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  ARNOLD, 1587-1898
Related Families:  Peake | Smith | Barker | Dungan | Latham | Hyde | Aldrich
| Burlingame | Dyer | Shields

Migration:  Ilchester, ENG>Providence, RI>Pawtuxet, RI>Warwick, RI>West Greenwich, RI>Jefferson Co., NY>Cass Co., MI


        (1)  William Arnold, born 24 June 1587 in Ilchester, England, died 1675 in Providence, Rhode Island;  married Christian Peake, born 1583 in England.


  1. Stephen, mentioned below
  2. Elizabeth, born 23 November 1611 in England
  3. Benedict, born 21 December 1615 in England
  4. Joanna, born 27 February 1617 in England


        (2)  Stephen Arnold, born 22 December 1622 in Ilchester, England, died 15 November 1699 in Pawtuxet, Rhode Island.  He became Deputy Governor of the Colony of Rhode Island after Coddington left office.  Stephen married Sarah Smith, 24 November 1646, born 1629, died 15 April 1713, daughter of Edward Smith.


  1. Israel, mentioned below
  2. Esther, born 22 September 1647
  3. Stephen, born 27 November 1654
  4. Elizabeth, born 2 November 1659
  5. Elisha, born 18 February 1662
  6. Sarah, born 26 June 1665
  7. Phoebe, born 9 November 1670


        (3)  Israel Arnold, born 30 October 1649 in Pawtuxet, Rhode Island, died 15 September 1716 in Warwick, Rhode Island, was Deputy Governor of Rhode Island Colony like his father.  He married 16 April 1677 Mary Barker, died 19 September 1723, daughter of James Barker, Governor of Rhode Island and Barbara Dungan, who was granddaughter of Lewis Latham, falconer to King Charles I, and of royal descent.


  1. Elisha, mentioned below
  2. Israel, born 18 January 1677/1678
  3. William, born 1681/1687
  4. Stephen
  5. James, born 1689
  6. Joseph, died 9 March 1718
  7. Josiah, born 1694
  8. Mary
  9. Sarah
  10. Barbara; married Benjamin Carpenter


        (4)  Elisha Arnold, born about 1683, died 23 December 1748 probably in Warwick, Rhode Island, buried in between Centerville and Apponaug, Rhode Island; first married Patience Hyde, daughter of Joseph Hyde and Mercy Aldrich.  Elisha married second Hannah Carpenter, daughter of Timothy Carpenter & Hannah Burton, 9 December 1709, died 24 March 1711.

Children of Elisha and Patience Arnold:

  1. James, mentioned below
  2. Mary, born 11 June 1712; married John Matteson, 24 July 1729
  3. Elisha, born 25 November 1713,
  4. Joseph, born 2 March 1716, died After 1740; married Elizabeth, died after 1740
  5. Nathaniel, born 15 September 1717
  6. Israel, born 15 May 1721
  7. Thomas, born 25 May 1724
  8. Hannah, born 24 March 1727
  9. John, born 27 April 1731
Child of Elisha and Hannah Arnold:
  1. William, born 11 April 1710


        (5)  James Arnold, born 30 September 1719, died 3 December 1777 probably in Warwick, Rhode Island;  married 3 December 1740 Freelove Burlingame, born 7 July 1725, died 1804 in Warwick, Rhode Island.  The will of Freelove, made April 1804, gives each of her grandchildren six cents, expecting they would add to it to buy a cow; to several of her sons she gave twelve cents each towards buying a horse; to daughters, eight cents each.


  1. Gideon, born 14 September 1741 in Warwick, Rhode Island
  2. Martha, born 1 April 1743 in Warwick, Rhode Island
  3. Hannah, born 31 July 1744 in Warwick, Rhode Island
  4. James, born 21 December 1745, died 13 October 1793; married Elizabeth, born about 1723, died 11 August 1811
  5. Elizabeth, born 17 January 1747, died 7 June 1753
  6. Eleazar, born 27 October 1748; married 15 March 1772 in East Greenwich, Kent Co., Rhode Island, Anna Dyer
  7. Caleb, mentioned below
  8. Dorcas, born November 1751, died March 1757
  9. David, born 15 July 1753
  10. George, born 20 October 1754
  11. unnamed, born 16 February 1756, died 25 September 1756
  12. Peleg, born 13 April 1757, died 20 March 1761
  13. Waite, born 31 December 1758, died 27 April 1760
  14. Freelove, born 12 July 1760; married Nathan
  15. Reuben, born 5 January 1762; married 2 July 1784 Phoebe Johnson
  16. Simon, born 16 December 1763
  17. Elijah, born 7 March 1769


        (6)  Caleb Arnold, born 28 June 1750 in Warwick, Rhode Island, died before 1803.  He resided in West Greenwich, Rhode Island, He was for many years Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of Kent County.  He married 1 October 1770 Phebe Dyer, born 1742/1751.  She was listed named in her father's will probated 5 April 1760, along with her sister, "Ann Dyre" as being under 18.


  1. Maj. Peleg, born 18 June 1771, died after 3 October 1816.  He resided in Warwick, Rhode Island, The William Arnold Memorial, by Elisha Stephen (1935), indicates that Peleg died in 1816, but he lists children being born as late as 1817, therefore it is possible that an error was made in the book regarding his death date.  Peleg married Deliverance, born 1773, died 3 December 1862.  NOTE: One family's records indicate that Sally (below) was his daughter, but it doesn't appear to have been possible with all available evidence.  Research to determine Peleg's exact relationship to is ongoing.

  2. Children:
    1. Oliver "Zip"
    2. Arteliza, born 1810, died 9 July 1893; she never married.
    3. Waity
    4. Peleg
  3. Robey
  4. Henry
  5. Caleb
  6. Edward, mentioned below


     (7) Edward Arnold, born about 1770 in West Greenwich, Kent Co., Rhode Island, died probably after 1850 in Miami Co., Indiana; married about 1790 Judith Ellis, born about 1775 in Massachusetts, died bewteen May 1830 and June 1835.  Edward moved to Hancock, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts, where he probably met his wife.  They were enumerated in the census of Herkimer County, New York in 1800, and were living in Penet's Square, town of Orleans, Jefferson Co., New York, by the time the 1810 census was taken.
        Edward's last-born child was Clinton Arnold, born 1825, and though she would have been 50 years old at his birth, Judith was surely his mother, since Judith signed a deed with her husband Edward on 4 May 1830 in Jefferson County.
        After Judith died, Edward moved to Flowerfield, St. Joseph Co., Michigan with his sons Samuel, Caleb, Edward, and Gideon.  He probably died in the home of his daughter Rachel Farrar in Butler Township, Miami Co., Indiana, where he was last enumerated in 1850.


  1. Samuel C., born 1791 in Hancock, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts, died 2 November 1839 in Bertrand, Berrien Co., Michigan; married 31 May 1820 Mary "Polly" Jackson, born about 1804 in New York or Canada, died May 1873 in Huntington, Indiana, daughter of Murray Jackson and wife (?) Ross.
  2. daughter, born about 1792.
  3. Henry, born 17 August 1795 in Hancock, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts, died 12 February 1872 in Pleasanton, Mainstee Co., Michigan; married 22 September 1816 in Brownville, Jefferson Co., New York, Sydney Lucinda Kilborn, born 1796 in Montgomery Co., New York, died after 1879.
  4. Asa, born about 1799 in New York, died 10 November 1883; married Persis Atwood, born about 1798 in Vermont, died 11 May 1884.
  5. son, born 1800 to 1802.
  6. Rachel, born about 1802 in Jefferson Co., New York, died 1864 in Miami Co., Indiana; married Lloyd Farrar, born about 1802 in Jefferson Co., New York, died 1860 in Butler, Miami Co., Indiana.
  7. Caleb, born 1804 in New York, died 5 October 1849 in Marcellus, Cass Co., Michigan; married about 1824 in New York, Sarah "Sally" Ross Jackson, born about 1809 in New York, died 16 February 1859 in Marcellus, Cass Co., Michigan, daughter of Murray Jackson and (?) Ross.
  8. daughter, born between 1800 and 1810 in New York.
  9. Hiram, born 14 July 1808 in Brownville, Jefferson Co., New York, died 28 July 1892 in Kalamazoo, Michigan; married 16 October 1831 in Brownville, Betsey Woodbury Massey, born 1811 in New York, died 17 August 1879 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, daughter of Edward Massey.
  10. Gideon, born between 1814 and 1818 in Brownville, Jefferson Co., New York, died 2 August 1863 at Camp Nelson, Kentucky; married 1 January 1841 in Flowerfield, St. Joseph Co., Michigan, Mary Anne Conklin, born 1823 in New York.
  11. Edward, born 8 March 1817 in Jefferson Co., New York, died 13 November 1856 in Glenwood, Mills Co., Iowa; married 4 September 1842 in Flowerfield, St. Joseph Co., Michigan, Mary Stocking, born 23 Febryary 1819 in Noew York, died 28 October 1856 in Glenwood, Iowa, probably a daughter of Rubin Stocking.
  12. Sally, born about 1822 in New York, died between July 21 and December 31st 1898, probably in Stone Mills, town of Orleans, Jefferson Co., New York, or at the home of her son, Alton, in Alex Bay, whom she was living with during the last summer of her life.  She is buried in Omar Cemetery, town of Orleans, Jefferson Co., New York.  She married before 1846 John Shields, a farmer, born 1815/1818 in England, died 1888 probably in Stone Mills, town of Orleans, Jefferson Co., New York, buried in Omar Cemetery, town of Orleans, Jefferson Co., New York
    Her identity as daughter of Edward Arnold rests on a variety of facts. No birth record has been located for Sally, no death certificate exists in Albany, New York, she was not named in any known wills, nor was an obituary published for her.  However, Edward's houshold was known to have increased by one infant girl between the 1820 and 1825 censuses. In the 1880 census, Sally reported that her father was born in Rhode Island and her mother born in Massachusetts; that profile fits no other Arnold family in Jefferson County at the time of her birth, and it is the same profile reported by Edward & Judith's other children that year, (Asa reported Edward as born in MA, and Clinton reported mother born in NY--all others including Sally reported Edward from RI and Judith from MA). Sally's choice of the names Edward and Hiram for two of her sons also links her to Edward's family.
  13. Clinton, born 20 March 1825 in Jefferson Co., New York, died 10 February 1906 in Elkart Co., Indiana, according to his death certificate; married Mary Ann Spaulding, born 1826 in New York, daughter of Henry and Lucy Spaulding.


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Note: Details of Edward Arnold and his descendants, except Sally Arnold, were quoted from "Some Descendants of Edward Arnold of Jefferson County, New York," by Richard Alan Reinhardt of Carmel, California, published in the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine, 53:4, Summer 1990 & 54:1, Fall 1990.