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Maternal & Paternal
Lineage: Sarah4, John3 | Sarah5, Joseph4, Zachariah3, Peter2, Edward1

  WHITMAN, c.1540-aft.1690
Related Families: Kellond | Eaton | Ketcham | Skidmore | Jones

Maternal & paternal descent

Migration:  England>Milford, MA>Weymouth, MA>Long Island, NY


        (1) Edward Whiteman, born about 1540, and Bridget Kellond, both of England, were parents of:

        (2) Peter Whiteman, born 9 May 1560, died 4 June 1626; married Alice Eaton, born about 1565, died 13 July 1626.


  1. George Whitman, died before 1648
  2. Ralph Whitman, born 1589, died before 1640, the brothers of Ralph were bound to administer his estate on 15 August 1640
  3. William Whiteman, born 1591
  4. Elizabeth Whiteman, born July 11, 1592.
  5. Zachariah Whitman, born about 1595; died April 25, 1666.  Zachariah came "across the seas" with two other brothers, Robert and John, on 19 September 1635, on the Truelove from London.  He came with his wife and son Zachariah and settled in Milford, Massachusetts. His estate was willed to his nephew Zachariah Whitman, son of his brother, John.  The records, according to "Pope's Pioneers" show that Zachariah, aged 40, came with his wife Sarah, aged 35, and son Zacariah aged two and a half in the ship Elizabeth from Weymouth, England, on 11 April 1635.

  6. Children:
    1. Joseph Whitman; married Sarah Ketcham, born about 1640.

    2. Children:
      1. Nathaniel
      2. Samuel, died 1721
      3. Zebulon
      4. Joseph
      5. John, father of:
        1. Jesse Whitman, father of:
          1. Walter Whitman, Sr., father of:
            1. Walt Whitman, the famous poet, born 1819 in Huntington, Long Island, New York.
      6. Mary
      7. Hannah
      8. Sarah Whitman; married John Skidmore
      9. Joan
  7. James, born 1600
  8. John Whitman, born about 1602 in Holt, Norfolk Co., England, died 13 November 1692 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts; married Ruth in 1625, who died in 1662.  John was one of the earliest settlers of Weymouth, Massachusetts, and was made a freeman of the Massachusetts Bay Colony on 13 March 1638-39, and a town officer of Weymouth in 1643. In 1645 he was appointed an Ensign by the Governor and was probably the first military officerin Weymouth.  On 14 May 1645 he was made magistrate of the town, or commissioner to end small causes, as the office was termed. He was also deacon of the church probably from its foundation until his death 13 November 1692. He was likely near 90 yrs old when he died, as the youngest of his 9 children was born in 1646, the eldest in 1629, while some of his daughters may have been older. It is thought he was married in England about 1625. The family did not follow him to Weymouth until 1641. The fact that Zachariah and Robert came in 1635 makes it probable that John came also in that year.  John owned and lived upon a farm adjoining the north side of the highway near the town center, the farm until 1830 was owned by a descendant. He had many grants of land and by this and purchase became one of the largest land owners in the town. He held the office of Ensign until 16 March 1680. On 15 May 1664 he was appointed a messenger to the Indians and held other positions of trust in the colony.

  9. Children:
    1. Thomas, born in 1629 in England, died in 1712
    2. John, born about 1630, died on 1 February 1713 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts
    3. Zechariah, born in 1644 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts, died on 5 November 1726
    4. Abiah, born in 1646 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts, died on 28 January 1728
    5. Sarah Whitman, born about 1628 in England, died 11 June 1718 in Hull, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts; married in 1653 Abraham Jones
    6. Mary, born in 1634, died on 10 July 1716
    7. Elizabeth, died on 2 February 1720; married Joseph Green
    8. Hannah, born on 24 August 1641
  10. Robert Whitman, born Abt 1615

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