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  STOODLEY, c.1688-1920
Related Families: Bowditch | Paul | Turner | Lane | Washburn

Migration: Hawkchurch, Dorset, ENG>Jefferson Co., NY


          (1) William Stoodley, born about 1688; married Anne of Chardstock in 1705 at Hawkchurch, Dorset, England.  Parents of:


          (2) William Stoodley, born 29 October 1708, died 9 February 1772 at Hawkchurch, Dorset, England.  Hawkchurch was part of Dorset until 1896 when it was incoporated into Devonshire.  On 6 March 1731, he married Elizabeth Bowditch, born 1712.  Parents of:


          (3) William Stoodley, born 28 November 1733 at Hawkchurch, Dorset, England, died 20 January 1811; married on 6 February 1759, Jane Paul, born about 1736/1737, buried 1822 in Hawkchurch, Dorset.


  1. Elizabeth, born 1760 in Hawkchurch, Dorset, England; married 14 September 1789 at Hawkchurch, Dorset, John Powell.  Parents of:
    1. William Powell; married 30 October 1797 at Stoke Damerel, Devon, Cathryn Hoare.
  2. Dinah, born 1762 in Hawkchurch, Dorset, England, died 1837 in Hawkchurch; married 3 July 1794 in Hawkchurch, Thomas Paul, widower, perhaps a cousin.  Parents of:
    1. John Paul, baptized 28 September 1794 at Hawkchurch.
    2. Elizabeth Paul, baptized 12 November 1797 at Hawkchurch.
    3. William Paul, baptized 11 January 1801 at Hawkchurch.
  3. William, mentioned below
  4. Thomas, born 1777 in Hawkchurch, Dorset, England; married Mary White.  Parents of:
    1. Ellen, born 1820
    2. Thomas, born 1812; married Sarah Board.  In the 1851 census at Hawkchurch & Phillyholme Axminster, Thomas reported himself as head of household, age 39, farm laborer, born at Hawkchurch.  Sarah reported herself as wife of a farm laborer, age 34, born at Hawkchurch.  They were late of Warehams.

    3. Children (all born at Hawkchurch, Dorset; taken from 1851 census):
      1. George, born 1839, a farm laborer in 1851.
      2. William, born 1841, a farm laborer in 1851.
      3. Robert, born 22 July 1842, died 13 October 1914; married 30 March 1868 Luticia Lumbard, born 1844, died 1926.  He was a scholar in 1851.  Robert immigrated to Australia and that is where they were married.

      4. Children:
        1. Ernest Albert
        2. Sarah
        3. James Lombard
        4. Talitha, born 1878
        5. William, born 29 October 1881 in Adelaide, Australia, died 7 July 1954 in Adelaide, Australia
        6. Rose, born 1883, died 22 October 1942
      5. Mary, born about 1845, a scholar in 1851.
      6. Sarah Ann/Jane, born 1847, a scholar in 1851.
      7. (H/S)elena Board, born about 1849, a scholar in 1851.
      8. Harrey Thomas, born 1850; married Mary Phillips.  He was nine months old when the 1851 census was taken.
  5. John, born Hawkchurch, Dorset, England; married 1803 at Hawkchurch, Sarah Parsons.


          (4) William Stoodley, baptized 25 July 1773 at Hawkchurch, Dorset, England; married 13 October 1798 at Hawkchurch, Esther Turner, born 1774.
         In the 1841 census of Hawkchurch, William reported his age as 70 and occupation as agricultural laborer; Hester reported her age as 67. Living with them that year was Mary Stoodley, age 30, of unknown relation.
        In the 1851 census of Hawkchurch & Phillyholme Axminster, William and Esther were enumerated at Berry Bottom, outside the village of Hawkchurch. William reported that he was head of household, age 78, a pauper and late agricultural laborer, born in Hawkchurch; Esther reported herself as a pauper, age 77, born in Hawkchurch.  Living with them at Berry Bottom that year was their son Amos, age 33, with his wife Harriett, age 27, and daughters Mary Ann, age 2, and Eliza, age 5 months.
        In the 1861 census of Hawkchurch, William does not appear, suggesting that he was deceased by that time. Esther, age 86, was enumerated in the home of her daughter Elizabeth and son-in-law Robert Huddy.

Children (all born and baptized at Hawkchurch, Dorset, England):

  1. Elizabeth, baptized 9 March 1800; married 7 November 1825 in Hawkchurch, Robert Huddy.  Parents of:
    1. Honor Huddy, born 14 October 1828, baptized as Honor "Hoddey" on 19 October 1828 at Hawkchurch.
    2. William Huddy, born 1826.
    3. Mary Huddy, born 1830.
    4. Jane Huddy, born 1833.
    5. John Huddy, born 1835.
    6. Amos Huddy, born 1835 at Hawkchurch.
    7. Robert Huddy, born 1837.
    8. Elizabeth Huddy, born 1839; married Mr. Seager.
  2. Mary, baptized 25 April 1802; married 23 June 1835, David Gillingham at Thorncombe.
  3. William, mentioned below, immigrated to Jefferson Co., New York, via Quebec, Canada.
  4. John, baptized 16 February 1806, died 7 September 1885 in  New Zealand; married in 1831 Eliza Champ, born 1806, died 1883.  According to their great-granddaughter, Noeline Farley, they departed from Gravesend, London, England, on 21 October 1840 aboard the Lady Nugent and immigrated to New Zealand, arriving in Petone, Wellington on 17 March 1841.  They lived in Kelburn, Wellington, before removing to a farm in Taratahi, Carterton, in Upper Hutt.  John was listed as an agricultural laborer in state records and theirs is considered a founding family of New Zealand, arriving before 1900.  John remarried about 1868 in New Zealand, Selina Oliver.

  5. Children of John Stoodley & Eliza Champ:
    1. Jane; married John Clifton, brother of Celia Clifton who married Jane's brother George.
    2. Sarah Ann, born 1826
    3. James, born 25 August 1833
    4. George Ranier, (at right, courtesy of Noeline Farley, New Zealand), born about 1834; married Celia Clifton, sister of John Clifton who married George's sister Jane.
    5. William, born about 1837
    6. James, born 1842, died 1842
  6. Jane, baptized 25 February 1810.
  7. James, baptized 9 May 1814; married Margaret Cains.
  8. Amos, baptized 19 May 1816; married Margaret White, born 1824. Parents of:
    1. James, born 27 September 1852 in Bridewell, Hawkchurch, Devon & Dorset, England, died 8 October 1931 in Monkton Wyld, Bridport, Dorset, England; married Ann Richmond.

    2. Children:
      1. Mabel; married Alfred (surname unknown).
      2. John Amos, at age 12 he accidentally hung himself and died 14 March 1893 in Monkton Wyld, Dorsetshire, England.
      3. James
      4. William; married Polly (surname unknown).
      5. Jim; had a step-son named Ivan Stoodley.  He was a bobby in London, and subsequently immigrated to Syracuse, Onondaga Co., New York.
      6. Annie, immigrated to Syracuse, Onondaga Co., New York; married Alfred Hobbs, a farmer.  No children.
      7. Helen Eva; married Mr. Pidgeon.
      8. Emily
      9. Faith
      10. Frank, born 17 April 1875, died 1963; married Clara (surname unknown). He immigrated to Adams, Jefferson Co., New York, prior to 1902, when his brother Ned immigrated and reported that he was bound for the home of his brother "Frank H." of that town.
      11. George Andrew, born 12 February 1879 in Monkton Wyld, Dorsetshire, England, died 1960 in Syracuse, Onondaga Co., New York.  The gentry's fox hunting friends roared through their garden causing the family to nearly starve when George was a teenager, so immigrated to Copenhagen, Lewis Co., New York, where he met his wife Florence Edna Young, daughter of George Young and Flora Lawrence.  He worked there as a butcher and subsequently moved to Syracuse and worked in steel mill until his retirement. He was a member of the Masons.  He was described as  "short, stocky man with bright blue eyes and white hair. Very pleasant disposition."  Florence, his wife, is described as a "wonderful cook and very much a 'yankee.' Tall woman who baked great pies. Difficult to determine recipes because always a pinch of this or that."  Parents of:
        1. James Laurence, born 8 May 1907 in Copenhagen, Lewis Co., New York, died 17 March 1977 at Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.
      12. Edmund "Ned," born 13 February 1881, died May 1969 in Van Duyn Hospital, Syracuse; married on 5 June 1909 Sarah Kilby.  According to passenger manifests at Ellis Island, Ned first immigrated to Adams, Jefferson Co., New York, to live with his brother Frank; he returned to England for an unknown length of time, returning in 1911 and settling at Syracuse, Onondaga Co., New York, where he was a farmer.  According to his obituary, they lived at Copenhagen and Skaneateles, where he was co-manager of Greenlands Farm. In 1951 they moved to Henderson, where Mrs. Stoodley died in March 1965. Parents of:
        1. Jene Porter Stoodley, died in 1927.
      13. Job, born 1896 in Monkton Wyld, Bridport, Dorset, England, died 7 November 1896 in Monkton Wyld, Bridport, Dorset, England.



               (5) William Stoodley, born about 1 November 1803, baptized 25 November 1803 at Hawkchurch, Dorset, England, died 25 November 1882 at age 79 yrs. 25 days, in the town of Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., New York; married before 1837 Elizabeth Lane, baptized 22 January 1809 in Colyton, Devon, England, died 14 July 1884, age 76 yrs. 6 months, in Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., New York.
        "William Stodley" of Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., New York, declared his intention for naturalization on 8 September 1840, the same day that his father-in-law, Thomas Lane, was naturalized in the same town.  Thomas Lane's naturalization record shows that he emigrated from Dorset to Quebec in 1832 and arrived in Sackets Harbor, town of Hounsfield, on 28 May 1834.  William and Elizabeth settled in Hounsfield on a lot south of her parents (see 1855 map of Hounsfield at right), and it is likely that they all emigrated at the same time, following the same migration route.
        In the 1860 census of Hounsfield, William reported his occupation as farmer and Elizabeth was recorded as "housekeeper."  The farm at that time was valued at $2,800, and personal estate at $500. Three of their daughters, Jane, Esther and Fanny, were listed as teachers, probably at Hounsfield Schoolhouse No. 5, which was attended by later generations. Son Amos Stoodley was recorded as a farmer. Manuel Jeffrey, age 13, the son of Elizabeth's sister Jane Jeffrey, is listed at their residence in the 1860 census.
        On 15 January 1856, William was a witness to the will of his father-in-law, Thomas Lane, and on 26 May 1862 he was present at the proving of the same will.
        William Stoodley and Elizabeth Lane are buried side by side at the Sulpher Springs Cemetery on Sulpher Springs Road in Hounsfield. William's stone is unreadable, however Elizabeth's is in excellent condition. The inscription at the bottom of her stone reads "Mother Home in Heaven."

Children (all born in New York State):

  1. Sarah Ann, born 1837; married 1858 William Lane, born 25 September 1828 in England, and recorded as a son of Thomas Lane, born 1801 in Dorsetshire, England, died 1887 in New York, and his wife Charlotte Williams, died in 1876, whom he married in 1825.  This Thomas emigrated about 1835 and may have been a first born son of Thomas Lane and Nanny Stamp of Hounsfield who emigrated in 1834.  Parents of:
    1. Charles Lane, born 1860 in New York.  Father of:
      1. William Lane.
  2. Jane, born 1839; married Capt. Ralph Godfrey, a sailor on the Great Lakes who owned his own ship.  They resided at the Dyer Burnham House at 205 West Washington St., Sackets Harbor, Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., New York.  They had three daughters.  Ralph, along with Jane's first cousin Manuel Jeffrey, were among the workers injured at Sackets in February 1884 during the dismantling of the War of 1812-era ship-of-the-line "New Orleans," when it collapsed unexpectedly.
  3. Esther, (two photos at right), born about 1841, died August 1920, age 79 yrs 7 mos. 24 days; married Silas Robert Washburn.
  4. Fanny, born 1843; married Ralph Metcalf, a farmer.  They had several children including:
    1. Flossie Metcalf.
  5. Amos, born about 1845, died 1930; married Frances Clark.  Amos was listed in the Town of Adams section of Child's 1890 Business Directory of Jefferson County as being a farmer on road 26, leasing shares of Asa Green.  Parents of:
    1. Clark Stoodley; married Margaret Greene.  Parents of:
      1. Kent Stoodley, born about 1907, died January 2002, a farmer, educated at Cornell University, New York; married Mildred.  Parents of:
        1. David, resident of Adams Center, Jefferson Co., New York.
        2. Donna, resident of Adams Center, Jefferson Co., New York.
        3. John, resident of Adams Center, Jefferson Co., New York.
      2. Ross Stoodley.
  6. Anna Minerva, born 1847; married Alfred Bristol, a farmer.  Parents of:
    1. Bert Bristol, died as a young man.
    2. Beulah Bristol; never married and had no children.
  7. Charles A., a farmer, born 1852, died 1936; married Ida G. Reed, born 1857, died 1933. Charles was listed in the Town of Hounsfield section of Child's 1890 Business Directory of Jefferson County as being a farmer on road 68, having 10 cows and 90 acres.  They are both buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Sackets Harbor, Jefferson Co., New York.  Parents of:
    1. Fred Stoodley.  Father of:
      1. Charles Stoodley, moved to Rome, New York.
      2. Howard Stoodley, moved to Syracuse, New York.
      3. Richard Stoodley, killed overseas during WWII.
      4. Kenneth Stoodley, a mail carrier in Watertown, Jefferson Co., New York.
    2. Rolla C.Stoodley, born 1883, died 1984; married Loretta Gibson, born 1880, died 1959.  Loretta authored a book about the history of the village Sackets Harbor.  They are both buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Sackets Harbor, Jefferson Co., New York.
      1. Gordon A. Stoodley, born and died 1914, buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Sackets Harbor, Jefferson Co., New York.

Ada (Stokes) Washburn, mother-in-law Esther (Stoodley) Washburn with her sister Minerva,
and Ada's children Margery, Leon and Esther Washburn , ca. 1915.


The STOODLEYS of Hounsfield, ca. 1900
[Taken in the middle living room of the Stoodley family home, South Harbor Road, Adams Center, NY, by Clark Stoodley, son of Amos Stoodley & Frances Clark]

Back Row:  Alfred Bristol; Ida G. Reed, b. 1857 (Mrs. Charles A. Stoodley); Frances Clark, b.1846 (Mrs. Amos Stoodley); Charles Stoodley, b. 1842 (brother of Amos); Amos Stoodley b. 1845; Beulah Bristol (dau. Alfred Bristol & Minerva Stoodley); Bert Washburn, b. 1875 (son of Theodore Washburn & Jeanette Rice).

Middle Row:  Minerva Anna Stoodley, b. 1847 (Mrs. Alfred Bristol); Fannie Stoodley, b. 1843 (Mrs. Edwin Metcalf); Edwin Metcalf (they lived in Antwerp); Esther Stoodley, b. 1841 (Mrs. Silas Washburn); Silas Washburn, b. 1838.

Front Row:  Bert Bristol (brother of Beulah, above); Rolla Stoodley, b. 1883 (son of Charlie); William Wallace Washburn, b. 1867 (son of Silas Washburn & Esther Stoodley); Fred Stoodley (son of Charlie).

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Special thanks to Ted Jordan <> of New Zealand and Bryon Stoodley <> of Australia
from whose correspondence is derived generations one through four and the baptismal information for William Stoodley, the immigrant.  Bill Richards generously contributed material for this website.

        Americans descended from Simon Hoyt, born 20 January 1590, Somerset, England, who came to America in 1628 and lived at Dorchester, Scituate and Charlestown, Massachusetts, and at Windsor and Stamford, Connecticut, will be interested to know that recent research has conclusively identified his first wife as Jane Stoodlie, whom he married before 1617 in Marshwood, Dorset, England.
        Although Jane's connection to the Stoodleys of Hawkchurch, Dorset, is unknown, Marshwood is but walking distance from Hawkchurch, so she was undoubtedly related to them.
        Jane was the grandmother of Zerubbabel Hoyt of Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut, who married an unknown woman and Mehitable Rockwell; their descendants populated much of Connecticut, New York, and Long Island.