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Lineage: Frances14, Lewis13, John12, John11, Thomas10, Nicholas9, Thomas8, Hugh7, Philip6, Robert5, Robert4, Richard3, Robert2, Henry1

  LATHAM, c.1010-aft.1655 Related Families:  Orme Magnus | Alfeton | Knowselegh | Dungan | Barker | Arnold

Migration: Lancastershire, ENG>Northamptonshire, ENG>Bedfordshire, ENG


        (1) Henry de Latham, Lord of Latham, was father of:


  1. Robert, mentioned below
  2. Richard, was a witness to his brother's foundation Charter of the Burscough priory, and used the Boteler arms with the Latham difference, with the addition of an eagle's leg erased. He was ancestor of the Torbocks of Torbock.
  3. Roger; Justice says there is no account of this third son of Henry.


        (2) Robert de Latham, the eldest son of Henry, married, presumably, a daughter of Orme Magnus. The "Testa de Neville" states that Albert de Grelle, Baron of Manchester, gave to Orme, in marriage with his daughter Emma, about 1170, one knight's fee in Dalton, Parbold, and Wrightington, and one carucate of land in Eston. These estates came into possession of the Lathams who held them for many centuries. This Robert Latham (called Robert fitz Henry) was founder of Burscough priory, which was endowed by him with the churches of Ormskirk and Flixton, cira 1180.

        (3)  Richard de Latham, died 1220, held the manor of Dalton, and 1/4 of the manor of Wrightington.

        (4)  Sir Robert de Latham, died before September 1286; married Amicia Alfeton, daughter of Robert de Alfeton, Lord of Alfreton, Norton and Marnham, a grandson of Robert fitz Ralph, founder of Beauchief Abbey. Sir Robert de Latham was High Sheriff of Lancaster, 1236, 1248, 1249 and again in 1263. He was Custos of the Castle and County of Lancaster during pleasure 1250, and of the honour of Lathom 1254. He was summoned for military service against Llewelyn in 1277, and fought against the Welsh in 1282.


  1. Robert, mentioned below
  2. Richard, of Parbold; married Dionysia de Marcy, daughter of Sir Harmon de Mascy of Dunham. He was one of the followers of the Earl of Lancaster in his rebellion, but was pardoned in 1313.
  3. Henry; mmarried Elena de Turton, granddaughter of Henry de Turton. Justice calls him "Henry Latham de Torbock."
  4. Thomas, was grantee of Mosborough and lands in Raynsforth from his brother Sir Robert, in 1292. From him are descended the Lathams of Mosborough.


        (5)  Robert de Latham, died 1325; married Katherine de Knowselegh, daughter of Sir Thomas de Knowselegh. Robert died 1325. Robert de Latham, Knight fought against the Scots in 1291, and in 1309, and was Commissioner of Array in the expedition against Robert the Bruce in 1307. In 1310 he was appointed a Justice of Oyer and Terminer, and in 1324, he was one of the Knights summoned to meet the Peers in the great council held at Westmoreland. He had charter of free warren in the manors of Lathom and Roby in 1303. At an inquest post mortem held in 1325, it was found he died seized of one Knight's fee in Childwall, 1/4 of a Knight's fee in Parbold, and 3/4 of a Knight's fee in Wrightington, held by the duke of Manchester, by inheritance from Orme Magnus.


  1. Thomas, born 1301, died 14 September 1370; married Eleanor le Ferrers. Sir Thomas was Commissioner of Array in Lancaster with special powers in the Earl of Lancaster's rebellion 1322 and 1323. He was Chief Custos of the Peace, 1323, Knight of the Shire 1324, one of the three chief arrayers of Lancaster before Queen Isabella's return in 1326. He took an active part against the Scots, 1325, and received in 1347 charter of free warren in Latham, Knowselegh, Childwall, Roby and Anlasargh. He bore arms as given in the roll of arms, 1337: "Or, on a chief indented azure three besants."  The will of Thomas de Lathum, dated 1369, translated reads:

              In the name of God amen, on the holy day of the exaltation of our king, in the year of our Lord 1369, I, Thomas de Lathum, sound of mind and body, make my will after this manner. In the first place I dedicate my soul to God and to our Mary and to all the Saints, and my body to be buried in the grounds and the Church of Nicholas de Burscogh, and I wish my funeral and rites to be performed according to the disposition of my executors. First. I leave to the prior and to the canons of our Nicholas de Burscogh to hold me in special memory, to worship for me, 100 shillings. Likewise to the Augustine friars at Weryngton, 5 marks. Item. to the lesser friars of Preston, 40 Shillings. Item. to the preaching Cistercian friars, 40 shillings. Item. to the priest of Doggles and Caldi, 2 marks. Item. to Edward my son, 5 marks. Item. to Robert my son, 5 marks. Item. to Roger Banaster, 5 marks. Item. for distribution among my serfs for their good service 10 marks. Item. to Margery, daughter of Philip, 20 shillings, and after the liquidation of my debts, I give the remainder of my goods for charitable purposes and in prayers for my soul and the soul of my wife Eleanor. Now of this my will, I constitute three executors that by their (peril?) they answer to me before the highest Judge. John de Kirby; Sir Edward my son, and Robert my son, prior of Burscogh. Eleanor: Daughter of Sir John le Ferrers, Chevalier by his wife Hawise, Lady of Charlton, Norton, etc. (The complete Peerage, Vol 5, page 596).
  3. Joan; married first William de Holand, prior to October 1311; married second John de Bellew, prior to 18 November 1318; married third William de Scargill, prior to 28 January 1324; and married fourth William de Multon prior to 28 July 1325. She is mentioned in an Inquest Post Mortem held in 1385.
  4. Hugh, was granted the T'wp of Whittle by his father.
  5. Philip, mentioned below


        (6)  Philip de Latham, of Astbury near Congleton, England; married an unknown woman. In the Church of Astbury is a window on which is portrayed a kneeling figure with sword and spurs, habited in a white tabard, the hands clasped over his head, a shield, placed anglewise under a helmet and mantle emblazoned "Or, on a chief indented or, three bezants, over all a bondlet gules." Crest: "An eagle standing on an empty cradle with wings displayed, reguardant or," with the inscription: "Orate pro anima fil Dom. Roberti Lathom Militis."


  1. Margaret; married about 1400, Nicholas Harrington, Gentleman of Huyton, Lancashire, who owned lands in Lancashire and Northamptonshire, son of Nicholas Harrington Sr. of Farleton, Lanchire and of Wolphege, Bixworth, Northamptonshire, who was age 15 in 1362.
  2. Hugh, mentioned below


        (7)  Hugh Latham; married an unknown woman. He is represented in the same Church as his father Philip as a figure in armor, with his four sons kneeling and the same coat of arms. Under each name is the inscription "fil Hugonis, fil Philippi, fil D'ni Rob'ti."


  1. John
  2. Robert
  3. William
  4. Thomas


        (8)  Thomas Latham; married an unknown woman.


  1. Nicholas, mentioned below
  2. Thomas, according to Justice he was "son of Thomas who enfeoffed Parnel, wife of his younger brother Robert, with lands in Congleton.
  3. Robert; married in 1489 Parnel Daniel, daughter of Thomas Daniel of Over Tabley, Esq. by his wife Maud Leycester. He received lands in Congleton and Astury, from his elder brother Nicholas in 1483.
  4. Janet; married John Burgess of Knotsford, Cheshire, England.


        (9)  Nicholas Latham, was living in 1483 when he conveyed lands to his brother Robert. His will is dated at Lathom in 1461 and his executors were Thomas, Lord Stanley, Sir William Stanley and John Stanley. Justice says that in his opinion he was the father of Thomas of Culworth. His coat of arms is the same as used by Rev. Nicholas Latham and by Lewis Latham, Sergeant Falconer to Charles I.

        (10)  Thomas Latham, born about 1500 in Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire, England, died 11 October 1558; married Elizabeth, born about 1479 in Culworth, Northamptonshire, England.  Thomas was Keeper of the Game Park in Moulton and Kingsthrope. He was probably an efficient Keeper, but incurred the ill will of many citizens of Kingsthrope and particularly of the poachers, who brought an action against him complaining that the Conies (Hares) were destructive to their grain crops. His will dated "The XI daye of September Anno Dm. 1558" was proved November 1558 and mentions his children.


  1. Roland
  2. Oliver, born about 1516, died about 1572.
  3. John, mentioned below
  4. Elizabeth; married Peter Dickson.
  5. Thomas


        (11)  John Latham, Sr., born about 1522 in Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire, England, died before 1592; married first an unknown woman; married second in Brigstock, Northamptonshire, England, Joan, born about 1526 in Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire, England.  Joan survived John and married second Thomas Montagu, son of Sir Edward Montagu, Knight, Lord Chief Justice of England and brother of Sir Edward Montagu, Knight of the Bath.

Children by Unknown:

  1. Nicholas, born 1548, died 4 August 1620; married in 1593, Marie Foster, daughter of Henry Foster, Yeoman, of Burwash, Sussex. The will of Nicholas Latham of the parish of Barnwell, St. Andrew, Northamptonshire, dated 6 April 1620 and proved 4 November 1620 provides considerable information on the family of John Latham, Sr.
  2. Daughter; married Francis Margitts and had three children: Francis Richard, Joane and Elizabeth.
  3. Daughter; married Mr. Righte or Wright and had two children.
Children by Joan:
  1. John, mentioned below
  2. Maurice
  3. Thomas, was defendant in a suit by Thomas Montagu, his stepfather.
  4. Daughter; Mr. Bates and is named in Nicholas Latham's will as his half sister.


        (12)  John Latham, Jr., born 1554 in Brigstock, Northamptonshire, England.


  1. Lewis, mentioned below
  2. William, buried 20 August 1632. His will dated 25 July 1632 mentions brother Simon, sister Ursula, wife of William
  3. Carter, sister Elizabeth, wife of Thomas (?), and brother Lewis as residuary legatee and sole executor.
  4. Simon, died 1649. The surname of Simon's wife Elizabeth is believed to be Mordaunt, since Elizabeth Latham is mentioned in the will of John Mordaunt.
  5. Ursula; married William Carter, son of William Carter of Kempston, Bedfordshire, England.
  6. Elizabeth


        (13)  Lewis Latham, born 1584 in Elstow, Bedfordshire, England, died 15 May 1655 in Elveston, Bedfordshire, England; married 1608 in Kempstone, Bedfordshire, England, Elizabeth, born about 1590 in Elstow, Bedfordshire, England, died 1620 in Elstow, Bedfordshire.
        Little is known of the early life of Lewis Latham but it is known that he was a gentleman and trained in the art of falconry. He was falconer to Richard Berrick and under-falconer to Charles, Prince of Wales, who on ascending the throne as King Charles I, retained his falconers, and in 1627 promoted Lewis to sergeant-falconer. Latham doubtless remained in office until his death in 1655. Evidence of his service in such a capacity is provided in extracts from the Calendars of State Paper, one of which says:  "1625, Jul. 15. Warrant to pay to Andrew Pitcairn, Master of the Hawks, to the use of Lewis Latham, Eustace Norton, and the rest of the under falconers, the stipend formerly allowed them when the King was Prince of Wales." (Calendar of State Papers, Domestic, 1625-6, 544.)
        His will, dated 6 May 1653, proved at London 1 September 1655, and registered in the prerogative court at Canterbury, mentions his sons Henry and John and daughters Ann Seager, Francis Clarke, Catharine Garrett, Elizabeth Bibble and Ellen Sherringham.
        Records show that Lewis had at least two brothers, William and Simon (or Symon.) The latter was also a falconer and one record says that "his work is the only authority cited on the subject in the Encyclopaedia Britannica." Three editions of his work (1615, 1633 and 1652) are in the British Museum. The title page on one reads "Lathams Falconry, or the Falconers Lure and Cure in two books."


  1. Henry
  2. John
  3. Ann; married Mr. Seager.
  4. Frances, born 15 February 1609 in Kempston, Bedfordshire, England, married first Lord Weston; married second on 27 August 1629 in London, England, William Dungan, a perfumer, born about 1606 in St. Martin in the Field Parish, London, England, died after 13 September 1636 in London, son of Thomas Dungan and his wife Mary; married third about 1637 in England, Jeremiah Clarke, died November 1651; married fourth about 1655, William Vaughan.  Frances and William Dungan were parents of:
    1. Barbara Dungan; married about 1644, probably in Rhode Island, James Barker, Dep. Governor of Rhode Island, born 1617 in Essex Co., England, died about 1702, probably in Newport, Rhode Island.  Parents of:
      1. Mary Barker, born about 1650, died 19 September 1723; married 16 April 1677 Israel Arnold, born 30 October 1649 in Pawtuxet, Rhode Island, died 15 September 1716 in Warwick, Rhode Island.
  5. Catharine; married Mr. Garrett.
  6. Elizabeth, baptized 25 September 1617; married Mr. Bibble.
  7. Ellen; married Mr. Sherringham.

Generations 1-13 of this narrative were taken in whole from a posting on the Latham Genforum by Alan D. Harvey.  Mr Harvey consulted the following references:
  • Austin, John Osborne.  Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island. 1982, pp 67-68.
  • Ancestry of Jeremy Clarke of Rhode Island and Dungan Genealogy. Compiled by Alfred Rudulph Justice, Franklin Printing Co., Phila, Penna, pp 73-82.
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