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In 1960, when Ray and I visited Dexter, Mo, in an effort to find out about 
our Ransom, we stopped by the home of Vida Oliver, daughter of Robert Lee 
Ladd, youngest son of Ransom and Jane Neal Gaines Ladd.  She told us the 

About 1947 a large black Cadillac drove up in front of Robert's home.  A 
number of Indians from Oklahoma emerged and went to the door.  They wanted to 
talk to Robert about a inscribed stone that their ancesters had left in the 
campground located there when they were moved to Oklahoma as part of the 
annexation of Native Americans.  Robert took the men to the area that had 
been the Ladd farm (also the Sagamore campground). They looked for the stone 
that was supposed to have had an inscription pointing to a hidden treasure.  
They did not find it in any of the fields.  As they were talking in the 
barnyard, one of them noticed it in the foundation of the barn.  That ended 
the search.

Since then, an avid Ladd researcher, Nelson Price of Imperial Beach, CA, went 
there with Harry Norman (also a distant cousin and now deceased) to see if 
they could find the stone.  When they arrived at the farm, the barn had been 
raised and was nothing but a pile of rubble, but they found what they thought 
might be the stone.  They sent it to an artifact's expert, but he determined 
that nothing was there.  What happened to the stone?  What happened to the 
hidden treasure?  To my knowlege, no one knows.  The area that was the 
campground in the early 1820s, and the Ladd farm in later times, is still 
being actively farmed.  It is in a beautiful setting outside of Dexter.
Submitted by: Laverne Papworth
Sept 3, 1999
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