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Achim Koberstein is a 23 year old German Master student in computer science at University of Paderborn, Germany:

Heinrich cycle per second high school, Friedrichshain

The High School with mathematical-scientific emphasis was created 1961. The language sequence is English, French, latin or Russian.  Aram Altschudjian, Franz Andert, Martin Auricht, David Beyer, Martin Bolement, Stefan Börno, Jan Brotschneider, Alexander Bunge, David Burkhardt, Christian Czekay, Olaf Dünnbier, Thomas Eckardt, Franziska Eckelt, Sebastian Ehrich, Sven Foellmer, Henning Förste, Sascha Giebner, Matthias Giesen, Martin Greiner, Anita Greulich, Matthias Grotkopp, Daniel Heckenberg, Ralf Haeusler, Thomas Helmis, Alexander Holz, Christian Höpfner, Alexander Jäckel, Florian Jentschak, Marco Kaeselitz, Christoph Klatt, Jan Koberstein, Michael Kohs, Ekateria Krol, Christian Krüger, Christoph Kunze, Andreas Kurth, Stefan Lebelt, Volkmar Lorenz, Carsten Mielsch, Hagen Möbius, Hei Anh Pham, Annett Rabe, Tobias Richter, Martin Ringel, Ralf Rückriemen, Jan Sachtleben, Peter Schöpperle, Marco Schreiter, Anna Schuberth, Rico Schulz, Christian Schwarze, Alexander Seeger, Jenny Simon, Mark Steudel, Michael Stoll, Henrik Töpelt, Andreas Ulbig, Daniel Wetzel, Sebastian Wilke, Stefan Winter, Björn Wünsche.

Pioneer Central Schools, Yorkshire New York


1. The appointment of Stephanie Koberstein to the probationary position of Math teacher in the Middle School should have read "Probationary period to Commence September 1, 2000 and end September 1, 2002 (instead of 2003).

Two Stroke Home Page

Koberstein, E and Pletka, H.D. Exhaust purification with small 2-stroke engines-a challenge for catalytic systems Paper 820279, presented at the International Congress and Exposition, Detroit, Michigan, February 1982, p429

KENAN-FLAGLER Business School (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill);  Top endowed fellowship winners include:

Phil Kresse: Harry W. Cherry Accounting Education Fund Fellowship Keli Decker: Ike Reynolds/Harold Langenderfer MAC Fellowship Rachel Koberstein: Robert G. Sanford/PricewaterhouseCoopers Fellowship Christy Ngo and Toby McNeill: John L. Brantley/Deloitte & Touche Fellowships

University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire; Psychology, Dr. Larry Morse, Department Chair

Koberstein, Laura A., undergraduate student.

Virginia Commonwealth University

Richmond, VA 23284

Phone: (804) 828-0100 Voice/TDD

Spring 94:Alpha Delta Iota club

Initiated: November 19, 1994

Jill Kobersteen (15)

Doane College, 1014 Boswell Ave., Crete, NE 68333-2496, (402) 826-8216

Department of Information Science and Technology, People of IST,

Students (2nd year)

Corey Koberstein (IS)

Murphysboro Middle School (2125 Spruce Street, Murphysboro, Illinois) Awards:

Other MMS instrumentalists earned a rating of First on their solos: ... , Nick Koberstein, ...

Dieter Koberstein black, Medium technician, Tel.: 168-42429 email at Dieter Koberstein black at

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Appears to be two Koberstein Students from the University of North Dakota


Did search at University of North Dakota site and got:

Fall 1997: CSci 110 Computer Programming in C: Brian Koberstein

North Oaks -- Brian Koberstein, aviation student, UND Flight Instructor, Grand Forks, ND (S);

Sigma Chi Beta Zeta Chapter:

Brian Koberstein

5/20/99 -- List Of MINNESOTA, OTHER STATES, CANADA And OTHER STATES UND Students Who Were Eligible For Commencement This Spring

North Oaks -- Brian James Koberstein (BSA*);


Dipl. Inform. Achim Koberstein[Image]
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl DS&OR
Sprechstunde: nach Vereinbarung
Raum: N4.131
Telefon: (+49) 5251 60 52 39
Fax: (+49) 5251 60 35 42
Anschrift: DS&OR Lab
Universität Paderborn
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn

ID: 0F38F282175DACD5  Date: April 16, 2002

Johnston City’s Megan Gabby and Murphysboro’s Jerad Koberstein were named to the Illinois High School Association’s All-State Academic Honorable Mention team.  The IHSA named 26 to its first team and 50 to Honorable Mention status.  To be eligible, a student must have a GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale; have participated in at least two IHSA-sponsored activities (athletics and/or non-athletics) during the last two school years and have demonstrated outstanding...

Murphysboro High School, Fourth Quarter

ID: 0F48D9ABD5AA27F0  Date: June 30, 2002


Grade 12 …Jerad Koberstein …


St. Andrew School, Second Semester

ID: 0F965650B6D6B315  Date: February 23, 2003


Grade 8

…Nicholad Koberstein …

Murphysboro honors top musicians

ID: 0FB696E43B6E3E2F  Date: June 1, 2003

MURPHYSBORO — Murphysboro Middle School awarded several students for high achievements and musical talents.

…Seventh grade outstanding musicianship …Nick Koberstein …

St. Andrew School, Fourth Quarter

ID: 0FC220D05BDE3895  Date: July 6, 2003


…Grade 7 …Nicholas Koberstein…

Murphysboro 19,

Benton 16

ID: 0FDFC5CF60332438  Date: October 4, 2003

Benton 0 8 8 0—16

Murphysboro 7 6 0 6—19

First quarter

M — Schemonia 3 run (Koberstein kick) :07

Second quarter…


ID: 0FF74DD662140420  Date: December 14, 2003

Murphysboro High School, First Quarter


Grade 12

…Heath Koberstein …

St. Andrew School, First Quarter

ID: 0FF74DD6823EAACC  Date: December 14, 2003


…Nick Koberstein …


…Emily Koberstein …




[Thu Sep 11 2003]

MURPHYSBORO -- Many of the students who gathered in front of St. Andrew School in Murphysboro Thursday seemed like they were too young to remember much about the terrorist attacks that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001.

But the kindergarten through eighth-graders stood quietly in prayer, solemnly honoring the memory of the 3,021 lives lost two years ago. The children shielded their eyes from the bright sun as they lifted their faces skyward to watch the raising of a new American flag, donated to the school by Leo and Mickey Korando.

"We're raising the flag only to half-staff, because we want to remember what happened two years ago," Principal Susan Sheffer told her students. "We want to remember all those who perished in Pennsylvania, New York and Washington."

Boy Scouts Nathaniel Huffman, Matthew Ahlfield, Bryce Schumacher and Sean O'Neill, who are all students at St. Andrew, briskly raised the new flag to the top of the staff, then slowly lowered to the halfway mark as the "Star Spangled Banner" was played by Nick Koberstein on trumpet and Kailey Walker on clarinet.

Thursday's ceremony was organized by social studies teacher Joanne Bleyer and her eighth-grade class. Her students were in class on Sept. 11, 2001, and have vivid memories about that morning.

"I remember Mrs. (Elizabeth) Stein crying and she had the TV on. It was really blurry, because we weren't getting any reception," said Koberstein, 13, the son of Jan and Mike Koberstein of Murphysboro. "I didn't know at first what she meant by the Twin Towers. It took me awhile to figure out what was happening."

Emily Hahn, 13, said she worried about a family member when she heard about the attacks.

"I was crying my eyes out, because my aunt lives in Chicago and worked by the Sears Tower," said Hahn, the daughter of Pat and Bob Hahn of Murphysboro. "They said that might be a building that might be hit, so I was really upset."

Hahn said the class had a science test later that day and none of the students did well on it. In fact, Bleyer said it wasn't just the students who had trouble concentrating on Sept. 11.

"My son was in the Saudi Arabia that day, in the Air Force," she said. "None of us were doing well that day."

Bleyer added that although it's important for people to remember the terrorist attacks, she tries not to let her students dwell on the tragedy too much.

"Last year we spent some time talking about it," Bleyer said. "It's a day you want to remember -- you don't want to forget it -- but it's also time to let things start returning to normal." 618-529-5454 x15078