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Cherry Research Notes


1671 John Cherry has land in Deep Creek
1682 John Cherry has land in Deep Creek
1689 John Cherry & wife Rebecca & Wm. Maund witnessed will of Joseph Miller
1690 John Cherry, Sr. witnessed will of Augustine Whiddon, who provides that if his wife Sarah dies, his children go to his father [-in-law?] John Cherry
1701 John Cherry has land in Deep Creek adj. Richardson
1702 Thomas Cherry mentioned in will of brother-in-law Thomas Willson, who dies leaving wife; underage kids Thomas, John, & Sarah.
1704 John Cherry on Norfolk County quitrents list
1704 Thomas Cherry on Norfolk County quitrents list
1704 Widow Cherry [Churey] on Norfolk County quitrents list
1706 Thomas Cherry receives land in Deep Creek area which had been granted to John Cherry
1723 William Cherry rec'd land with Eleazar Tart
1728 Faithful Cherry died leaving wife and kids Luke (under 21), Ruth, Patience, Faithful (under 18; to be schooled), Job and Titus
1730 Thomas Cherry tithed with sons Jonas & Jeremiah
1731 Thomas Cherry still between Deep Creek and New Mill Creek
1733 Thomas Cherry tithed with son Jeremiah
1737 William Cherry dies leaving wife Elizabeth, kids Solomon, Eleazar, Caleb, Willis, & John; "in-law Joseph Grant"
1748 Thomas Cherry dies leaving kids Jeremiah, William, Sarah Brown (w/o John Brown), Mary Tart, Martha Foreman, Faith Cherry, granddaughter Sarah Tart. Witnesses: Thomas Cherry, Solomon Cherry, & George Ives
1751 John Cherry tithed with son Thomas
1754 Jeremiah Cherry died leaving wife Mary, kids Thomas, Jeremiah, Martha, Mary, Sarah, & Tamar
1755 John Cherry dies leaving wife Sarah; kids John, Spring, Aaron, Bethia, Elizabeth, Affia Hill; grandkids Jonathan, Ann, Joel, & {Susan?], all surnamed Cherry. Witnesses: Joseph Biggs, Hillary Cherry, John Fereby
1785 Frances Cherry marries Daniel Savell
1787 Hillary Cherry marries marries Anna Brown [Abel Brown, Surety]
1789 Mary Cherry marries John Miers
1789 James Cherry marries Sarah Etherage
1790 Peter Cherry Mary Godfrey
1790 Mrs. Polly Cherry marries marries Zadock Carter
1791 Alexander Cherry marries marries Sophia Willie
1792 Maxey Cherry marries marries Lydia Deale
1792 Selah Cherry marries Samuel Poyner
1792 Tamar Cherry marries Samuel Cotter

Land Patents from Cavaliers and Pioneers

25 Jul 1671     Thomas Richardson bought 50 acres adjacent to John Cherry in Lower Norfolk County by the Deep Neck, near the mouth of Goose Creek Cavaliers and Pioneers, by Nugent Vol. 4, p. 95 [Patent Book 6, p. 363]

20 Apr 1682     John Cherry rec'd 490 acres on Deep Creek adj John Slough; Thomas Richardson, & 250 granted Richard Yates 11 Mar 1664 who sold to said Cherry; 140 acres for trans of Henry Sealey 3 times.

24 Oct. 1701     Thomas Richardson, 99 acs. Norf. Co.; adj. John Cherry's land, neare head of Goose Cr., on W. side of the S. br. of Eliza. Riv; Richard Neach; & his own land; p. 411, Pat. Bk. 9; Trans. of 2 pers: Christopher Olderu (or Olderux), & Thomas Eastwood.

2 May 1706     Thomas Cherry, 45 acs., Norf. Co.; on NW side of Deep Cr., a br. of the S. br. of Eliz. Riv; p. 727, Pat. Bk. 9; Part of 350 acs. granted John Cherry, 20 Apr 1682, deserted, & now granted by order, &c. Trans. of: Jane English.

2 May 1706     William Maund, 150 acs., Norf. Co; in the S. br. of Eliz. Riv., bet. Deep Cr. & New Mill Cr.; p. 735, Pat. Bk. 9; Adj. Marmaduke Ethridge; Jno. Ives' patent; Thomas Cherry; line; Powell's line; Giles Randall; & Mr. Jno. Farbey. Trans. of 3 pers; Andrew Dining, Wm. Mecknary, Archy Grimes.

5 Sep 1723     Eleazor Tart & William Cherry, 80 acs. (N. L.) Norf. Co. in Cyprus Swamp, near head of the Western Br.; p. 231 Pat. Bk. 14; 10 Shil.

5 Sep 1723     Thomas Scott, 60 acs. (N. L.) Norf. Co. in Cyprus Sw. near head of the Western Br. adj. Eleazer Tart & William Cherry,; p. 231 Pat. Bk. 14; 10 Shil.

25 Aug. 1731     John Thornton, Gent., 150 acs. (Lapsed L.) Norfolk Co; in the S. Br. of Eliz. Riv.; between Deep Cr. & New Mill Creek; adj. Marmaduke Etheridge; John Ives; Thomas Cherry; Powel's line; Giles Randall; & Mr. John Farby's land; p. 315, Pat. Bk 14; Granted William Maund 2 May 1706, on conditon of seating, &c. 15 Shill.

On the 1704 list of Norfolk County Quit Rents are the following:
Thomas Chury, 100 acres
John Chury, 150 acres
English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, Louis des Cognets (Princeton: 1958)


Suggs Mill to deepe Creek Thomas Cherry, Jonas, Jeremiah & negro Anthony
Southern Branch William Cherry, Sr. and sons Solomon and Willis
  Solomon Cherry, Sr.
  John Cherry, son of William
  Luke Cherry
  John Cherry, Sr. and sons John & Spring
  Samuel Cherry
Western Branch Richard Powell & Joseph Cherry, Jr.
  Sarey Spring and her son John

West Side of Southern branch, Spring Cherry to his father, John Cherry
Col. Craford's to Batchelders Mill William Cherry & sons William, Solomon, & Eleazar
  Solomon Cherry, Sr.
  Samuel Cherry
  Luke Cherry
  John Cherry, Jr.
West Side of Southern branch, Thomas Cherry
Suggs Mill to Batchelders Mill  
Western Branch Precinct Joseph Cherry, Constable, & Mathew Cherry
  Thomas Ward and Joseph Cherry

Suggs Mill to Batchelders Mill Thomas Cherry & sons Francis & Jeremiah & negro
Col. Craford's to head of Deepe Creake John Cherry & son Spring
  Solomon Cherry, Sr.
  William Cherry & son Eleazar
  Luke Cherry
  Samuel Cherry
  John Cherry, Jr.
  Marmaduke Tucker
  John Cherry, son of John
Western Branch Joseph Cherry & son Mathew

Western Branch Mathew & John Cherry to their father Joseph
West side of Southern Branch Thomas Cherry for his son Jeremiah, Francis Lake, & Negro Anthony
  John Cherry, Jr.
South side of Southern Branch, Solomon Cherry
from head of Deep Creek to mouth William Cherry & sons Solomon & Eleazar
  John Cherry, Jr.
  Luke Cherry
  John Cherry, Sr. & sons Spring & Aaron
  Samuel Cherry
  Marmaduke Tucker

Suggs Mill to Deep Creek Thomas Cherry & son & negro
Western Branch Joseph Cherry, Constable, sons Mathew & John
  Barnaby Carney, Jos. Cherry, & Wm. Carney
from Deep Creek to Col. Crawford's To John Cherry, Sr., his sons Spring & Aaron
  Solomon Cherry
  Solomon Cherry, Jr.
  Luke Cherry & Negro Addam
  William Cherry & son Eleazar
  John Cherry, Jr.
Above the [Great] Bridge Willis Cherry & ffrancis Leek

Suggs Mill to Batchelders Mill Thomas Cherry & son Jeremiah & negro
  John Cherry
Deep Creek to Col. Crawford's John Cherry, Constable, sons Aaron, Spring
  Solomon Cherry
  John Cherry, Jr.
  William Cherry & Eleazar Cherry
  Luke Cherry & Joseph Grant

John Cherry

Hollow Poplar to Great Bridge to John Cherry & son Thomas Cherry
Batchelders Mill and up Pokaty Road William Cherry
  Jeremiah Cherry & 1 negro
Ferry Point to Great Bridge Calep Cherry
Col. Crafords's to Batchelders Mill Joseph Cherry, Thos. Cherry & negro Nancy
  Paul Cherry
  Solomon Cherry
  Spring Cherry
  Luke Cherry
West side of Southern Branch Joseph Cherry, Thos. Cherry & negro man
  Paul Cherry
  Spring Cherry
  Luke Cherry
  Charles Cherry
  Hillrey Cherry

West side of Southern Branch Samll Cherry
  Joseph Cherry, Thos. Cherry & negro Nancy
  Hillary Cherry
  Solomon Cherry, Jr.
  Paul Cherry
  Charles Cherry
  Spring Cherry
Hollow Poplar to Great Bridge, Theophilus Cherry
up Pocaty Road, down to William Cherry
Batchelders Mill (and assorted Browns, Batchelors, Creekmores et al.)

Portsmouth to New Mill Creek 4 tithes William, William, & Samuel Cherry & negro Cudjo
  1 tithe, 220 acres Thomas Cherry
  1 tithe, 60 acres Matthew Cherry
  1 tithe Thomas Cherry
  1 tithe, 60 acres Thomas Cherry Sr.
  1 tithe, 90 acres John Cherry
  2 tithes, 100 acres Paul & Solomon Cherry
  2 tithes, 25 acres Demsy Cherry
  2 tithes, 25 acres Solomon Cherry & John Tucker
  1 tithe, 155 acres Theophilus Cherry
  1 tithe, 53 acres Charles Cherry
  1 tithe Luke Cherry
  2 tithes, 200 acres Elizabeth Cherry for John Cherry & Benj. Johnson

1782     "A list of the families of Whites and blacks thats on the south side of the Western branch as fear as new Mill Creek Taking by Wm Booker"
  Whites Blacks
Mathew Cherry 5  
Faithfull Cherry 2  
Chas Cherry 6  
Solo Cherry 6  
Paul Cherry 8  
Jean 5  
Saml Cherry 3  
Joseph Cherry 3 10
Bryan Cherry 8  
Tho Cherry 9  
Mary Cherry, Sr. 3  
Paul Cherry 4  
John Cherry 6  
Thomas Cherry 1  
John Cherry 7  
Thomas Cherry 1  
John Cherry 6  
Theophilus Cherry 6 1
Thomas Cherry 8 1

"Free and Slave, Norfolk County, 1782," 5 Lower Norfolk County Antiquary, pp. 134-135

Norfolk County Marriage Bonds

9 Dec 1782 Jeremiah Cherry and Mary Owens, Sur. William Owens.
20 Oct 1785 Daniel Savelis and Frances Cherry. Sur. David Manning. Daniel makes oath that Frances, the dau of Caleb Cherry, is of lawful age
22 May 1787 Hillary Cherry & Anna Brown, Sur. Abel Brown.
8 Jan 1789 John Miars and Mary Cherry. Sur. John Cherry. M'd 9 Feb 1789 by Rev. Walker Maury
11 Jan 1789 James Cherry & Sarah Everage. Sur. Samuel McPherson. James Cherry makes oath that Sarah is of lawful age.
16 Sep 1790 Peter Cherry & Mary Godfrey. Benjamin Kinder, surety, makes oath that Mary, orphan of Matthew Godfrey, is of lawful age.
25 Nov 1790 Thomas Cherry & Mary Moore. Married by Rev. Arthur Emmerson.
23 Dec 1790 Isaiah Cherry & Lydia Moore, Married by Rev. Arthur Emmerson.
30 Dec 1790 Willis Wilkins and Sukey Cherry. Married by Rev. Arthur Emmerson.
14 May 1791 Alexander Cherry and Sophia Willie, Warrington Stevens, surety, makes oath Sophia is of lawful age.
9 Mar 1792 Mackse (Maxey) Cherry & Lydia Deale. M'd 29 Mar by Rev. Arthur Emmerson.
29 May 1792 Samuel Cotter & Tamer Cherry, Sur. James Balance.
15 Oct 1793 Jonathan Cherry & Patsy Monreau, Sur. Luke Cherry
24 Dec 1793 James Cherry & Mrs. Elizabeth Groves, widow. Sur. Matthew Manning.
22 Jan 1796 Tatem Cherry and Ann Mayse. Sur. Jonoathan Denby. M'd 24 Jan 1796 by Rev. Arthur Emmerson, who records Ann Mayes.
29 Jun 1795 Solomon Cherry & Mrs. Fanne Gammel. Sur. Abraham Cotten.
4 Jan 1796 John Cherry & Nancy Moore, Sur. Elijah Bond. M'd 7 Jan 1796 by Rev. Arthur Emmerson.
18 Apr 1796 Willis Cherry & Priscilla Moore. Sur. Thomas Moore. M'd 18 Apr 1796 by Rev. Arthur Emmerson.
10 Jun 1797 Thomas Cherry & Viney Mayo. Sur. Sion Culpeper. M'd 10 Jun 1797 by Rev. Arthur Emmerson.
15 July 1797 John Cherry & Nancy Booker. John Willey, surety, makes oath Nancy is of lawful age.
27 Apr 1799 Bartee Cherry & Mrs. Elizabeth Stafford, widow. Celia Bruce makes oath Elizabeth is of lawful age. Sur. John Taylor.
25 May 1799 Paul Cherry & Mrs. Frances West. Sur. Elijah Bond
2 Jan 1801 Arthur Cherry & Seelah Ives. Sur. Hillary Cherry
24 Jan 1801 Nathan Cherry & Judy Cherry. Sur. Lemuel Cherry
19 Mar 1801 John Cherry & Sarah McHorney. Sur. Robert Cuthrell. M'd 19 Mar. by Rev. Arthur Emmerson
18 Apr 1801 Absalom Cherry & Nancy Williams, Sur. Stephen Williams. M'd 30 Apr 1801 by Rev. Jeremiah Rutter
15 Oct 1802 Paul Cherry, Sr. & Frankey West. Mary Sharcraft makes oath Frankey is of lawful age. Sur. Joseph Kinder.
24 Dec 1802 Paul Cherry & Molly Culpeper. Sur. John Culpeper.
7 Feb 1803 Thomas Cherry, Sr. and Ann Brown. Sur. Benjamin Kinder
9 Mar 1803 Brian Cherry & Mary Williams, Sur. Lemuel Williams
30 May 1803 Eli Cherry & Peggy Brown. Bartley Brown makes oath Peggy is of lawful age.
23 Jun 1804 Uriah Cherry and Franky Etheridge. Thomas Cherry, surety makes oath Franky is of lawful age.
4 Mar 1809 Arthur Cherry & Hartey Owens. Sur. Eubert Ferrong.
15 May 1810 James Cherry and Patsy Culpeper. Henry Culpeper, surety, makes oath Patsy is of lawful age.
30 Dec 1810 Jessee Cherry and Mrs. Julia Cherry, Sur. Samuel Cherry.
2 Mar 1811 Samuel Cherry & Luvanna Cherry. Isaiah Cherry consents for his son, Silas. Sur. Josiah Cherry.
21 Dec 1811 Silas Cherry & Margaret Culpeper. Sur. Isaiah Berry.
18 Oct 1814 James Cherry & Nancy Pollick. Sur. Thomas Tucker.

Will of Marmaduke Tucker, dated 28 Mar 1754 and proved May 1754 names daughter Mary Cherry, dau Olle Tucker, son William and wife Judith. Witnessed by Joseph Cherry, Joseph Tucker, and Joseph Biggs.