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Lineage: Priscilla4, Joseph3, John2, John1

   BAILEY, c.1660-aft.1749
Related Families: Emery | Putnam | Prince | Walcott

Migration:  England>Pemaquid, ME>Newbury, MA>Colchester (Salisbury), MA>Salem Village (Danvers), MA

        (1)  John Bailey, Sr., born about 1600, one of the earliest of the name to immigrate to New England, is first heard of as being shipwrecked at Pemaquid, (now Bristol), Maine, on 15 August 1635, while a passenger aboard the ship Angel Gabriel, captained by Robert Andrews.  Owing to this terrible experience, he never recrossed the ocean to see his family.
        He came from Chippenham, England, and was a weaver by trade.  He settled first at Newbury, Massachusetts, then just biginning, in the vicinity of Parker River.
        Newbury had been settled two years, when in 1637, the venturesome and wandering spirit of John Bailey, Sr., induced him to plunge further into the forest, and establish a solitary home beyond the Merrimac, near the mouth of the Powow River.
        Here he built his log cabin and taking with him William Scholar as help, settled in solitude and began to fish and cultivate the soil.
        He had a wife, son Robert, and two or more daughters in England.  His son John came with him, and his daughter Johanna either came with him or soon after joined him.
        On an elevated plateau of land, at the easterly side of Bailey's Hill, on the banks of the Merrimac, were in 1899 the ruins of an old cellar.  It was then proven by old deed that there was the homestead lot of John Bailey, Sr., of about 50 acres, triangular in shape, and running to the Merrimac River on the westerly side, and to the Powow on the northerly side.  The theory is that this property at Bailey's Hill was deserted by the immediate descendants of John Bailey, and the cabin built by him left to decay and ruin, until its very existence had passed from the knowledge and memories of the living.  Of these ruins one author wrote:

"An old-time cellar open to the sky,
                         A mere depression with green, grassy slope,
A place of beauty on the hillside high,
                   Are all we have of former toil and hopes."

        John Bailey, Sr., was also a fisherman and the sole right of fishing in the Powow River was granted to him.  It was provided, however, that a certain proportion of the fish taken be given to the town, for in those days fish was an important article of food.
        In the year 1639 began the sttlement of Colchester, afterwards called Salisbury, Massachusetts.  On the lists of names of those who had lots granted to them in the town of Colchester in the first division of land is the name of John Bailey, Sr.
        In the year 1651, John Bailey, Sr., was sentenced by the court to return to England by the next vessel or send for his wife to come over to him, but the order was never obeyed since he died soon after on 3 November 1651.
        His will was proved 13 April 1652.  He gave his home at Salisbury to his son John during his lifetime, then to John III, they paying his widow six pounds if she came over to Newburyland.  He gave to his daughter Johanna and her husband the house and five acres of land which he bought of Mr. Rowell; he gave his son Robert 15 pounds and his daughters ten pounds apiece if they came over to New England and five pounds if they did not.


  1. John, mentioned below
  2. Johanna; married 1640 William Huntington of Amesbury.
  3. Robert, remained in England with his mother and one or more sisters.


        (2)  John Bailey, Jr., born 1613 in England, came to New England with his father in 1635.  He married Eleanor Emery, sister of John and Ann Emery.  He lived in Salisbury for a time, then settled in Newbury, Massachusetts in 1650 on the plain about a quarter mile from Deer Island and opposite Carr Island.


  1. Rebecca, born 1641; married Isaac Brown.
  2. John, born 18 May 1643, died 22 July 1663.
  3. Sarah, born 17 August 1644, died 26 August 1714.
  4. Joshua, died 7 April 1652.
  5. Joseph, mentioned below
  6. James, born 12 September 1650, died 18 June 1707.
  7. Joshua, born 20 February 1652, died 1663.
  8. Isaac, born 22 July 1654, died 26 April 1740.
  9. Joshua, born 20 April 1657; married Elisabeth Putnam, and had no children.
  10. Rachel, born 19 October 1662.
  11. Judith, born 13 August 1665, died 20 September 1668.


        (3)  Joseph Bailey, born 4 April 1648 in Newbury, Massachusetts, died 23 October 1723; married Priscilla Putnam, daughter of Capt. John Putnam and Rebecca Prince of Salem Village (now Danvers), Essex Co., Massachusetts.  They moved to Arundel (near Bristol), Maine in 1700, and returned to Massachusetts in 1703.  Priscilla died 16 November 1704 and was buried in Wardsworth Cemetery, Danvers.  Joseph married second widow Sarah Sawyer on 27 November 1707.  He went again to Arundel, Maine, and was there killed by Indians on 23 October 1723.

Children of Joseph Bailey and Priscilla Putnam:

  1. Rebecca, born 25 October 1675.
  2. Priscilla, born 31 October 1676; married Jonathan Walcott of Salem.
  3. John, born 16 October 1678.
  4. Joseph, born 28 January 1681; married Miss Lassells.
  5. Hannah, born 9 September 1683; married Joshua Lassells.
  6. Daniel, born 10 June 1686.
  7. Martha, born 9 June 1688.
  8. Judith, born 11 February 1690.
  9. Lydia, born 25 November 1695; married on 13 May 1715 Daniel Ritter of Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
  10. Sarah, born 14 February 1697, died 1771; married Israel Joclyn.

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SOURCE:  Ellsworth, Abbie F.  Bailey Genealogy, Part Two: Account of John Bailey of Salisbury and Some of His Descendants.  Rowley, Mass.: 1899.