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Lineage: Susannah4, Ezekiel3, John2, Humphrey1

  TURNER, c.1605-aft.1710
Related Families:  Gamer | Pickett | Brewster | Keeney

Migration: England>Plymouth, MA>Scituate, MA>New London, CT


        (1)  Humphrey Turner, of Scituate, Massachusetts, had come with his wife, Lydia Gamer, and eldest son John, perhaps a second son John, and tradition would have him bring two more children from England where he had been a tanner.
         About 1628 they settled at Plymouth and some years later they removed to Scituate where he was one of the founding members of the church in January 1635 and one of its earliest prominent members.  There his wife joined the church 10 January 1636.  At Plymouth he was taxed in 1633 and 1634 and there probably were born their children Lydia and Thomas.  His children Mary, Joseph, Nathaniel and Daniel were probably born in Scituate, where Humphrey and wife Lydia moved in 1634.  He was a constable and representative of Scituate in 1640, 1652 and 1653.  He died in 1673;  Lydia died sometime before then.  Humphrey Turner’s will, dated last day of February 1669, mentioned his eldest son John Turner and his granchildren, Jonathan Turner, Joseph Turner and Ezekiel Turner, the “sonnes” of my eldest sonne.”


  1. John, “the Elder,” born in England, mentioned below
  2. John, “the Younger,” also born in England, name given by a godfather;  married  25 April 1649, Ann James
  3. Lydia
  4. Thomas
  5. Mary, baptized 25 January 1635
  6. Joseph, 1 January 1637
  7. Nathaniel, 10 March 1639
  8. Daniel


        (2)  John Turner, of Scituate, born in Essex, England 12 November 1645, died Scituate between 4 March 1695 (date of will) and 20 May 1697 (date of inventory);  married Mary Brewster, born Plymouth, Massachusetts, 16 April 1627, died probably in Scituate, after 23 March 1697/8.
        John Turner was called “Senior,” or “the Elder,” because he had a younger brother also named “John” who was referred to as “young John.”  John “Senior” was listed as freeman at Scituate in 1643.  A tanner by trade, he settled northwest of the present day Union Bridge on the North River, where he erected a tannery.
        The will of John Turner, Senior, Husbandman, dated 4 March 1695, sworn and recorded at Plymouth, 22 June 1697, names the following persons:  Son Jonathan Turner;  Son Joseph Turner;  Son Ezekiel Turner;  Six Grandchildren -- Isaac Turner, John James, Thomas Prince, Margaret Turner, Alice Prince, and the eldest child of my son Ezekiel Turner;  Son John Turner;  son Elisha Turner;  Son Amos Turner;  Daughters Grace Christophers;  Wife Mary;  “my four Daughters;  That is to say Lydia, Mary, Ruth & Grace;”  Son Benjamin Turner.
        The inventory of the goods, Chattels and credits of John Turner, Sr., late of Scituate, was taken 20 May 1697 by Nathaniel Turner and Israel Hobart and was submitted to Judge William Bradford, Esq., 22 June 1697.  It was recorded 24 July 1697.
        On 23 March 1697/8, widow Mary acknowledged receipt of “fower Pound In moneys” from Peter Collamer of Scituate in payment for six “uper Lether hids” he bought from her late husband, John Turner, deceased.  The receipt was witnessed by her son, Benjamin Turner, who wrote his name while Mary signed by a mark.

Children, all born or baptized in Scituate:

  1. Jonathan, born 20 September 1646, baptized May 1649
  2. Joseph, born 12 January 1647/8, died in 3 days
  3. Joseph, again, born 12 January 1648/9, baptized May 1649
  4. Ezekiel, mentioned below
  5. Lydia, born 24 January 1652, baptized 19 January 1650/1;  married 1675 John  James, 1680 William Barrell
  6. John, born 29 October 1654, baptized 29 October 1654
  7. Elisha, born 8 March 1656, baptized 12 April 1657
  8. Mary, born 10 December 1657, baptized 2 January 1658  married about  1683, Isaac Prince
  9. Benjamin, born 5 March 1660, baptized 14 April 1661
  10. Ruth, baptized 17 May 1663 (sic 1662)
  11. Isaac, baptized 30 April 1665;  not in father’s will, probably died young
  12. Grace, baptized 2 August 1668
  13. Amos, baptized 4 June 1671


        (3)  Ezekiel Turner, of Scituate, born 7 January 1651, baptized 19 January 1650/1, died 16 January 1704 in New London, Connecticut.  He married in New London, Connecticut, on 26 December 1678, Susanna Keeney of New London, born 6 September 1662, died there 13 December 1748.  Susanna married second in New London, as his second wife, 20 August 1706, Joseph Minor, born in New London 6 August 1666, died there Monday 6 April 1752, aged 86 years, son of Clement and Francis (Burcham)(Willey) Miner.
        In 1679, Ezekiel was a sailor with Master Thomas Simond when the bark Providence was wrecked on a rock near Fisher’s Island, according to his deposition dated November 29th.
        Ezekiel Turner died intestate.  The inventory of his estate was taken 11 May 1704 and amounted to 217 pounds, 10 shillings, 6 pence.  Administration of the estate was granted to widow Susanna and on 9 November 1705 she posted bond with Richard Christophers as Surety.  On 1 October 1706, Susanna Minor, “Relict of Ezekiel Turner,” presented her accounting of the estate.
        On 12 March 1706/7, the Court ordered a division of the “Real and personal estate of Ezekiel Turner, late of New London, deceased.”  The said real estate contained a “Lott formerly belonging to William Nichols, [and] was, by a deed of Gift, given by John Keney of New London to his son and Daughter, Ezekiel Turner, and their heirs for ever . . .”  On 17 June 1707, Susanna (now Susanna Minor, wife of Joseph Minor), claimed the lot and the Court ordered the “use, benefit and profit of said Lott be to said Susanna during her life . . .” and it was taken out of the inventory.
        An addition was made to the inventory on 20 June 1707, recording “several things delivered by the deceased to Jonathan Calkins and to Adam Pickett, as part of his wives portions.”  Division of the remaining estate of Ezekiel Turner was made 25 November 1707, and recorded 29 November 1707, to widow Susanna (1/3), son Ezekiel (double portion), and the other eleven children, with each child named in the order of their recorded birth.


  1. Sarah, baptized in 1682, died young
  2. Sarah, born 28 October 1683
  3. Susannah, born 2 January 1685, died after 1710; married first, Adam Pickett; married second, Samuel Fosdick (Adam and Samuel were both grandsons of John Pickett and Ruth Brewster, sister of John Turner’s wife Mary Brewster, thus she married two of her cousins in succession).
  4. Mary, born 30 May 1686, living in November 1707
  5. Ruth, born 2 March 1688
  6. Lydia, born 5 September 1690, living in November 1707
  7. Grace, born 29 August 1692
  8. Hannah, born 8 September 1694
  9. Elizabeth, born 5 December 1696
  10. Ezekiel, born 14 March 1699
  11. Lucretia, born 20 January 1701
  12. Abigail, born 1702, baptized 14 March 1703

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