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Samuel Addison WALKER

Father: Samuel A. G. WALKER
Mother: Francis A. DANTZLER

Family 1: Catherine Missouri COLEMAN
  1. Nellie Mae WALKER
  2. Veto Cleveland WALKER
  3. William Wesley WALKER
  4. Nancy Frances WALKER
  5. Annie Leigh WALKER
  6. John Samuel WALKER
  7. Maud Elliot WALKER
  8. Stella Pearl WALKER
  9. Susie Gertrude WALKER
  10. Lucian Rush WALKER
  11. Alfred Coleman WALKER

                        _Thomas WALKER __________
 _Samuel A. G. WALKER _|
|                      |_Nancy Agnes _____ ______
|--Samuel Addison WALKER 
|                       _Jacob Barnett DANTZLER _
|_Francis A. DANTZLER _|
                       |_Susannah RUSH __________



He was struck and killed by the "fast mail" train as it sped through Hackleburg. Ad, as he was known to his friends, saw that his father was on the train tracks and would be killed, so he pushed his father out of the way, losing his own life in the process.

He was a member of the Methodist Church

Poem on tombstone reads: "A precious one from us has gone / A voice we loved is stilled / Which never can be filled. / God in his wisdom has recalled / The boon his love had given / And though the body slumbers here / The soul is safe in heaven.

Wedding was performed by W. W. Frederick, Methodist Preacher

Newspaper Article:
Ad Walker Killed
At Hackleburg on last Saturday evening the fast mail train of the Illinois Central Railroad struck and killed S. A. Walker, one of the leading citizens of Marion county. It seems that Sam Walker, father of the deceased, was standing on the railroad track as the train approached, and his son, seeing his dangerous position, endeavored to push him out of the way of the train and in doing so placed himself too close to the front of the engine and was struck by it and his back broken. Mr. Walker lived only about 30 minutes after hurt, and did not speak after the accident. Mr. Walker was held in the highest esteem by all who knew him, and was a man of many noble traits of character. He leaves a large family, most of his children being small. To the bereaved family The News extends its sympathy in this hour of their sudden bereavement.

Another newspaper article (perhaps a letter to the editor): Mr. Add Walker was born near Thorn Hill, Ala. in this county, on the 2nd day of Sept. 1862. He spent his life in this county, laboring in behalf of his family and the community in which he lived. Mr. Walker was devoted to doing good works; he was always found on the right side of all moral questions; he was always found doing that which was to the upbuilding of the community in which he lived. He joined the M. E. Church when he was 14 years old and has lived a devoted Christian ever since. He was married to Miss Catherine M. Coleman, daughter of Rev. J. M. Coleman, on the 10th day of January, 1883. He was always kind hearted and generous to his wife and children. He never provoked his children to wrath, but brought them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. He, as a servant of, Christ, doeth the will of God from the heart; he wore the armor of God, therefore he was able to stand against the wiles of evil. Above all things, he wore the shield of faith, wherefore he was able to quiet all the [fiery darts] of the wicked. He was found steadfastly in prayer and supplication in spirit. He was always filled with a good word of cheer for any one who met him. All who knew him learned to love him. He always walked in the admonition of the Lord, thereby he served as a living light for his children and associates to profit by. He was perfectly abstinent from the indulgence of strong drink. He was temperate in all things [which] was a good example for his bereaved family and sorrowing freinds to follow. The greatest consolation for bereaved ones left on this sinful earth is to know that their beloved ones who have departed from this earth have lived such consecrated lives that they rest sure of the promise that they have, "to inherit eternal live," in the shining portals above. After knowing of the devoted Christian life that Mr. Walker has led his family should be comforted to think that he has inherited life eternal on the right hand of God in heaven, and to know that if they live up to their duties as Christians they will meet him in the sweet by-and-by. He proved [a] blessing to his family and the community in which he lived. He [has] a wife and eight children who are left to mourn his death. Before his death he and his family were always [found] in perfect, thereby living in peace and happiness. His family is admirable, generous and kind hearted, thereby exemplifying the admonition and generosity of Mr. Walker. Wherefore the bereaved family has a host of kind-hearted friends and many relatives who are always ready and willing to aid in comforting them in times of disappointment and sorrow. We know much availeth in prayer, so the family of the deceased has the heart [___] sympathy and earnest prayers [___] Christian people, whereby [____ will] be comforted by our [____ who] is in heaven.
Hackleburg, Ala.

Obituary from newspaper:
S. A. Walker

On last Saturday evening, February 5, 1910, as the fast mail train came gliding swiftly along it brought the death angel to Hackleburg, claiming for its victim S. A. Walker. Mr. Walker was trying to save the life of his father. While he saved his father he was struck by the iron horse, knocked from the track and killed. Mr. Walker was a true Christian gentleman. He had been a faithful member of the Methodist church for over twenty years. It might well be said of him that he was truly devoted to his God, his church, his family and to the cause of education and to the upbuilding of his country. Mr. Walker has left many friends and relatives to weep with his family for to know him was to love him. While we know Hackleburg has lost one of the best, if not the best, men that she had, heaven has one more bright jewel to help to deck her great beauty. The wife has lost a true husband, the children a kind and good father, the church a Christ loving man, and the community has lost [a] great citizen. I would say to his family to weep not, but live as he has taught you ans some sweet day there will be a grand reunion around the throne of God where there is no pain or death, but everlasting joy. Children, if you ever see papa ny more you will have to be good. Burial services were conducted at the home of the deceased by Bro. Foust. Many people were there from far and near to see Mr. Walker for their last time on this earth. Mr. Walker was laid to rest in the cemetery at Cedar Tree, his home church, there to await the resurrection morn.

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