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LADDS in Eleham, England
In the records of the Church of Eleham were found by Doctor Maynard Ladd in 1893, the following names:

John Ladd, Church Warden 1608.
John Ladd, baptized Dec, 1566.
Nicholas Ladd, bapitzed  October 10, 1567.
Thomas Ladd and Sara Penfolde, m. Jan 19, 1602
Thomas Ladd was buried November 28, 1570.
Alice Ladde was baptized may 12, 1570.
Sara Ladd was baptized September 7, 1575.
Silvester, the daughter of Thomas Ladd, son of Simon of Mount, in Borwyck Manor, was baptized December 14, 1603.
Joan, the daughter of Thomas Ladd, the son of Simon of Mount, was baptized Febuary 23, 1606.
Simon, son of thomas Ladd, baptized November 6, 1608.
Thomas Ladd, Church Warden, 1608.

submitted by: Misty Flannigan

The Carolina Genealogist

Letters remaining at the Pendleton Post office by Joseph Grisham Postmaster -

Sept. 30, 1820. .................. Amos Ladd.....

Note: Believe this Amos s/o Noble & Judith ( Dameron) Ladd who had moved to


Vol. 14, No. 35

Wednesday, Feb. 7, 1821

Sheriff Richard Tarrant will sell in March the following property:

..............Stock and furniture of Joseph Chapman at suit of John Ladd.

Note: This is the father of Mary (Polly) Chapman who m. William C. Ladd.

Vol. 15, No. 28

Wednesday, Jan. 2, 1822

Appointments for Pendleton District: .............Justice of the Peace

........... John Ladd for Amos Ladd resigned.

Note: Believe that the Amos who resigned was s/o Noble & Judith (Dameron)

Ladd of Stokes county, N.C. - John was their son. submitted by: Charles Ladd

Precinct Birthplace Reg. ------Naturalization---

District Surname Given name Age Address Date Code Date Location

D1 P08 Ladd Hubert 60 NY 1017 10th 13 Sep

This is an interface to the 1890 Great Register of Sacramento County, CA. It was transcribed and edited by Verna L.

Benedict, formatted and prepared for printing by Jean T. Gillett, and published by the Genealogical Association of Sacramento.

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Maine Legislative Indexes 1851-1855. Subjects Beginning with "L".

Courtesy of the Maine State Archives

Subject: Ladd, Martha Jackson to Martha Jackson

Description: An Act to change the name of certain personsYear: 1851

Type: PS Ch 22Access #: 258-22Subject: Ladd, Reuben

Description: Report on the Petition of Reuben Ladd that he may be

set off from Vienna and annexed to Mount VernonYear: 1854Type: GY

Access #: 233-34Subject: Ladd, Reuben

Description: Report on the Petition of Reuben Ladd that a part of his

farm be set off from Vienna to Mount VernonYear: 1852Type: GYAccess #: 220-38