane Kaye was Miles’ first wife, and my great grandmother. Refer to the enclosed material for details.

If after reading this letter, you believe I have misdirected it, would you kindly refer it to a Kaye that might have an interest and knowledge of the family background: I have collected the family record of over 150 marriages of Miles and Martha Jane (Kaye) Scafe descendants.

Specifically, I am primarily interested in locating the parents and grandparents of Martha Jane Kaye. I have indicated her father as “A” on the chart. I thought if we had Charles father “B” in the chart it might provide a clue to “A”.

In hoping that someone has worked out the early Kaye line, in recent years,- I don’t believe the records were very complete when James Kaye was writing to my Uncle Walter, in Aug. 1913.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Eugene T Scafe.


Another document enclosed with the above letter was as follows:

Martha Jane Kaye 1804 (approx.) -- 1832 (approx.)

Little information has been passed down through the family records about Martha Jane. Her early and untimely death at about 28 years of age, probably accounts for the meagre information.

Martha Jane Kaye was married to Miles Scafe who was born 15th Feb., 1804 in Kirkburton, west riding, Yorkshire. She gave birth to three children, Harriet; Joseph, born 15th Apr., 1829 at Kirkburton; and George. It is written that she died within a week of the birth of her youngest son, George. Also that she secured the promise of a friend, a Mrs. Lockland, mother of Ann Lockland Pocklington to take care of her infant son George. This trust was carried out as noted later.

From this starting information we have begun a search to develop more information about Martha Jane and her ancestors.

George Scafe, her son came to U.S.A. with William and Ann (Lockland) Pocklington and their family, and settled in Ridgeway Township, Michigan. The census for 1850 lists George’s age as 17 years, the 1860 as 28 years, hence his birth year is 1832-33. His death certificate lists his age as 74 yrs. 4 mos. 2 days at the time of his death, 7th of Jan., 1914. We believe the lack of close family survivors to look after his interests and affairs accounts for the error in his age. We are selecting 5th of Aug. 1832 as his probable birth date and Aug. 5th to 12th, 1832, the date of death of his mother, Martha Jane.

Martha Jane (Scafe) Billingslea, 1857-1930, a granddaughter, was named in her honor.

In the family papers of Walter J Scafe, a grandson, is a letter from James Kaye dated 18th of Aug. 1913, that states his father Charles, and Aunt Eliza, referred to Joseph Scafe, Martha Jane’s son as cousin.

This study is continuing. The next steps include the making of inquiries to the All Hallows Church of Kirkburton, and the searching of Yorkshire records, which have been microfilmed and available in U.S.A.

The descendants of Harriet (Scafe) Martin, daughter and oldest child of Martha Jane in the U.S.A., are barely familiar with the U.S.A. line and have no knowledge of the British Ancestors.

During November of 1974, I received another letter from Mr. Eugene T. Scafe that was indeed interesting, in which he divulged some information that we both believe to be the connection of the Kayes of my line to a definite location in England, after comparing the information he had to my data on early census reports in Canada, in Wellington County. The letter went as follows;-

Hotel George,
St. George Sq.,
Huddersfield HDI IJA
Yorkshire, England.
10th Nov. , 1974.

Dear Cousin Ralph

Your letter was received while I was in Germany. I value the information contained in your letter very much. Now that we (My sister and myself) have been here and made some searches, I am confident that our relationship as “cousins” is well founded. Aside from documenting this detail I know you will be most interested in the following:-

1841 census reference: HO107/1277
County of York
Wapentake: Agbrigg
Parish: Kirkburton
Township: Kirkburton

Page 11 Kirkburton Village

James Kaye, age 38, M, Weaver, born in Yorkshire
Hannah, 30, F, no occupation, born in Yorkshire
Charles, 15, M, born in Yorkshire
Henry, 12, M, born in Yorkshire
Eliza, 9, F, born in Yorkshire
Tamer, 6, F, born in Yorkshire
Biron, 5, M, born in Yorkshire
Abel, 2, M, o.

This suggests your G G grandfather was born in 1803.

I notice in the above letter that Biron was spelled with an I instead of a Y as my relatives in Canada spelled it. Also I assume that the circle after Abel’s name meant yes ("ditto"). There was another page to this letter and it went as follows:-

Martha (Kaye) Scafe my great grandmother was found in the Kirkburton Registers and identified by the following detail;

Born 15 Jan., 1806
Baptized 1 June, 1806
Father’s name, George Kaye
Mother’s name, Elizabeth

Miles Scafe and Martha Kaye were married, 6 Feb. 1826. Martha died 24 Sept. 1832 at the early age of 26 yrs. (it was listed as 28 yrs.)

It is our belief that Martha is a sister of James Kaye (born 1803) and both are children of George and Elizabeth Kaye. This is a speculation that we’ll be trying to confirm in the days ahead.

Kaye is a common family name in this area and it is tedious searching to avoid missing a crucial entry. With continued good fortune we may have more to report later. If this letter suggests ideas that you might transmit, use my permanent address and it will be forwarded to me.

Eugene T Scafe.

On the 23rd of Dec. 1974, I received another letter from Eugene T. Scafe, that had been written on Dec. 3rd 1974. It went as follows :-

American Consulate General
A.P.O. New York 09759
3 December, 1974.

Dear Cousin Ralph :-

It was my expectation to write a second letter to you after returning to home in Woodbury in late January. However I have received a copy of one of your great great Aunt Eliza’s, born Kirkburton 1832, letters which is so revealing that I hasten to post the second letter immediately.

It establishes the relationship between the Scafe and Kaye families, thereby eliminating one of our problems. It also confirms that we were working in the right direction.

My sister Mildred joined me in early November to work with Kirkburton, Huddersfield and Yorkshire records. We have come here to Frankfurt to the home of a nephew, John Scafe, to consolidate our findings and plan for the January trip back to Yorkshire to complete our searches.

We have found Miles Scafe marriage and birth in the Kirkburton Church Registers. Also the birth of three children of Miles and Martha Scafe, Harriet, Joseph, and George. We found George in the family of William and Ann Pocklington, in the 1841 census for Kirkburton. This supports our prior information we found in Lenawee Co., Michigan, that George emigrated to U.S.A. with this family about 1849 and was found in the U. S.census 1850 in Ridgeway Twp.

We found that Miles was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Shaw) Scafe. At least five other children are recorded for this family in Baptism register.

We found that Martha Kaye was the daughter of George and Elizabeth Kaye, and her marriage to Miles. Also her death was recorded as 24 Sept. 1832. Age was given incorrectly as 28 instead of 26 actual.

Including James we are assigning two female and two male children plus Martha to George and Elizabeth Kaye. We found the Baptism records of all but James. We found one daughter (Oldest) recorded in the Emley Parish Registers.

We searched for the marriage of George and Elizabeth Kaye in the Kirkburton registers without finding it.

We estimate James, your great great grandfather to be born 1802-3 before Mary who was born in Emley Parish 1 Apr., 1804. Our Martha was born Jan. 15, 1806 in Kirkburton.

The above information provides a clue that we should go back to the Emley Parish records, (wherever the complete records may be found) to look for James' birth and the marriage of his parents. The latter might reveal the parents of George, your G. G. G. Grandfather. Does your finding of James of Wellington Co. pinpoint his birthplace, in Yorkshire? The high frequency of the Kaye, Kay surname makes it desirable to have some specific time period and or specific place as guide in these time consuming searches.

We believe the Elizabeth Kaye, wife of George Kaye in the Kirkburton registers who was buried 4 May 1825, age 39, to be your G.G. G. Grandmother. We suspect George may have remarried but have not found the evidence which conforms to our ideas of date. Neither have we found the death of a George Kaye answering or satisfying our facts.

In the event you may have information or ideas that would be helpful to us, don’t hesitate to forward them to the address at heading or first page. I should receive if mailed before Dec. 26th.

We have been quite pleased with our findings so far, even with the blank spots. Some of these we hope to fill in during our return visit.

It is still my plan to arrange copies of the James Kaye and Norman Kaye letters for you. However they do not give the relationship info. that the Eliza letter does.

Best regards and a pleasant Christmas.

Eugene T Scafe.

Enclosed with the above letter was a reproduction of a letter written by Eliza, the sister of Charles Kaye, on Sept. 12, 1913, from Guelph, Ontario. I will not reproduce the letter in this spot, but will do so a little further along, among reproductions of a number of other letters on the subject.

However, Mr. Scafe had made some notations of his own in connection with the above mentioned letter, and they were as follows:-

Note 1: The signer of this letter is presumably, Eliza, born Kirkburton, 1832, since Charles and Henry her brothers, were desceased by 1913. However Eliza could not have known Martha Kaye Scafe who died 24 Sept. 1832.

Note 2 : This letter was received by Eugene T. Scafe in Germany on Dec. 2nd 1974, while on tour of Europe including a visitation to Yorkshire for Geneological searches. In the transmission process it has been transcribed three times.

Note 3 : The original is in possession of Mr. Dennis V. Scafe, 6711 South Downing Circle West, Littleton, Colorado, 80122. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter J Scafe, the addressee of Eliza’s letter.

The information gathered to date of this writing, Apr. 22nd 1975, would give a projected relationship between the Kayes and the Scafes to be thus :-

George Kaye
Wife Elizabeth, buried May 4, 1825, age 39.
James Kaye 1802-3---------brother-sister---------Martha Jane (Kaye) Scafe
 to Canada 1842					B. 15 Jan 1806, D. 24 Sept 1832
	|						|
	|						|
Charles Kaye------------------first cousins------------Joseph Scafe
Sept.14. 1826-June3, 189?				1829-1902
To Canada 1842						To U.S.A. 1845
To Muskoka 1869						|	
	|						|
  	|						|
James Kaye----------------second cousins-----------Charles E. Scafe
Jan.1,1857-July 12,1923					1873-1952		
To Muskoka 1869						Neck City, Jasper Co., Missouri
	|						|
	|						|	
Charles Robert Clinton Kaye------third cousins------Eugene T. Scafe
June 20,1884-Aug. 23, 1964				1909
Born at Point Kaye, Muskoka				To Woodbury N.J. 1935 
Walter Norman Kaye
Feb. 25, 1886-0ct. 22, 1958
Born at Point Kaye, Muskoka

On Mar. 8, 1975 1 received a letter from Dennis V. Scafe of Littleton, Colo., who would be a cousin of Eugene T. Scafe of Woodbury, N.J. It went as follows :-

The following are copies of letters and other information received by my father, Walter J Scafe, when he was making enquiries concerning relatives in Canada, after finding probably, this letter from Charles and Sarah Kaye, written in 1881.


Point Kaye, Ontario, Sept. 5, 1881

My Dear Cousins :

I now write these few lines to you in the hope that they will find you and all your family well, as it leaves me and my family at present. Thank God for his goodness to us. My father died 23 years ago and my mother died 36 years ago. My brother Henry died 8 years ago. Eliza lives in Guelph, that is about 200 miles from here. She is up here at present on a visit. She has been up here about 4 weeks, and will remain about 2 weeks more. Her husband’s name is William Laurence. Their address is Guelph, Ontario, Neve St., no 56. Tamar is living in Minnesota, county Windem. Her husband’s name is Samuel Collins. My brother Byron was killed about 16 years ago. Brother Abel is in Wisconsin, but I have lost his address. He was the baby when we left England. There are 5 or 6 more in the family, but you will know nothing about them. There are James and Benjamin, when the latter was born my mother died. Then my father got married and had another family. Names are as follows :- Eli, then Lewis, then Simeon Reuben Levi. He is in the same place as Tamar.

For my own family :-

The first Hannah, the second Sarah, the third dead, the 4th Eliza, the 5th Mary, the 6th James, the 7th Abel, the 8th John, the 9th Jane, dead, the 10th Walter Bruce, the l1th William Henry, the 12th Amandy Sophia, the 13th 14th and 15th all dead. My wife is a Scotch woman, so you see that will account for so large a family.

We have very hot weather this summer. I shall have to bring my letter to a close as I have got to go down to my brother James this afternoon. I will write you more next time. Give me all the news, also all the old country news.

From your affectionate Cousins,
Charles and Sarah Kaye.

* * * * *

This document was scanned and then corrected in Microsoft Word 97 by in 1998.
As of March 1999 the author (Ralph Kaye) is alive and residing in a nursing home in
Port Dover, Ontario, Canada and is pleased that his document will be available to all.


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