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LADD: See also Horace Ladd Moore.

Ladd, Edwin Freemont (1859-1925) Born in Starks, Maine, December 13,
1859. U.S. Senator from North Dakota, 1921-1925. Died in Johns Hopkins
Hospital, Baltimore, Md., June 22, 1925. Interment at Glenwood
Cemetery, Washington, D.C. (See also his congressional biography.)

Ladd, Emmor O. (1853-?) Born in Old Mission, Mich., January 5, 1853.
Member of Michigan state house of representatives, 1919-. Burial
location unknown.

Ladd, George Washington (1818-1892) Born in Augusta, Maine, September
28, 1818. U.S. Representative from Maine 4th District, 1879-1883. Died
in Bangor, Maine, January 30, 1892. Interment at Mount Hope Cemetery,
Bangor, Maine. (See also his congressional biography.)

Ladd, Herbert Warren (1843-1913) Born October 15, 1843. Governor of
Rhode Island, 1889-1890, 1891-1892. Died November 29, 1913. Burial
location unknown.

Ladd, Nathaniel (1805-?) Born in Vermont, December 20, 1805. Member of
Michigan state senate 3rd District, 1855-1856. Burial location

Ladd, Samuel T. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from New
Hampshire at-large, 1936. Burial location unknown.

Ladd, Scott M. Justice of Iowa state supreme court, 1897-1920. Burial
location unknown.

Ladd, William Spencer Justice of New Hampshire state supreme court,
1870-1876. Burial location unknown.
Submitted by: Janet Newell Dec 28, 1999

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