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War of 1812: Warrant No. 8390, 160 Acres

Warrantee: John LADD, Soldier: John LADD, Corpl. 30th Infantry

Nature of Claim: Bounty Land, Single

"By order of Col. D. Dana, Commanding the Champlain Department. Know ye, That John Ladd a Corporal of Captain James Taylors Company thirtieth regiment of Infantry who was enlisted the second day of October eighteen hundred and fourteen to serve during the war, is hereby honorably discharged from the army of the United States, having faithfully served out the full period of his enlistment.

"Said John Ladd was born in the town of Corinth in the State of Vermont is about twenty-one years of age, five feet ten inches high light complexion, grey eyes, brown hair, and by occupation, when enlisted, a Joiner.

"Given at the Inspector General's office, Plattsburgh, [N.Y.] this 20th day of June 1813 [1815?].

District Pay Masters Office, Burlington, Vermont, June 20, 1815:

I certify that I have this day paid the within named John Ladd One hundred sixty two dollars and ninety two cents being in full of the arrears of his monthly wages from the state of his enlistment to the state of the within discharge, together with seventy four dollars retained bounty, and pay and subsistence for traveling home. Walter Sheldon, Dist. Payr.

"Randolph, Orange County, State of Vermont. I hereby request and authorize Dudley Chase of Randolph afore to receive the Land-Warrant or patent, which may be due to me from the United States, for my services as a soldier in the service of said state, during the late war, with Great Britain, witness my hand this second day of Nov. 1816. John Ladd"

Bounty Land Warrant No. 22,234. From the "Records of Men Enlisted in the U. S. Army Prior to the Peace Establishment, May 17, 1815"

No.302 Ladd, Constantine, Pvt., 44 USI, 5'10", Blue Eyes, Dark Hair, Fair Complexion, 23, Boatman, Born Fluvannia, Va., Enlisted Feb. 22, 1814 at Columbia, by Capt. Baker, for 5 years. Remarks: R. R. Columbia, Feb. 27, and March 21, 1814. D. R. Capt. Isaac L. Baker's Co. April 14, 1815, present. Discharged at Fort St. Johns, April 11, 1815, term expired.

See pension case.

Bounty Land Warrant No. 25,232.

Descriptive List for Discharge. I certify on honor that Nath'l Ladd Jr. a Private of Captain Benj Birdsall's Company in the Fourth Regiment of U. S. Riflemen aged Twenty years, five feet nine inches high, of light complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, by profession, when enlisted, a farmer was born in the town of Pittsford state of Vermont was enlisted by Lieut. Lee of the fourth Regt. U. S. Riflemen in the twon of Canandaiqua state of New York on the 17th days of May 1814 for the period of Five Years that he is mustered for discharge in consequence of Inability that he has honorably and faithfully performed the duties of a soldier whilst in the service, and is thereby entitled to an HONORABLE DISCHARGE--that he has been subsisted according to law; and has pay due him as a private from the 17th day of May 1814 to the ninth day of July 1815 the date of his discharge; that he is entitled to pay and subsistence for travel from this post this place of his discharge to [unreadable] the place of his residence, being a distance of 208 miles; and that he has received the following articles of uniform clothing, viz., one hat, two vests, two woollen and four linen pantaloons, five shirts, -- pair gaiters, one coat, five pair of shoes, -- pair of stockings, three pair socks, one blanket, two frocks, -- trowsers, one stocks, one knapsack, one haversack, one woollen vest, one woolen round jacket. Given under my hand, at Albany this ninth day of July 1815. The above named Nathaniel Ladd has also seventy four dollars bounty due him he having joined and been mustered with his regiment. B. Birdsall, Capt. 1st Rifle Regt.

Received, Albany, Twelfth July 1815, from Nathaniel Ladd his Honorable Discharge for the purpose of proceeding to Washington, and obtaining from the War Department of the United States, his Warrant and Patent for his Land.

State of New York, Genesee County. I Nathaniel Ladd do declare that I was late a private in the company commanded by Capt. (late major) Birdsall of the 4 regiment of Riflemen that I was enlisted at Geneva in said state by Lieut. Lee in July or July one thousand eight hundred and thirteen for the term of five years and served faithfully until the 12th day of July one thousand eight hundred and fifteen when I was Honorably Discharged at Greenbush by the Comandant of the post on account of Ill heath and that I was last paid by a U. S. Pay Master name not known and that my discharge, which was duly testified all these particulars, was lost by J. W. Lansing as I have reason to believe and that it contained the words "Honorably Discharged."

[signed] Nathaniel Ladd. Sworn and subscribed to me, this 3rd day of May, 1820, Sam'l Lake, Commissioner.

State of New York, Genesee County. Samuel Lake being by me duly sworn says that in the winter of 1820 he was at Albany the former Residence of [?] Bogardus [?] Lansing. That by request of Nathaniel Ladd late a soldier in the 4th Rifle Regiment he made enquiry respecting the residence of the persons above mentioned, and was credibly informed that Mr. Bogandus removed to the State of Illinois, and that it was understood that he was dead, that J. W. Lansing had left the country and was supposed to be in South America…………Sept 1822

Soldier: Ladd, Nathaniel. Service: Capt. Birdsall's Co. 4 U.S. Inf. Enlisted: May 17, 1814. Discharged: July 9, 1815. Maiden name of wife: Charlotte Sloughtenburg. Marriage of Soldier and Wife: Sep. 25, 1820, Wheatland, Monroe Co., N.Y.

War Department, Section of Bounty Lands. 27 Sept 1825

Nath' Ladd late a private in the Comps commanded by Capt. Birdsall of the 4th regiment of United States Riflemen is informed that the Military Land Warrant No. 25,232 was issued in his name 30 of Septm 1822, and the "notification" thereof sent to Sam'l Lake, Batavia, N.Y. For any information relative to the Patent in this case, application must be made to Geor. Graham, Esq. Commissioner of the General Land Office. [signed or addressed at bottom,] W. N. Ladd, Utica, N. Y.

War of 1812, Act of Feb. 14, 1871, Department of the Interior, Pension Office, Aug. 18, 1871. Sir: You are respectfully requested to furnish official evidence of the enrollment, muster, service, and duty of Nathaniel Ladd, who En, at Geneva N.Y. 1813 in Captain Wm. Birdsall's Company 4 Regiment N. Y. Militia, and who was discharged at Greenbush, N.Y. May 1815.

Dept. of the Interior, Pension Office, Washington D.C., May 17, 1872.

Sir: In the pension claim of Nathaniel Ladd, No. 11434, a survivor of the War of 1812, under Act of Feby. 14, 1871, the claimant is requested to furnish this office with a full and correct statement of his service, giving the names of all the Captains under whom he served, and the number of his Land Warrant, if he has received one. There are no rolls of Captain William Birdsall's Company of U. S. Rifles, on file. Please return this letter therewith. Very respectfully, J. N. Baker, Commissioner. H. R. Lovell, Esq., Flint, Genesee Co., Mich.

State of Michigan, Genesee County. Nathaniel Ladd being first duly sworn deposes and says that he resides at the city of Flint, Michigan, and is an applicant for a pension from the United States as a soldier of the War of 1812: that his claim therefor was filed by H. R. Lovell of Flint, Mich., as his attorney and is numbered 11,434: that he has just heard read an order from the Commissioner of Pensions calling upon him to furnish the U. S. Pensions office with a full and correct statement of his service, giving names of the Captains under whom he served and the number of his land warrant and in response thereto makes this affidavit and further says that to the best of his recollection he enlisted at Geneva, New York in May or June 1813 in Capt. Wm. Birdsalls Company of the 4th regiment of U. S. Riflemen (Sharpshooters) that Lieut. Kearsley was the recruiting officer who enlisted him: that he served under the said Capt. Birdsall until the flowing up of Fort Erie in which battle he was engaged, when the said Capt. Birdsall was severely wounded, and that after that he was under command of Capt. Lytell until discharged which was at Greenbush, New York under the general command of Gen'l Burbank, nearly six months after the close of the war: that he does not remember Capt. Lytell's first name nor how to spell his last name: that he was in the battle of Chippeney [?] in many Indian skirmishes: also in a battle a little below Fort Erie, a little after the capture of the latter, on the 7th of September 1814: that Col. Gibson was Colonel of said regiment and was killed in same battle storming a battery: that the number of his land warrant was 25.232, and he herewith encloses a circular relative thereto forwarded him from the war department Sept. 27th, 1825. He further says that he is old and feeble and desires that his claim may receive prompt attention. [Signed] Nathaniel Ladd

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 31st day of May 1872 and I certify that I know the applicant to be a credible person and believe his statements above made to be true, and that I have no interest whatever in said claims for pension. Charles D. Sing, Clerk of Circuit Court, Genesee Co., Mich.

War of 1812 - Survivor's Pension No. 17,786

Michigan - Nathaniel Ladd, Capt. Birdsall Company, 4th U. S. Infantry

Detroit Agency. Rate per month: Eight Dollars. Commencing Feb. 14, 1874.

Certificate Dated July 8th 1872 and sent to Pension Agent

Act 14th February 1871, Vol. Mich. Page 152, J. M. Kavanaugh Clerk

Died June 14, 1873

'73 June 24 Pen Agent to pay widow on ….without…..

Submitted by Janet Newell, July 30,1998.


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