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Lineage: Hannah3, Joseph2, Edward1 | Sarah2, Edward1 | Susannah3, John2, Edward1

  KETCHAM, c.1590-aft.1729
Related Families: Hall | Salmon | Whitney | Richardson
| Mead | Brush | Whitman | Lindall | Olmstead

Triple paternal descent

Migration:  England>Ipswich, MA>Southold, Long Island, NY>Stratford, CT>Hungtington, Long Island, NY>Norwalk, CT


        (1) Edward Ketcham is considered the common ancestor of all by the name in America. He was born about 1590 in England and died in 1655 in Stratford, New Haven County, Connecticut. His estate inventory was taken 19 June 1655. The earliest record of Edward is of his marriage on 22 August 1619 to Mary Hall in the Church of St. Andrew the Great in Cambridge, England. He was declared a freeman in Ipswich, Massachusetts Bay Colony, on 9 March 1636/1637 and a proprietor of the same in 1638.
        He married his second wife Sarah Salmon in Southold, the oldest town on Long Island, where records of his land are recorded as early as 1653. Sarah was the daughter of Christopher Salmon of St. Botolph’s Parish in London, England. After Edward’s death, Sarah married the widower Henry Whitney, but they had no children.

Children of Edward Ketcham and Mary Hall:

  1. Mary, baptized 7 May 1620 St. Andrews the Great, Cambridge, England
  2. John Ketcham, mentioned below
  3. Hester “Chattcham”, baptized 10 April 1626, Holy Trinity Church
  4. Ann/Hannah “Cetham”, baptized 19 October 1628, St. Michael’s
Children of Edward Ketcham and Sarah Salmon:
  1. Sarah Ketcham, born about 1640’s; married Joseph Whitman of Huntington, Long Island, New York.
  2. Rebecca, born about 1645, lived in Danbury, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.
  3. Joseph Ketcham was born circa 1650 at Southold, New York.  He married Mercy Lindall, daughter of Deacon Henry Lindall, on 13 April 1679 at Norwalk, Connecticut.  He died in 1730 at Norwalk, Connecticut.  He married second Sarah before 4 May 1730, the date he left a will.  There were no children from their union.

  4. Children of Joseph and Mercy:
    1. Nathaniel, born 23 January 1679/1680 at Norwalk, Connecticut; married Sarah Wakelee
    2. Sarah, born 19 February 1681/1682 at Norwalk, Connecticut, died before 1730
    3. Hannah Ketcham, born 9 May 1683; married Daniel Olmstead
    4. Elizabeth; married Thomas Gregory; married second Moses Fountain on 13 August 1719
    5. Joseph, born 1686; married Elizabeth Raymond
    6. John, married Ann, born 1689
    7. Samuel, married Sarah Hurlbutt, born 1694
    8. Deborah; married Samuel Clugston, died 1751


(2) John Ketcham, christened 8 September 1622 at St. Andrews Church, Cambridge, England, died in Newtown, Queens Co., New York, before 17 May 1696; married about 1646, Susan Payne, daughter of William Payne.
        John immigrated to Ipswich, Massachusetts Bay Colony, from England. He was "made free at the 2d Session of Salem Cort, the 28: 12 m, 42" on 28 February 1642/1643 at Salem, Massachusetts. In 1646, he purchased several utensils at an auction sale of the estate of Michael Carthrick for 17s at Ipswich.  In 1647, he possessed land at Ipswich adjoining on the west a grant to his father-in-law, William Payne.  In 1648, he subscribed to Major Denison's
Compensation at Ipswich, and he was representative from Ipswich to the Massachusetts Bay General Court at Boston.
        He immigrated before June 1653 to Hashamomack, (later called Southold), Suffolk Co., New York, where on 4 June 1653, he purchased a house and land for 20 pounds from Steven Goodyear of New Haven. In 1657, he was appraiser of the estate of William Salmon, along with William Wells and Barnabus Wines Sr.  He immigrated before 1 December 1659 to Setauket (Brookhaven), Suffolk Co., New York.  At a town meeting on 1 December 1659 at Setauket, a "home lot" was made over to John "Chachum."  He was granted a six acre lot in the "Old Field" and a four acre lot in Setauket in 1661, the same year he was elected Constable.
        On 31 July 1663, he was in a court dispute as follows:

    "Action between William Alburtis pltf and John Citcham defendant. Defendant swears that 'hee to the best of his Memmory he never Gave John alburtis order to winter two swine that was Thomas Martens'"
        John and Susan Payne sold their place at Southold, New York, to Thomas Moore, Sr., on 29 September 1666.
John was named Patentee of Huntington on 30 November 1666.  He immigrated in 1668 to Newtown, Queens Co., New York, where he was elected Constable in April 1669.  He served as Overseer with Robert Field between April 1672 and August 1673.
        In 1673, England and Holland declared won on one another, and on 30 July 1673 the Dutch captured the colony at New York City.  John was one of two Deputies, along with John Burroughes, sent as representatives of the town of Newtown to the meeting called by Colonial Gov. Richard Nicholls.  They presented themselves in the fort at New York to "the lords, commanders, and the noble military council" bearing the Engish colors and a constable's staff in token of the town's submission to the Dutch States General, and petitioned for the uninterrupted enjoyment of their privileges. They were told that they would be allowed the same immunities as subjects of the Dutch nation, and were directed to notify the town of "Middleburg" to nominate six persons, from whom the court would select three for magistrates, and also to appoint two deputies to unite with others of "Rustdorp, Heemstede, Vlissingen, and Oyster Bay," to present three nominess for the office of scout (sheriff), and three for secretary, which latter officers were to have authority over these five named towns to be united in one jurisdiction on 22 August 1673 at New York City.  John was selected by the inhabitants as one of the six persons, along with Gershom Moore, Richard Betts, Jonathan Hazard, Ralph Hunt, and John Burroughes, from whom the Dutch court would select three as magistrates.  The court selected Betts, Hazard, and Hunt, who were sworn into office in August or September at Newtown, New York.
        John served as Overseer with Robert Field between November 1674 and 1675 at Newtown, New York, and he was elected town clerk in 1675 at Newtown.
        John's wife, Susan, died before 1676 at Newtown, Queens Co., New York. John and Bethia Richardson, daughter of John Richardson and Martha Mead obtained a marriage license on 26 February 1676/1677 at New York, and they were married 14 March 1676/1677 at West Farms, Westchester Co., New York.
        He was taken to court in "Thomas Stevenson v. John Ketcham," under action to recover damages to Stevenson's horse between 5 June 1677 and 6 June 1677.
        On 17 May 1697 John Ketcham's will was probated and letters of administration granted to widow Bethiah.

Children of John Ketcham and Susan Payne:

  1. Samuel, born about 1646 at Ipswich, Massachusetts; married Mary
  2. Hester, born about 1648; married John Wicks.
  3. Edward; married first Else; married second Mercy Harcourt.
  4. John; married first Mary; married second Elizabeth Weeks.
  5. Phillip; married Martha Betts; married second Charity Smith.
  6. John, born about 1650; married Elizabeth Wicks
Children of John Ketcham and Bethiah Richardson:
  1. Bethiah, born between 1680 and 1689; married 20 June 1710 at the First Presbyterian Church of Newtown, Suffolk Co., New York, Joshiah Reader; married second in 1717 at Newtown, George Reynolds.
  2. Nathaniel, born between 1680 and 1689, died April 1732 at West Farms, Westchester Co., New York.  Letters of administration on Nathaniel's estate were granted to his brother Joseph on 25 April 1732 at West Farms.
  3. Theophilus, born 1683; married Elizabeth Reeder.
  4. Joseph, born about 1685 at Newtown, Suffolk Co., New York; married Martha Phillips.
  5. Jane; married 20 October 1710 at First Presbyterian Church of Newtown, Suffolk Co., New York, David Rogers of Huntington, Long Island, son of Johnathan and Rebecca Rogers.
  6. Susannah Ketcham; married 20 October 1710 Thomas Brush of Huntington, Long Island.

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