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In about 1653, Edward Brown and Richard Sturnell were granted 1200 acres on Deep Creek in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia, and since our Brown ancestors were around Deep Creek for a couple hundred years thereafter, and were neighbors to our other ancestors along Deep Creek, I believe this Edward was our ancestor. Since there are a couple uncertainties, however, in the generations immediately following this Edward, I begin below with John Brown.

First Generation

1. John Brown. Born after 1706, John died in Norfolk County, Virginia in 1762;16 he was no more than 56 years of age. John married Sarah Cherry, daughter of Thomas Cherry & Sarah (Wilson?).15 Sarah died in 1762 in Portsmouth Parish, Norfolk County, Virginia.20 See John Brown's Will. See Sarah Cherry Brown's will.
  They had the following children:
  2. i. Edward (1722-1782)
    ii. James. Born 1722/1734 in Norfolk County, Virginia, James died 1752/1754.
    iii. John. Born in 1722/1734 in Norfolk County, Virginia. John died in Portsmouth Parish, Norfolk County, Virginia before 16 Jul 1792.
    iv. Martha. Before 1738 Martha married Joseph Ballentine, son of Richard Ballentine. Born before 1714 in Norfolk County, Virginia, Joseph died there in 1767/1768; he was 53.
    v. Mary. Mary married (John?) Tucker.

Second Generation

2. Edward Brown. Born 1722/1734 in Norfolk County, Virginia. Edward died there in 1782/1785.
  They had the following children:16
  3. i. Abel (1745-<1794).
    ii. Ivy. Born in 1745/1750 in Norfolk County, Virginia. Ivy died there before 21 Jan 1793. Ivy married Pembroke, who died after 1793.18

Third Generation

3. Abel Brown. Abel was born in Norfolk County, Virginia, 1745/1750, and died in Portsmouth, Norfolk County, Virginia before 17 Feb 1794;19 he was at least 49. Abel married Elizabeth, who died after 1794.
  They had the following children:
    i. Anna. Born 1766/1771 in Norfolk County, Virginia. On 22 May 1787 when Anna was at least 21, she married Hillary Cherry, in Norfolk County, Virginia.1
    ii. Edward. Born after 1772 in Norfolk County, Virginia, Edward died there in 1800; he was 28.2 On 13 Jun 1795, when Edward was at least 23, he married Nancy Piner, in Norfolk County, Virginia.
    iii. Sarah. Born in 1774/1778 in Norfolk County, Virginia. On 17 Feb 1794, when Sarah was at least 20, she married John Culpeper, in Norfolk County, Virginia.3
  4. iv. Mary Lemon (1786-1863).
    v. Rosanna. On 23 Jul 1795 Rosanna married Adam Poyner in Norfolk County, Virginia.4
    vi. Elizabeth. On 15 Sep 1800 Elizabeth married Thomas Culpeper in Norfolk County, Virginia.3

Fourth Generation

4. Mary Lemon Brown. Born in Jan 1786 in Norfolk County, Virginia, Mary Lemon died in Scott County, Tennessee on 12 Jan 1863; she was 77. On 7 Sep 1807, when Mary Lemon was 21, she married Ballentine Batchelor Creekmore, son of Robert E. Creekmore & Elizabeth Batchelor.5 Born on 23 Jan 1784 in Norfolk County, Virginia, Ballentine Batchelor died in Whitley County, Kentucky in 1849; he was 64.
  They had the following children:
  5. i. Dinah Green Creekmore (1808-1887). Born on 14 Mar 1808 in Nash County, North Carolina,8 Dinah Green died in Whitley County, Kentucky on 11 May 1887; she was 79.8 Buried in Jellico Creek Cemetery, Whitley County, Kentucky. On 17 Nov 1825, when Dinah Green was 17, she married Jasper Newton Campbell, son of James Campbell & Anna Osborn, in Whitley County, Kentucky.9 Born on 10 Jan 1809 in Whitley County, Kentucky,8 Jasper Newton died there on 17 Sep 1881; he was 72.8 To Dinah on the Creekmore page.
    ii. Elizabeth Creekmore. Born on 18 Dec 1809 in North Carolina, Elizabeth died in 1829; she was 19.6
    iii. Green Berry Creekmore. Born on 28 Dec 1811 in Nash County, North Carolina, Green Berry died about 1892; he was 80. About 1834, when Green Berry was 22, he first married Ida Ellison, who was born on 13 May 1818. On 30 Oct 1889, when Green Berry was 77, he second married Elizabeth Dickenson, in Whitley County, Kentucky. She was born in 1835.
    iv. Frances Creekmore. Born in 1813. Frances married Nathaniel Blakely.
    v. David Herbert Creekmore. Born on 19 May 1817 in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia, David Herbert died in Crawford County, Arkansas on 24 Dec 1898; he was 81. Buried in Love Cemetery, Fine Springs, Crawford County, Arkansas. On 13 Aug 1843, when David Herbert was 26, he first married Elizabeth Meadors, daughter of Jacob Meadors & Delila Jones, in Campbell County, Tennessee. She was born on 10 Sep 1820 in Whitley County, Kentucky. Elizabeth died in Crawford County, Arkansas on 22 Jan 1866; she was 45. On 22 Aug 1867, when David Herbert was 50, he second married Hannah Louvenie Peters, daughter of John Lafayette Peters & Mary Catherine Satterfield, in Campbell County, Tennessee. Born on 10 Jan 1834 in Tennessee,7 Hannah Louvenie died in Alma, Crawford County, Arkansas on 10 Sep 1912; she was 78.
    vi. Mary Lemon Creekmore. Born on 4 Oct 1821 in Washington County, Virginia, Mary Lemon died in Whitley County, Kentucky on 15 Feb 1894; she was 72. On 20 Feb 1858, when Mary Lemon was 36, she married William Jasper Cordell, son of John Cordell & Mary Diadema Crain, in Scott County, Tennessee. Born on 8 Nov 1838 in Monroe County, Tennessee, William Jasper died in Scott County, Tennessee on 11 Dec 1902; he was 64.
    vii. Thomas Ballentine Creekmore. Born on 1 Nov 1823 in Whitley County, Kentucky, Thomas Ballentine died on 21 Aug 1911; he was 87. On 10 Mar 1850, when Thomas Ballentine was 26, he first married Mary Trammell, in Campbell County, Tennessee. Born in 1830. Mary died in 1871; she was 41. Thomas Ballentine second married Nancy Depuy. Born in 1849, Nancy died in 1876; she was 27. Thomas Ballentine third married Emily Ross Neil. Born in 1828, Emily died in 1902; she was 74.
    viii. Anna B. Creekmore. Born on 6 Oct 1826 in Kentucky, Anna died about 1898; she was about 71. Anna married Rev. Solomon Perkins, who was born about 1818 in Kentucky.7s


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