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While in Ohio, I took some pictures of LADD grave markers. What I want to pass on to the group, especially those of you that do cemetery traipsing to get those prized photos of our long-gone kin's markers, is what I learned from a fellow that has been long connected with the Historical Society in Paulding County, Ohio. What he passed on to me was that when I found a marker that has become worn with the ages and the information is still there but almost unreadable with ones own eyes and it will definitely not photograph well, and where ''rubbings" will not give a satisfactory copy either, then here is a remedy that I found did work quite well to make that information stand out. [like night and day] Take along a small can of white* shaving cream and a straight edge. [you might also consider a milk-jug of water and maybe some paper or regular towels for the hands. A small box will work as a tote.]

Squirt/spray a dab of the shaving cream on to the lettering area. [do this carefully, a little goes a long way] Use the straight edge to smooth the cream down over the information. [a wooden paint stir stick works well as the wood does no damage as might a metal one] Scrape away all the excess and what remains will fill in the lettering depressions quite nicely.

I took a before and after picture of the two markers and the results are outstanding. As you can see from the included photos. You can then use water to clean off the cream or just leave it to weather off; it will not damage the marker.


                     Submitted by Donald Ladd
Oct 20, 2002 

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