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Lineage: Sarah5, Isaiah5, Isaiah4, Daniel3, John2, Ralph1

  KEELER, c.1613-aft.1880
Related Families:  Rockwell | HoytWhitney | Olmstead | Skidmore | June

Migration: England>Hartford, CT>Norwalk, CT>New Canaan, CT>Ridgefield, CT>Saratoga Co., NY>Elizabethtown, ONT>Oswego Co., NY

        (1) Ralph Keeler, born about 1613 in England and possibly the son of another Ralph who died in Lawford, Essex Co., England, after 1600. Ralph Keeler died 1672 near Hartford, Windham Co., Connecticut. His name is on the Founders' Monument in Hartford. He married second Sarah Howes daughter of Robert Howes of London, England. He and his first wife were parents of:

        (2) John Keeler, born before 1650 in Hartford, Connecticut, died about 1720 in Norwalk, Connecticut.  He married first a daughter of Stephen Beckwith, an early settler of Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.  A Norwalk deed (4:552) dated 14 March 1714/15 gave land to John's son John in return for a quitclaim to the "hoelot that was his grandfather Stepehen Beckwith's."  John married 18 June 1679 Mehitabel Rockwell, born in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.  After John's death, Mehitabel married Zerubbabel Hoyt.
        John was a owner of one of the original home-lot owners of Norwalk.  The town meeting of 20 February 1679 named him among four "masters or overseers of those pounds lieing by five mile river side."  His name appears in a 1694 list of "Persons who are members of town meetings, who have a vote and suffrage in town affairs."  The question of whether to repair and enlarge the meeting house or to build a new one "on the place where John Keeler's barn stands" was considered at a town meeting 9 January 1718/1719.  John represented Norwalk as Deputy to the General Assembly in Hertford in 1698.
        John made his will (Fairfield probate #3556) on 27 February 1718/1719 and it wa sproved 3 May 1720.  It was probated 14 December 1720.  The value of his real estate was set at 161 pounds.  He willed all his real property to his three sons john, David and Daniel, to be equally divided among them after their mother's death.  his four married daughters, Elizabeth Hoyt, Mehitabel Hoyt, Hannah Gregory and Sarah Hoyt, shared 20 pounds and his unmarried daughters, Jemima and Ruth, also shared 20 pounds.  The rest of his moveable estate was left to his wife, Mehitabel, who was named sole executor.
Parents of:

        (3)  Daniel Keeler, born about 1695 in Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut, died about 1764 in New Canaan, Fairfield Co., Connecticut; married about 1730 Hannah Whitney, born 5 November 1707 in Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut. After Daniel's death, she married 2 July 1766 in New Canaan, Samuel Betts of Wilton.
        Daniel was a shoemaker and a weaver and was reportedly the first permanenet settler in New Canaan, buying half interest in a 60 acre tract for 40 pounds in 1745.  His land holdings, which included choice farm land on the "Ridge," grew steadily and he made a wedding present of 55 acres to his oldest son, Daniel, when he married in 1745.
        Daniel made his will on 14 November 1764 (Fairfield Probate #3549), naming his wife Hannah, sons Daniel, John, Joseph, Jeremiah and Isaiah, daughters Lydia, Elizabeth, Hannah, Dorothy and Dinah, and grandson Daniel Riggs.  He named his wife and sons Isaiah and Jeremiah executors.  The will was proved 13 January 1765 and his estate was valued at 465 pounds with 191 pounds in debts.


  1. Daniel, born about 1730
  2. Hannah, born about 1732; married 29 December 1748 Benjamin Bolt, born 26 September 1718
  3. Dororthy, born about 1733; married 20 June 1750 her cousin, Abram Hoyt, born 10 October 1724, died 1788, son of Daniel Hoyt and Elizabeth Keeler, daughter of John and (Me)Hittabel (above).
  4. Isaiah, mentioned below
  5. Lydia, baptized 4 December 1737
  6. Jeremiah, baptized 13 April 1740
  7. Mary, baptized 16 May 1742, died before 14 November 1764 when his fther made his will; married 4 August 1761 her cousin, Joseph Riggs, born 18 May 1738, son of Miles Riggs and Elizabeth Whitney of Stamford, sister of Hannah Whitney (Mary's mother).  Their son, Jonathan, married Esther, daughter of Matthew Keeler.
  8. Dinah, baptized 12 August 1744; married 29 April 1762 in New Canaan, James Canfield, a soldier in the Revoluionary War.  Mary Canfield, of Salem Winchester Co., New York, widow of David Canfield, in her will of 6 June 1783 called James "my adopted son, known by the name of, and commonly called, James Canfield."  She gave to him and Dinah (whom, by her will, she also adopted), the use of all her estate, with remainder to their children, of whom she named nine.
  9. John, born 29 August 1746
  10. Joseph, born 29 August 1746
  11. Elizabeth, baptized 25 December 1748, died 29 July 1822; married 30 March 1768 in Wilton, Samuel Northrop, born 2 February 1746 in Ridgefield, died 29 July 1826, son of John Northrop of Ridgefield and Rebecca Roberts.


        (4)  Isaiah Keeler, baptized 5 October 1735 in New Canaan, Connecticut, where he was a weaver.  On 6 March 1760 in Ridgefield, Connecticut, he married Millicent Olmstead, born 21 March 1742/1743.
        Isaiah's name appears on a list of people who announced on 26 June 1752 their intention of establishing a settlement in upper New York State.  Since Isaiah and Millicent joined the church in New Canaan on 27 August 1766 and had a daughter baptized there in 1769, it is uncertain just when they made the move to Stillwater, Saratoga Co., New York, where they were among the founders of the Stillwater Congregational Church, known as the "Yellow Meeting House."  The church was organized 26 June 1752 in Canaan, Connecticut, and moved to Stillwater in 1762.
        Transcriptions of the the church records of the Stillwater First Congregational Church  made by the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society and published in February 1919 tell the early history of the church and its people:

"At first the building (which had been pre-cut and carried from Connecticut) was erected near the [Hudson] river bank, opposite the mouth of the Hoosick, but it was discovered that the site was on a well-traveled Indian path.  It was then picked up and moved back two miles where it remained until it was demolished in 1935, because of its delapidated condition."
The story of this Yellow Meeting House was told in detail in a Troy newspaper dated 23 January 1935.
        In 1790, Isaiah and Millicent were admonished to "return to the fold" after being scolded for listening to a "criminal" preacher, the Rev. Beriah Kelly, who founded the West (Baptist) Church and weaned away many Congregationalists.  Notes from the records of the Baptist Church indicate that Isaiah complained of Mordecai Sayles' "disorderly walk" on 11 August 1787.  Sayles replied on the same day and the difference was settled 18 August 1787.  Another dispute between the two was settled in March 1788.
        Isaiah, who was 40 year sold when the Revolutionary War broke out, might be the Isaiah Keeler who is named in New York in the Revolution (p.123) as having served in the 13th Regiment, Albany Co. Militia, under Colonels Kahn McCrae and Cornelius Van Veghten.  Isaiah's son Isaiah, Jr. is known not to have been active in the 13th Regiment.
        Isaiah and Millicent probably both died after 1805 in Leeds Co., Ontario, Canada, where he and Millicent were enumerated in the census near their son Isaiah Jr.'s household.


  1. Isaiah, mentioned below
  2. Millicent, baptized 30 June 1765, died 20 November 1837 in Brockville, Ontario, Canada; married in New York, Jehoida Boyce, born 1758 probably in Germany, died 15 September 1835 in Ontario, Canada.  Jehoida served with the American forces during the Revolution.  The family subsequently moved to Elizabethtown, Leeds Co., Ontario, Canada—the same town Millicent's brother Isaiah moved his family to after his Revolutionary War service.  Both Jehoida and Isaiah were Methodist ministers.  (For more information contact Dale Kroeker or Carrie Mackenzie).

  3. Children:
    1. Millicent Boyce, born 5 November 1783 in Schagticoke, Rensselaer Co., New York, died 28 February 1864 in Shavertown, Andes Co., New York; married 23 September 1801 Samuel B. McCabe, born 26 October 1777 in Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey.
    2. Phoebe Boyce, born 1786
    3. Jehoida Boyce, born about 1788
    4. Isaiah Keeler Boyce, (pictured at right), born 21 November 1789, died 17 August 1870; married Mary Ann Howard, born 17 February 1796, died 2 March 1854.
    5. Elizabeth Boyce, born about 1792
    6. Prudence Boyce, born 26 November 1793 in Elizabethtown, Leedes Co., Ontario, Canada, died 18 November 1842 in Ramsey, Leeds co., Ontario, Canada; married Daniel Shipman. They were amongst the first settlers of Shipman's Mills, later named Almonte, near Elizabethtown (modern Brockville), Ontario, Canada. Children:
      1. Sarah Shipman.
      2. Eliza Shipman, born 1812.
      3. Stephen Boyce Shipman, born 1814, died 1852.
      4. Sylvanus Keeler Boyce, born 1817; married Amelia Smythe.
      5. Millicent Boyce Shipman, born 1819, died 1854.
      6. Daniel Harvay Shipman, born 1821.
      7. Catherine Shipman, born 1823, died 1897.
      8. Norman Shipman, born 1826, died 1863.
      9. Deborah Shipman, born 1827.
      10. Samuel McLean Shipman, born 1828, died 1875.
      11. Rachel Alvina Shipman, born 1831, died 1901.
      12. Olive Shipman, born 1833.
      13. a son, name unknown, born 1834.
      14. Jehoida Boyce Shipman, born, 1836.
      15. Birdie Shipman, born 1840.
    7. Elijah Woolsey Boyce, born about 1795
    8. David Goodrich Boyce, born 21 January 1798 in Leeds Co., Ontario, Canada, died 18 August 1857 in Marengo, McHenry Co., Illinois; married 31 May 1820 Delilah Booth, born 27 August 1801 in Leeds Co., Ontario, Canada, died 10 January 1877 in Anamosa, Jones Co., Indiana.  Parents of:
      1. Amos Boyce, (pictured below), born 3 May 1822 in Lynn, Ontario, Canada, died 11 January 1902 in Illinois, where he was a pioneer settler; married 15 February 1843 Eliza A. Gardner.
      2. Eliza Ann Boyce, (pictured below), born 5 September 1830 in Ontario, Canada, died 18 June 1912; married Garrett Albert Barron.

        Eliza Ann Boyce (1830-1912)
        Amos Boyce (1822-1902)
    9. Olive Boyce, born about 1800
    10. Stephen McCabe Boyce, born about 1802 in Leeds Co., Ontario, Canada, died 9 May 1876 in Elizabethtown, Leeds Co., Ontario, Canada; married 1826 Delight Booth, born 10 March 1807, died 5 February 1892 in  Elizabethtown, Leeds Co., Ontario, Canada
    11. Rachel Boyce, born 18 April 1807, died 15 July 1894; married 1 January 1828 Samuel Booth, Jr., born 14 February 1804 in Lynn, Ontario, Canada; married second on 27 October 1844 Hugh Philip Holmes, Jr., born 1808.
  4. Prudence, baptized 22 October 1769; married Henry Bogart of the town of Alexandria, Jefferson Co., New York.  In the 1802 and 1804 censuses of the Town of Yonge, Johnstown District, Ontario, Canada, they were enumerated as living next door to Syvanus Keeler of as yet unknown relation (though probably Prudence's brother, judging from age). Parents of:
    1. David Gutridge Bogert, born 1791 in Canada, died 12 April 1874 in Alexandria, Jefferson Co., New York; married 7 June 1815 in Canada, Esther Benedict, born 1789 in Canada, died 23 April, 1877 in Alexandria, New York.  Parents of:
      1. Mary Bogert, born 14 September 1830 in Upstate New York, died 11 July 1898 in Marquette, Michigan; married 24 March 1849 in New York, Covil Carson June, born 6 September 1825 in Ontario, Canada, died 23 January 1907 in Marquette, Michigan.
  5. Rev. Sylvanus Keeler, born about 1765, died 1825, is tentatively identified as a son of Isaiah & Millicent Keeler, pending further research. Sylvanus was a Methodist minister who resided in Elizabethtown, Ontario, Canada. In the 1802 and 1804 censuses of the Town of Yonge, Johnstown District, of Ontario, he was enumerated as living immediately next door to Henry Bogart, husband of Prudence Keeler, daughter of Isaiah & Millicent (Olmstead) Keeler. Henry & Prudence (Keeler) Bogart had a niece, Prudence (Boyce) Shipman, who named one of her sons "Sylvanus Keeler Shipman"; Henry & Prudence had another niece, Rebecca (Keeler) Slocum (dau. of Isaiah, below), who named one of her sons "Sylvanus Keeler Slocum"—if Rev. Sylvanus was in fact son of Isaiah Keeler & Millicent Olmsetad, then it would be very natural for him to be living next door to his own sister and for his nieces to be naming their children after him, especially since he was siuch a well-loved pillar of the community in his day. Additional supporting evidence includes the fact that Isaiah Keeler Jr. (Prudence Boyce's brother) and Jehoida Boyce (her husband) were also Methodist ministers, just like Sylvanus. Sylvanus married Rhoda Whitney, daughter of John Whitney and Rebecca Morehouse of Ridgefield, Connecticut—the same place where Isaiah Keeler Sr. and Millicent Olmstead were married in 1760. Some sources say that Sylvanus was a son of Prudence's and Isaiah, Jr.'s sister, Millicent (Keller) Boyce, but this was not possible for two reasons: Millicent's children all had the surname Boyce by marriage; and, newspaper accounts indicate that when Sylvanus died in 1825 he was of an old age with white hair, which is unlikley if he were only in his 40's like the rest of Millicent's children at that time. Sylvanus and Rhoda were parents of:
    1. Huldah, born 27 December 1786, died 28 October 1849 in Poweshiek Co., Iowa; married first William Patterson; married second James Patterson; married third David Mallory.
    2. Nancy; married James Purvis.
    3. Calvin, died in Greenbush, Leeds & Grenville Co., Ontario, Canada.
    4. John Whitney, born 7 May 1793 in Greenbush, Leeds & Grenville Co., Ontario, Canada, died 14 October 1865 in Brocville, Leeds & Grenville Co., Ontario, Canada; married 21 October 1816 Lucy Pennock.
    5. Clara, born 14 May 1798, died 12 August 1879 in Kewanee Henry Co., Illinois; married Ralph Warner.


        (5)  Isaiah Keeler, born 1 January 1761 in Norwalk, Connecticut, baptized 7 February 1761 in New Canaan, Connecticut, died 26 October 1852, Mexico, Oswego Co., New York. He married in the spring of 1782/1783, Sarah Skidmore, born 3 June 1765, Stillwater, Saratoga Co., New York, died 25 January 1852, Mexico, Oswego Co., New York.
        On 20 May 1780, Isaiah enlisted for service in the Revolutionary War with the New York Levies.  He joined Capt. John Chipman's Company, Col. Warner's Regiment, at Ft. Edward, New York.  He served in a expeditions to Lake George, Crown Point and Ticonderoga, and took part in scouting parties around Lake George and Lake Champlain.  In September the company was ordered to join its regiment at Ft. Herkimer, which then proceeded to Ft. Stanwix, relieving another regiment.
        During October 1780, a British scouting party from  Canada burned Schoharie and Isaiah was assigned to a party sent out to burn British boats at Salt Point.  In his 1832 pension application, Isaiah testified that an American deserter informed the British of their intention.  Isaiah's party was surrounded by "ten times [our] numbers" and "six of our men were killed and scalped -- of which our lieutenant was one."  Two Americans escaped and the rest of the party (there were 62 in the party) were taken to Montreal as prisoners.  In November 1782, Isaiah was taken to Quebec, put on a the British frigate John and freed at Boston on 28 November "entirely destitute of money or provision and 150 miles from home."  He arrived home 12 December "after suffering everything but death itself."  He received an $80 per year pension starting in 1831.
        Isaiah and Sarah moved to Elizabethtown, West Canada, sometime between 1788 and 1790, where he was a Methodist minister.  He received a crown grant of 100 acres of land on 21 July 1804.  When the War of 1812 broke out, he and his family returned to the U.S. and settled at Mexico, Oswego Co., New York, where he served as a circuit minister for the Methodist Church. According to the Quarterly Meeting Minutes of Elizabethtown, Isaiah left the community without official permission; he was branded a traitor, and after the war some of his land was confiscated as punishment and put up for sale. Isaiah's brother-in-law, Jehoida Boyce declared that he would not bid on the property, but he was accused of telling someone else to buy it, thus, breaking his word, according to the strict Methodist code of conduct in the community.  Jehoida was ordered to confess his "error" before his local Methodist society or be expelled from it; he was nto expelled, so presumably he complied with the order.
        Isaiah and Sarah eventually moved to the Town of New Haven, Oswego County. They are buried in Arthur Cemetery on George Rd, in Mexico.


Administration of the Estate of Isaiah Keeler

Oswego County - Surrogate's Court.
In the Matter of the Administration of the Goods, Chattels and Credits of
Isah Keeler, Deceased.

To James Brown, Surrogate of Oswego County, N. Y.

        The petition of Daniel Keeler of the town of New Haven in the said County, respectfully showeth: That he is the Son of Isah Keeler late of the town of New Haven in said county deceased; That the said Isah Keeler died a natural death and died intestate, as your petitioner verily believes; That your petitioner has made diligent search and inquiry for a will of the said deceased and has not found any, or obtained any information that he left or ever made one: That your petitioner has to the best of his ability estimated and ascertained the values of the personal property of which the said deceased died possessed, and that the same does not exceed in value the sum of fifty dollars: That the said intestate left kindred entitled to his estate whose names are as follows: Mary Kelty, Nathan O. Keeler, Darius D. Keeler, James Keeler, Millicent Dodge, Sarah June and Rebecca Slocum all children of the said deceased and of full age. That the above named persons are all the heirs and next of kin of the said deceased.
        Your petitioner further shows that the said intestate at or immediately previous to his death was an inhabitant and resident of the said county of Oswego: That your petitioner is of full age: That in the opinion of your petitioner it is necessary that administration of all and singular the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased should be granted to some proper person: And your petitioner therefore prays that such proceedings may be had that adminsitration of said good, chattels and credits may be granted your petitioner.

Dated Oswego, this 9th day of March A.D. 1853.
                                                                                                       Daniel Keeler


Source: "Copy of record in possession of Mrs. Chas. E. Wooddell, 555-7th Street, Niagara Fallas, N. Y.," Niagara Falls Chapter, D.A.R. NY Bible & Family Recs. Vol. 44 1938-1939 E thru W, NY G.R.C. Bible

(Photo courtesy of Karen Wise, June 2000)

Children of Isaiah Keeler & Sarah Skidmore:

  1. Isaiah Whitney, born 17 June 1784 at Stillwater, Saratoga Co., died 14 April 1850 in Lockport, Pennsylvania; he was residing at Elizabethtown, Ontario, Canada, when on 10 December 1806 he married, Lucinda Curtis, of the neighboring town of Yonge, the Samuel Wright, Justice of the Peace, officiating. Witnesses to the wedding were borther Nathan O. Keeler and Samuel Judson.
  2. Mary Skidmore, born 4 July 1786 at Ballston, New York, died in May 1853; married first Isaac Patterson and second married Henry J. Kilty. Mary was named in the administration of her father's estate as "Mary Kelty."
  3. Mellicent Olmstead, born 4 June 1788 at Ballston, New York; married Daniel Patterson; married second, Mr. Dodge. Millicent was named in the administration of her father's estate as Millicent Dodge.
  4. Nathan Olmstead, born 17 September 1790 in Elizabethtown, West Canada. Nathan was a witness to his Isaiah's wedding in 1806. He was named in the administration of his father's estate.
  5. Daniel, born 30 May 1793 in Elizabethtown, West Canada, died 5 October 1869; married Hannah M., and they resided in Mexico, Oswego Co., New York. After his father died intestate, Daniel petitioned the Surrogate's Court on 9 March 1853 to have administration of the estate granted to him, and in his petition he named all his living brothers and sisters.
  6. Darius Dunham, born 26 August 1795 in Elizabethtown, West Canada; married 9 March 1818 Arethusa Power.  He was named in the administration of his father's estate. In 1983, a copy of their son Mason Keeler's family Bible was filed at the National D.A.R. Library in Washington, D.C., from which the following list of descendants is compiled.
    1. Elmina P. (at right), born 13 September 1819; married 14 November 1840 to R. H. Spencer. Elmina, a nurse, is one of New York State's heroines of the Civil War; she accompanied the 147th NY Volunteers of Oswego County on their campaigns through many important battles, and at Gettysburg, when all other medical personnel had been captured, she stayed on to tend the sick and dying at the hospital.
    2. Seymour C., born 23 October 1821; married 13 September 1846 to Sophia Gibbon.
    3. Mason Southworth, born 28 December 1824; married 23 December 1846 in "Troy City", New York, Lydia A. Allen.  Throughout their lives they moved back and forth between Troy, New York, Oswego Co., New York, and Canada West.

    4. Children:
      1. George S., born 6 October 1847 in Thorold(?), Canada West.
      2. Mina Elizabeth Keeler, born 9 March 1850 in Troy, New York.
      3. Albert Alonzo Keeler, born 17 September 1852 in Copetown(?), Canada West.
      4. Walter Eugene Keeler, born 18 July 1855 in Loneron(?), Canada West; married 14 October 1883 in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Emma E. Townsend, at her home.
      5. Mason Southworth Keeler, born 29 June 1857 in Troy, New York.
    5. Aura F., born 6  May 1827
    6. Emma F., born 25 September 1829
    7. Mary A., born 1 October 1840
    8. Alma M. Hayes, born 25 November 1834; adopted
  7. Sarah Ann, born 26 March 1798 in Elizabethtown, West Canada, died after 1880 presumably in the town of Alexandria, Jefferson Co., New York; married Peter June, born 1796, died 3 March 1865, Jefferson Co., New York. Sarah was named in the administration of her father's estate. Many of Sarah's & Peter's grandchildren (pictured below) bear strong resemblances to Sarah's more famous niece, Elmina P. (Keeler) Spencer, pictured above.

    Jennie V. June (1857-1924)
    Rosalia June (1853-c.1940)
    Charlie H. June (1855-1931)
  8. Elizabeth, born 13 April 1800, in Elizabethtown, West Canada.
  9. James, born 3 April 1802 in Elizabethtown, West Canada; married Elizabeth Breed. James was named in the administration of his father's estate.
  10. Abigail Ingerson, born 2 April 1804, died 6 April 1804.
  11. Rebecca, born 16 August 1805, died 15 August 1864; married 14 September 1826 Elisha Slocum, born 7 November 1804 in the town of Oppenheim, Fulton Co., New York, died 24 February 1875 in Beaver Township, Newaygo Co., Michigan, son of Jesse Slocum and Elizabeth Burch. Sarah was named in the administration of her father's estate. Children (based on correspondence 11 July 1999 from Doris Ackerman at <dackerman!>):
    1. Sylvanus Keeler Slocum, born 18 August 1827, died 1905; married Jane A. Adams.
    2. Richard C. Slocum, born 1830; married Malana Barnhart.
    3. Elisha C. Slocum, born 1832, died 1879; married 22 July 1854 Orinda Lucinda Barnhart, born 4 September 1838, died 16 February 1902 in Hastings, Michigan.
    4. William Slocum, born 1834; married Martha Pratt.
    5. Charles B. Slocum, born 1837.
    6. George W. Slocum, born 1840, died 1903; married Pauline McReynolds.
    7. Precilla L. Slocum, born 4 April 1842; married John Tidd.
    8. Morley E. Slocum, born 4 March 1845; married Melina CLark.
    9. Marian L., born 2 August 1848.
  12. Priscilla, born 19 June 1808, died in May 1811

Mason & Lydia Keeler's Family Bible  


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