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Samuel Geenleaf Ladd


  COUNTY OF KENT, ENGLAND: They owned estate of Bowyck Manor,
Hundred of Lorinsborough, Parish of Eleham, before the time of
Henry VI.  The Prerogative of Caterbury.

  Thomas Ladd was in possession of this estate in 1515.
  Vincent Ladd died in possession in 1563.
  Sylvester Ladd was in possession in 1601, and died December 14, 1603.
  Sylvester Ladd married into the family of Nethersole.
  There was only one family of Ladds previous to the Seventeeth Century.
  In 1730 John Ladd, direct descendant, was created Baronet by King 
George II.  The baronetcy was extinct in the next generation.

    Or: a fess wavy, between three scallops, sable.
    Crest: a panther's face, sable, spotted.
    Or: Motto, "Constant et ferme."

*Vide History of Kent, by W.H. Ireland, p. 199; History of Kent, by
Hasted, Vol. II. p. 815; Berry's Genealogies of Kent, p. 342; Sussex
Genealogies, p. 242; Burk's History of Genelogies, p. 184.
Ladd Genealogy SAMUEL GREENLEAF LADD's first ancestor in American was DANIEL LADD, who came to New England with his wife ANN LADD and arrived in the ship Mary and John, of London, England. March 24, 1633-4, at the port of Boston. They settled first at Ipswich, Mass. They subsequently became original settlers of Salisbury, Mass., in 1639: and of Haverhill Mass., before 1649. Of their family NATHANIEL (1) was the seventh child, who married Elizabeth Gilman. He died of wounds August 11, 1691, received in fighting Indians at Maquoit, Mass. (afterwards Maine). They had seven children, of whom the first was NATHANIEL (2) Ladd, b. April 6, 1697, at Exeter, New Hampshire. He married Ann Hilton. They had two children, of whom DUDLEY (1), b. March, 1711, married Alice Hurley, December 15, 1748. These had children of whom the sixth was DUDLEY (2) Ladd, b. July 8, 1758, who married Bethia Hutchins, daughter of Gordon Hutchins, who was Captain of the 1st New Hampshire Regiment in the battle of Bunker Hill, and also Lieut-Colonel of the 2d New Hampshire Regiment in the battle of White Plains, N. Y. This DUDLEY LADD was a Volunteer to reinforce the Northern Army of the American Revolution in 1777. He died December 23, 1841. Of their thirteen children, SAMUEL GREENLEAF was the oldest of five sons and was born April 14, 1784, and died May 03, 1863. ***NOTE'S BY MISTY*** In paragraph 2, (NATHANIEL (2) Ladd, b. April 6, 1697) the 1967 is cross out in pencil and 1674 is written in.
The next line, (He married Ann Hilton.) The (He) is crossed out and above
written in pencil is His son Nathaniel. AMERICAN ANCESTORS OF
His maternal ancestry included two of the earliest New England families, HUTCHINS and STONE. GORDON HUTCHINS was the son of William Hutchins, who on February 02, 1721, married Bethia Carleton, daughter of Thomas and Elvira Carleton of Exeter, New Hampshire. Bethia Carleton was thus a lineal descendent of Edward and Ellen Carleton of the company of twenty families, who were brought by Ezekiel Rogers from England in December, 1638, and settled in Rowley, Mass., April 30, or May 01, 1639. Edward Carleton was made a freeman in 1642 and was representative of Rowley in the General Court for two years--1646, 1647--according to Town of Rowley 'Records' and 'History of Rowley in the General Court.' GORDON HUTCHINS married DOROTHY STONE, daughter of Ephriam Stone, in Harvard, Mass., who was son of Joseph Stone, whose will is recorded in 'Middlesex Records,' Vol. XV, p. 483; and grandson of Samuel Stone, whose father, Samuel Stone, arrived in Boston from England with Thomas Hooker and John Cotton. BETHIA HUTCHINS was born August 29, 1765, and married DUDLEY LADD. Of their thirteen children SAMUEL GREENLEAF LADD was the oldest, born April 14, 1784. Lieut-Colonel Hutchins was representative of the Provencial Congress from Concord, New Hampshire, which was held in New Hampshire in 1777. The ADAMS ancestry of CAROLINE DE OLIVIER VINAL--wife of SAMUEL GREENLEAF LADD, is as follows, according to Savage's 'Genealogical Directory, Vol. 1: HENRY ADAMS was the English ancestor, and was born 1626 in England. He married Abagail Baxter, November 26, 1650. Of their children were JOSEPH ADAMS (2), b. 1654, and JOHN ADAMS, a twin, b. December 03, 1661, who was the third son of a large family. This John Adams left Braintree and went to sea and is known as Captain John Adams, residing in Boston. He married twice. His first wife was Hannah, daughter of Christopher Webb. Their children were (1) Hannah, b. January 24, 1685; (2) John, b. September 27, 1687; (3) Samuel, b. May 06, 1689. This SAMUEL ADAMS was deacon of a Boston church and married Mary Fifield, only daughter of Richard Fifield, living on Purchase St., Boston. Their son, SAMUEL, b. September 22, 1722, was the illustrious Governor of Massachusetts and Patriot of the American Revolution. JOHN ADAMS, son of Captain John and Hannah Adams, b. September 27, ?1927, was a merchant of Boston and married Susanna Hoppin, daughter of Micholas and Susanna Hoppin, August 28, 1729. They had two children: John, b. May 15, 1731, and Margaret, b. April 13, 1733.* This JOHN ADAMS married MARY OLIVER, daughter of Daniel Oliver and Bethaia Fiske, and born May 24, 1745.+ Their daughter SUSANNA ADAMS, baptized August 01, 1773, married John Vinal, Jr., April 18, 1793. This makes Captain John Adams above, grandfather to Samuel Adams, Governor and Patriot, and also to John Adams, who married Mary Oliver; and great grandfather to Susanna Adams, who married John Vinal, Jr. Comparative lineage of John Adams, President of ___________________ *Vide Brattle Square Church Records, p. 189, and 'Boston Marriages for 1729, p. 149. +Vide 'Boston Marriages,' p. 147; 'Boston Births,' City Doc. p. 200; and Brattle Square Church Records of baptisms of their children, p. 189. page-12 the United States, being descendent from Joseph (2), brother of Captain John Adams; was second cousin to Samuel Adams, Patriot: PRESIDENT JOHN ADAMS' line of descent started from Joseph (2) married to a second wife, Hannah Bass, daughter of John Bass and Ruth Alden Bass, who had a son, Joseph (3), b. 1689 and d. February 12, 1736; also a son JOHN, who made deacon of Braintree church, May 11, 1747, and d. May 25, 1767. He married Susanna, daughter of Peter Boylston, and was father of (1) JOHN ADAMS President of the United States, b. 1735; (2) Captain Peter Boylston Adams, b. 1738, and (3) Captain Elisha Adams, b. 1741. PRESIDENT JOHN ADAMS, married Abagail Smith, and their children were (1) Abagail, (2) John Quincy, (3) Charles, (4) Susanna, (5) Thomas Boylston. page-13 THE FAMILY OF SAMUEL GREENLEAF LADD AND HIS WIFE SAMUEL GREENLEAF LADD married CAROLINE DE OLIVIER VINAL October 03, 1815. There were eleven children born of this marriage, all in Hallowell: 1. Mary Caroline, b. August 21, 1816, d. October 7, 1857.* 2. Samuel Greenleaf, b. April 13, 1818, married and d. unknown date.* 3. Francis Dudley b. May 20, 1820, d. July 07, 1862.* 4. Ellen Susanna, b. February 19, 1822, d. June 25, 1895.* 5. Julia Maria, b. August 16, 1824, d. January 21, 1882.* 6. Theodore, b. November 20, 1826, d. ______, 1913.* 7. Anna Louisa, b. November 18, 1829, d. August 14, 1898.* 8. Martha Augusta, b. September 01, 1831, d. March 29, 1926.* 9. Charlotte Sewall, b. January 08, 1834 d. September, 1917.*
Pg 13
10. Henry Walter, b. March 24, 1836, d. January 22, 1848. 11. Horatio Oliver,* b. August 31, 1839, d. _____ Marriages, nine: 1. Fairbanks, Horatio W.* 3. Rose, Caroline* 4. Welles, Henry H.* 5. Titcomb, Lewis H.* 6. Crider, Mrs. Sarah* 7. Fillebrown, James S.* 8. Dana, Erastus F.* 9. Rose, Robert H.* 10. 11. Abbott, Harriett Vaughan* Vinal Genealogy of CAROLINE DE OLIVER VINAL the wife of SAMUEL GREENLEAF LADD: Her mother was Susanna Adams who married John Vinal, Jr., the father of whom was JOHN VINAL, Esq., of Boston, Magistrate, the son of Elijah Vinal and Elizabeth Ellis. ELIJAH VINAL was the son of Stephen and Anna Vinal of Scituate, Mass., who when a widow ________________ *From his family Bible and other records.
Pg 15 came in 1636 with three children.* Of the five children of Elijah Vinal and Elizabeth Ellis, John Vinal was the last, and born May 30, 1736. He married Ruth Osborne January 03, 1760. They had four children. Of these was: John Vinal Jr., b. March 18, 1761. He died September 21, 1823. He married Susanna Adams April 18, 1793. Their first child was named Mary Oliver and their third child was Caroline de Olivier Vinal, who married Samuel Greenleaf Ladd. She was born at Watertown, Mass., December 04, 1797, and died at Kingston, Pa., August 09, 1872. _______________ *Vide Dist. of Scituate, Plymouth Co., Mass., by Rev. Samuel Dean. reprinted in 1899. Their family estate in england is still main- tained in eastern Sussex County--Vinal Hall Mansion and Park.
Pg 17 Oliver (Olivier); Sigournais HUGUENOT FRENCH ANCESTORS Susanna Adams was the daughter of John Adams and Mary Oliver who was the daughter of Daniel Oliver, b. March 20, 1719, and married December 29, 1744, and Bethia Fisk, b. August 01, 1729, daughter of Lieutenant Ebenezer Fisk, b. September 12, 1692, and d. December 19, 1776, at Lexington, Mass. Daniel Oliver (Olivier) was the son of Antoine Oliver (Olivier), who married Mary Sigourney (second wife) the daughter of Andrais Sigournais, Constable of France, the first military official next to the Crown.* The children of Daniel Oliver and Bethia Fisk were: (1) Mary, b. November 24, 1745 (2) Bethia, b. July 19, 1747 (3) Daniel, b. March 30, 1750 (4) Ebenezer, b. 1752 (5) William, b. ____ Ebenezer was a prominent merchant in Boston. He left in his will, on record in Boston Probate Court, a legacy "to his niece." "Susanna (Sukey) Adams," the payment of which should continue to her death. ________________ *Vide Records of Oxford, Mass., by Freeland, in the Cambridge, Mass. Library. Also, The Lexington, Mass., History, p. 71, and the 'Town Records.'
Pg 18 II Biographical Notes GENERAL LADD came as a young man from Concord, New Hampshire to Hallowell, Maine, where he founded and maintained a large hardware establishment and stove manufactory. It was his life-long business. After the separation of Maine from Massachusetts, in 1819, he was the second to hold the office of Adjutant-General of the State of Maine. He held this office for two terms and during that time organized the militia of that state. In the War of 1812-1814 he was Captain of a militia company from Kennebec County, which marched to Wiscasset for its defense. He was a member of the Congregational Church of Hallowell, when he married Caroline Vinal. All his children, eleven, were born there. He moved from Hallowenn in 1840 to Farmington, Maine, thence to Auburn, Maine, and last to Brunswick, Maine, where in a few years his home was broken up and with his wife he went to live in Kingston, Pennsylvania with his daughter Ellen and her husband, Rev. Henry H. Welles, D. D., until his death. EPHRAIM STONE, son of Joseph Stone, of Lexing-
Pg 19 ton, Mass., and grandson of Samuel Stone, lived in Harvard, Mass.* GORDON HUTCHINS lived with his wife, Dorothy, daughter of Ephriam Stone, in the house still standing in Harvard, Mass. HENRY ADAMS, born in England 1604, the ancesfor of the Braintree, Mass., family was a Puritan emigrant who came from Flore, North Hampshire, England. The Adams cottage owned by Charles Francis Adams and some other citizens of Boston was within a few miles of Sulgrave Manor, the ancestral home of George Washington. From that section came to America the ancestral families of Benjamin Franklin, William Penn, and Henry W. Longfellow.+ GORDON HUTCHINS.++ He raised a company and was commissioned captain of the same May 23, 1775, by the Committee of Public Safety at Exeter, N. H. It was attached to the 1st N. H. command under General Stark at Bunker Hill battle; occupied with other N. H. troops, a position behind the rail __________________ *Vide his will in Middlesex Records, Vol. XV, p. 483. +Vide recent Boston Transcript, New York Correspondent, Novenber 08, 1926. ++Vide Hertman's Historical Register, Officers of Continental Army, p. 236; New Hanmpshire Provincial Papers, Vol. VII. pp 588-599, Vol III. p. 339; Frothingham's History of the Seige of Boston, p. 404; Bruton's History of Concord; Autobiography of Levi Hutchins, youngest son of Gordon Hutchins, Private Edition, p. 137-138. M. B. Fairbanks, Genealogist.
Pg 20 fence, where the flower of the British Regulars were repulsed. Captain Hutchins was slightly wounded in this battle; was commissioned Lieut.- Col. of Col. Nahum Baldwin's Regiment, 2d N. H., September 17, 1776; fought at battle of White Plains October 28, 1776; chosen representative from Concord to Provencial Congress, N. H., March 04, 1777, and while a member of Congress took an active part in measures relative to the battle of Bennington. JOHN VINAL,* Matistrate, and his first wife RUTH OSBORNE, lived in Boston on Beacon Hill. Their house was next to that of John Hancock. Their chldren were John, William and Ruth. Jane Vinal and some others of the later children lived at 27 Charles Street, Boston.+ He was twice married. John Vinal, magistrate's wife, Ruth Osborne, was niece to General Austin. Her portrait was painted by Blackburne. Vinal Haven, Maine, was named for John Vinal Esq., a land owner, to a large extent, of that island. There is also a valuable portrait of John Vinal, the magistrate, extant. The Vinal inscriptions in Granary Burial Ground, ___________ *Vide Boston City Doc. 101, p. 34, Number 43, pp. 302, 305, 307; Boston Marriages, 1700-1800. John Vinal's family burials were in King's Chapel Burying Ground and thus recorded. +Vide Deed of sale in Probate Court with names of heirs.
Pg 21 Boston, Mass., Vinal lot numbers 185, 42-128, 200, 21, 32, 32-200: September 21, 1823, John J., d. age 61--185 Granary. March 29, 1814, Ruth, d. age 70--42 Granary. February 01, 1835, Miss Elizabeth, d. age 90--128 South ground. January 11, 1836, Elizabeth, d. age 55--200 Granary. December 18, 1823, John Vinal, d. age 90--21 Chapel. September 21, 1821, Sarah Vinal, d. age 44-- 32 Granary. January 21, 1821, William Vinal, d. age 59--32 Granary. July 03, 1835, Jane O., d. age 65--200 Granary. Members of General Ladd's family in the Civil War: From Maine, Lieut-Col. J. S. Fillebrown for whole war; from Minnesota, Major Robert H. Rose, Civil War and Indian Campaigns: from New York City. Theodore Ladd, three months; from Philadelphia. Rev. Francis D. Ladd, Christian Commission Chaplain at Fair Oaks, Va., was the first one to die in its service in the Civil War; from Connecticut, Rev. Horatio O. Ladd, Chaplain six weeks at Norfold and Suffolk, Virginia, 1863.
Pg 22 Ladds in Eleham, England In the records of the Church of Eleham were found by Doctor Maynard Ladd in 1893, the following names: John Ladd, Church warden, 1608. John Ladd, baptized December, 1566. Nicholas Ladd, baptized October 10, 1567. Thomas Ladd and Sara Penfolde, m. Jan. 19, 1602. Thomas Ladd was buried November 28, 1570. Alice Ladde was baptized May 12, 1570. Sara Ladd was baptized May 06, 1574. Rihard Ladd was baptized September 07, 1575. Silvester, the daughter of Thomas Ladd, son of Simon of Mount, in Borwyck Manor, was baptized December 14, 1603. Joan, the daughter of Thomas Ladd, the son of Simon, son of Thomas Ladd, baptized February 23, 1605. Thomas Ladd, Church Warden, 1608. Thomas, son of Thomas Ladd, baptized November 17, 1610.
Pg 23 Marriage of Thomas and Fryzwithe Grove, July 08, 1589 (first wife). Marriage of John Chaplin and Joan Ladd, 1586. Marriage of Thomas Ladd and Amy Franklin 1617 (second wife). Thomas Ladd, buried March 28, 1585. Nicholas Ladd, a youth, buried October 29, 1596 Pg 24

A Genealogical Record of Adjutant General Samuel Greenleaf Ladd

and Caroline De Olivier Ladd
Tennesee State Library

Submitted by Misty Ladd Flannigan
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