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Second Generation

7. Baker TYLER was born on 11 Mar 1793. He appeared in the census on 1 Jun 1830 in Izard Co., Arkansas Territory.2 Baker Tyler is listed as head of a household containing:

1 male <5 (Wyth, abt 2)
1 male 5<10 (Peter, abt 7)
1 male 15<20 (unknown male)
1 male 30<40 (Baker, abt 37)
1 male 40<50 (unknown male)
1 female <5 (Catherine, abt 4)
1 female 20<30 (Agness, abt 23)

1 slave listed: 1 male 56<100.
He appeared in the census on 1 Jun 1840 in Searcy Co., Arkansas.6 Baker Tyler is listed as head of a household containing:

1 male <5 (unknown male)
1 male 10<15 (Wyth, abt 12)
1 male 15<20 (Peter, abt 17)
1 male 40<50 (Baker, abt 47)
1 female 10<15 (Catherine, abt 14)
1 female 20<30 (unknown female)
1 female 40<50 (unknown female)

We thought Agness was born abt 1807, so she'd be 33, which isn't in either age range for the females listed. She was supposedly still alive when he was killed in 1844. Maybe she was born abt 1800 instead, and should be 30 in 1830 and 40 in 1840, which would fit the age categories listed, but doesn't tell us who the younger adult female is.

He died on 19 Mar 1844 in Searcy Co., Arkansas. Baker Tyler's birth date, as well as all information concerning Baker Tyler, was
provided by his descendant, F. N. Hines.

Notes for Baker Tyler from F. N. Hines

Baker Tyler is listed in the "Searcy County, My Dear" History by Orville J. McInturff, as one of the early settlers in "Calf Creek" area of Searcy County. He probably settled there circa 1834. He is listed as a resident there in the 1840 Arkansas U. S. census.

The publication "Searcy County, Arkansas to 1850" by James J. Johnston, 1991, on page 9 reads "Early Settlers--In the 1830's Baker Tyler came to the banks of the Buffalo River from Lawrence County, Arkansas, where he had lived since the 1810's. He settled on the north side of the river and had a field in cultivation when the government surveyors crossed his field in May, 1842. His neighbor, Josiah Lane, was prominent in the county and sheriff from 1842 to 1844. He named a son Baker, possibly after Baker Tyler, in 1844.

Comments from Jessie L. Long, wife of Berry Price Craig, have been a great source regarding the "Craig family. The following data are from her family notes written prior to her death:

"Baker Tyler and his wife, Agness, lived on a farm in Arkansas. Their home was raided one day by some Indians and Baker Tyler was killed. Agness was hiding in the barn loft. An Indian, the "chief", came into the barn and Agness shot him. The Indian custom was that if the chief was killed, all others would leave, which they did. Agness was always referred to as a "Cherokee" lady of full blood. There is a good possibility that Baker Tyler was part Indian as well.

A family story was that one of the Tyler men was a counterfeiter. He and a partner had a silver mine somewhere in Arkansas and they made silver half dollars. Tyler was murdered and the mine was never found."

Legends similar to this one abound in Searcy County History. One, "The Lost Tabor Silver Mine", Buffalo River area, bears a remarkable semblance to the Tyler legends, including one that Eveline Price Tyler was murdered in an attempt to extract the location of the mine.

Baker TYLER and Agness ADAMS were married on 19 Mar 1822. 1830 Izard Co., AR Census
Baker Tyler
Males: 1 in each category, 5, 10, 20, 40, 50.
Females: 1 in each category, 5, 30.

Baker was in Searcy Co., AR in 1840. Agness ADAMS (daughter of Matthew ADAMS and Catherine FERGUSON) was born in 1807. Baker TYLER and Agness ADAMS had the following children:



Peter Adams , Sr. TYLER.



Catherine Ferguson TYLER was born on 13 Jun 1826. She died on 14 Nov 1849.



Wyth Walker TYLER.