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Father: Moses YOUNG
Mother: Cynthia CANTRELL

Family 1: Elisabeth Jane CANTRELL
  1. Elisha YOUNG
  2. Mills Orman YOUNG
  3. Cinthia YOUNG
  4. Nancy Jane YOUNG
  5. Moses Terrell YOUNG
  6. William Alexander YOUNG
  7. Sarah Ann YOUNG
  8. Manila Tompis YOUNG
  9. John David YOUNG
  10. Jerry H. YOUNG
  11. Berry Martin YOUNG
  12. Mary Catherine YOUNG
  13. Martha E. YOUNG
  14. James Paton YOUNG
  15. Ira Augustus YOUNG

 _Moses YOUNG ______|
|                   |_____________________
|--John B. YOUNG 
|                    _John M. CANTRELL ___
|_Cynthia CANTRELL _|
                    |_Elizabeth CANTRELL _



Marriage occurred in 1850 or early 1851.


The State of Alabama)
Marion County )
I John B. Young declare this to be my last Will and Testament to wit: First. All my debts and funeral expenses shall be fully paid. Second. I give devise and bequeath all the rest residue and remainder of my estate both real and personal to my legal heirs each equally share in the distribution thereof except Sallie Webb the wife of Drew Webb to whom I bequeath to her one dollar only as her share. If however, any heirs shall be indebted to me at my death the amount of his or her indebtedness shall be deducted from his or her share of the estate or treated as other indebtedness to the estate. Third. Provided however should I marry my wife shall have an equal share with my heirs. Fourth I hereby nominate M. O. Young and Berry Young as Executors of this Will and I hereby revoke all former wills made by me. In witness whereof I hereby set my hand and seal this day of 1899.
John B. Young
By the request of the above testate who signed and delivered in our presence this to be his last will and testament and we in the presence of each other request our names as thereto Attest
W. F. Clark )
J. W. Palmer )
I W. R. White Judge of Probate hereby Certify that the foregoing was signed in my presents this 27th day of May 1899.
W. R. White
Judge of Probate The State of Alabama )
Marion County )
Office of Judge of Probate
I hereby Certify that the within Instrument was filed in this office for Record on the 5th day of Sept 1899. at 5 O'clock P.M. and duly Recorded in Vol 1. of wills page 54, the 5th day of Sept 1899.
W. R. White
Judge of Probate
Recording fee 40

From "The Winfield Enterprise", January 26, 1899: John B. Young, aged 73, and his son-in-law, Drew Webb, aged 25 to 30, had a fight and Webb used a knife to cut Mr. Young. It is thought that Mr. Young will recover. Mr. Webb is in jail.

Federal Census, Marion County, Alabama, 1860, page 679
Western District, Pikeville
441/450 John B. Young        32 M Farmer     1400/500        TN - - 1
        Elizabeth J. Young   30 F Doms.                      SC - - -
        Elisa                 8 F                            AL - 1 -
        Miles O.              7 M                            AL - 1 -
        Cinthia               5 F                            AL
        Nancy                 4 F                            AL
        Moses                 3 M                            AL
        Wm. A.             9/12 M                            AL

Federal Census, Marion County, Alabama, 1870
Western District, Pikeville
15/15 Young, John B.     42 M W Farmer       2000/500  TN
           , Jane        39 F W Housekeeping           AL
      Young, Listha      18 F W                        AL
             Mills       17 M W                        AL
             Syntha      15 F W                        AL
             Nancy       14 F W                        AL
             Moses       12 M W                        AL
             William     10 M W                        AL
             Sallie       7 F W                        AL
             Manila       6 F W                        AL
             John         4 M W                        AL
             Berry        2 M W                        AL
             Mary         1 F W                        AL
             Martha       1 F W                        AL

Federal Census, Marion County, Alabama, 1880
19/19 Young, John B.      W M 52          - / - Farming         TN SC SC
      -----, Elisabeth J  W F 49 wife     - / - Housekeeping    SC SC SC
      -----, Moses T.     W M 22 son      / - - Farming         AL TN SC
      -----, William      W M 20 son      / - - labor on farm   AL TN SC
      -----, Sallie       W F 18 daughter / - - assist mother   AL TN SC
      -----, Manila T.    W F 16 daughter / - - assist mother   AL TN SC
      -----, David J.     W M 14 son      / - - labor on farm   AL TN SC
      -----, Berry        W M 12 son      / - - labor on farm   AL TN SC
      -----, Mary (twins) W F 10 daughter / - - assist mother   AL TN SC
      -----, Martha       W F 10 daughter / - - assist mother   AL TN SC
      -----, James        W M  8 son      / - -                 AL TN SC
      -----, Ira A.       W M  7 son      / - -                 AL TN SC

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