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  40. Death Index, ID: 43799 Name of Deceased: MARCUS, WM V Year: 1924 Certificate Number: 046071 County of Death: Cassia City: OAKLEY Date of Death: 04/20/1924 Date of Birth: 11/11/1850.
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  56. The Lutie information is from a group sheet from Joann Wood and Jerry Longcrier.
  57. According to Joann Longcrier Wood possible unaccounted for Longcriers who might be buried here are: William C Longcrier and his wife Sarah Jane Mize Longcrier, Mary Free Longcrier (first wife of Clark A. Longcrier), and a son of Mary and Clark.
  58. Marriage License, page 321, Bibb Co., AL marriage records.
  59. 1900 AR census (soundex) ED 134, Sheet 6, line 90. Walter and new wife Isabelle M. J. are living close to Walters father and mother. Line 49, William C and Sarah J. Longcrier with children Ollie and Lilly.
  60. 1920 Latimer Co OK census ED 83 pg 6.
  61. 1870 census Randolph, Bibb Co AL. William age 9 at home with parents. age 59 in 1920 census.
  62. Van Buren Co cemetery records indicate a Pearl Longcryer buried here. Joann Longcrier Wood has no other information on the child Lillie P. and concurs that it is probably Lillie Pearl who is buried here.
  63. Birl John Wesley Mize's "new" bible, Married Janie Stocks on Sunday, 6 Feb. 1910, at No. 2 Town, Blockton, AL by Mr. Josh Jones.
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  65. 1920 Latimer Co OK census solomis Twp ED 83 pg 6 with 2nd wife Dora.
  66. Date from Longcrier information. Probably in Obituary that I have also. Place of birth from daughter, Modean, via Martha Long. age 39 in 1920 census.
  67. Obituary.
  68. Betty Walls Boyd lists this date and place. Photo of headstone from Modean Thompson (daughter of W. O.) confirms place.
  69. Copy of Marriage License and Certificate (original in possesion of Robert and Martha Walls Long) License date 19 Sept. 1899, Marriage date 21 Sept 1899. W.G. Brown J.P. Recorded 5 Oct 1899 Book 7 page 100.
  70. Information verified by Martha Brock, child of John C. Brock.
  71. Copy of Birth Certificate. (Delayed Filing).
  72. Date from Martha Long. Place from Betty Boyd.
  73. Information from family group sheet of Betty Walls Boyd.
  74. 1920 Latimer Co OK census Solomis Twp. with Walter O. Longcrier.
  75. Information from Longcrier Genealogy. Copy from Jerry Longcrier, Checotah. age 23 in 1920 census.
  76. Longcrier Genealogy.
  77. Longcrier Genealogy. Photo of cemetery marker confirms year of birth and death and place of burial from Modean Longcrier.
  78. Longcrier Genealogy. SS index shows 15 Feb 1923 if I have the right Floyd.
  79. from ss# index CD.
  80. 1920 Latimer Co OK census ED 83 pg 6 at home with father.
  81. Longcrier Genealogy. age 37 in 1920 census.
  82. Longcrier Genealogy. CA as death place form Joann Longcrier Wood.
  83. Van Buren County marriage records. Joann Longcrier Wood concurs that this is probably Clark Longcrier. Family tradition says he was married before he married Martha Brock. Also that he had a son by that marriage.
  84. This name is from the Van Buren Co. marriage records. Joann Longcrier Wood relates that family tradition holds that Clark was married twice, and that there was a son by the first marriage.
  85. Possible unaccounted for Longcriers who might be the four persons buried here are: William C Longcrier, His wife Sarah Jane Mize Longcrier, Mary Free Longcrier (first wife of Clark A. Longcrier), and Clark and Mary's son.
  86. Family tradition related by Joann Longcrier Wood is that Clark had a son by his first marriage. No information could be found.
  87. Quite likely that one of the Longcrier graves in Pleasant Grove (Alread), Van Buren Co AR is this son. Another of them would then probably be his mother Mary Free Longcrier. (other two may be William C. Longcrier and his wife Sarah Jane Mize Longcrier).
  88. 1920 Latimer Co OK census ED 83 pg 6 with husbnd and father-in-law.
  89. age 37 in 1920 census.
  90. picture of the family has his name as Albert. Where did I get John?.
  91. Personal knowledge.
  92. Lonnie W. Mize.
  93. 1910 census Van Buren Co. AR, Wheeler Twp. gives name as Clara I.
  94. 1910 census (soundex) Wheeler Twp. Van Buren Co. AR. Birth and death dates from Longcrier Genealogy.
  95. personal notes made at cemetery.
  96. 1920 Sequoyah Co OO census Henson Twp ED 151 ST 10 B. L. M. Camp (with wife Clara) age 39 born AL (1881). Parents both born in GA Headstone has an earlier birth date.
  97. headstone.
  98. personal notes.
  99. Name from Martha Long. Initials for name only.
  100. obituary pg 10 February 16 1995 Eufaula Indian Journal.
  101. Obituary in Eufaula Indian Journal pg 10 Thursday February 16, 1995.
  102. Obituary February 16 1995 Eufaula Indian Journal.
  103. Longcrier Genealogy. 1910 AR census.
  104. Longcrier Genealogy has date as 11 Feb 1965 information from Betty Walls Boyd SS# 443-18-2407 index shows 9-25-1903 to 02-00-1965.
  105. information from Betty Walls Boyd.
  106. Name from Martha Long. information from Betty Walls Boyd.
  107. from cemetery listing.
  108. cemetery listing.
  109. Longcrier genealogy. birth and death dates confirmed by SS index SS# 443-24-0324.
  110. mcIntosh Co marriage records Bk 14 pg 294 License 15 Aug 1934 marriage license listed in Eufaula Indian Journal 16 Aug 1934.
  111. Longcrier Genealogy. 1910 AR census lists Irving H.
  112. SS index CD under Ervin lists date and last place of resicence.
  113. SS death benefits CD for Linnie Longcrier. Must be Lynn. Zip is the same as Ervin.
  114. Martha Long.
  115. This date is from the SSDI CD. Could be a different Herbert, but there aren't that many Longcriers. Need to get a DC to find out for sure.
  116. SSDI CD # 464-44-8828 R-zip 74361.
  117. Longcrier Genealogy. 1910 census enumerated 2 May, lists Sylvester age 4/12.
  118. date from SS death index CD lists date and last place of residence.
  119. Longcrier Genealogy, Joann Wood is child of Sylvester and Helen. Much of this information was compiled by her.
  120. Longcrier Genealogy. month from SS death benefits CD (Helen got her card in NM).
  121. Marriage License and Certificate issued by Sequoyah Co. and performed by John S. Davis, Minister of the Gosple Christian Church, Sallisaw.
  122. 1910 Sequoyah Co OK census Gans Twp. #81 at home with parents Floyd Walls Birth Cirtificate (Delayed Filing).
  123. Floyd Walls Birth Cirtificate. Delayed Filing. Uses Amanda Walls Bible as source of date, and funeral home records (burial policy purchased through Kelly funeral home by Floyd) age 4 in 1910 census.
  124. 1920 latimer Co OK sensus ED 83 pg 6 at home with parents.
  125. Longcrier Genealogy. age 7/12 in 1920 census.
  126. date from SS death benefits CD lists date and last place of residence.
  127. Longcrier Genealogy. date also on SS CD.
  128. SS Death Benefit CD.
  129. name from Longcrier Genealogy.
  130. SS index CD SS# 444-14-5974 death date 11-00-1964 zip 74401 is Muskogee Co as last place of residence.