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Lineage: Susanna4, Timothy3, John2, John1

  WOODBRIDGE, 1582-1778 Related Families:  Parker | Dudley | Treat

Migration: Wiltshire, ENG>Newbury, MA>Hartford, CT


        (1)  Rev. John Woodbridge V, born 1582 at Stanton, Wiltshire, England, died 9 December 1637 at Stanton, Wiltshire, England; married Sarah Parker, born 1583 at Cholderton, Wiltshire, England, died 1683, daughter of Rev. Robert Parker, of Wiltshire, who himself was descended from the Spencer Family of Althorp, Northamptonshire.  John was fifth in a line of men by the same name—all ministers—the first of whom was a follower of John Wycliffe, a 14th-century translator of the Bible.
        John was Rector of the parish of Stanton, near Highworth in Wiltshire.  In his work Magnalia, Rev. Cotton Mather extolled John as "a minister so able and faithful as to obtain an high esteem among those that at all knew the invaluable worth of such a minister."  He described Sarah as a woman "who did so virtuously, that her own personal character would have made her highly esteemed, if a relation to such a father had not farther added unto the lustre of her character."


  1. John, mentioned below
  2. Sarah, born about 1614; married John Kendige, a schoolmaster in Lyme Regis, Dorset, England. He was a dissenting minister later in Cullerton, Devonshire, England.
  3. Timothy, was named in his father's will and probably was the younger brother of John, who is mentioned by Cotton Mather as having "d. upon the voyage."
  4. Lucy; married Sparhawk, probably the Rev. Edward Sparhawk of Black Notley, Essex, England.
  5. Benjamin, born 1622 in Wiltshire, England. He matriculated at Oxford University on 9 November 1638. However, because of unsettled conditions in England caused by growing strife between the Crown and Parliament, he left his studies at Magdalen Hall and embarked in 1639 for New England. He entered Harvard College and was first graduate of that College, receiving his B.A. degree at the head of a class of nine students at the frist Commencement 23 September 1642. He returned to England with his brother, John. In 1647 he was appointed minister at Newbury, Berkshire. On 16 November of the following year after residence at Magdalen Hall, Oxford University, he received his M.A. degree. He was dismissed at Newbury in 1662 but continued to preach privateky. He was a member of the Savoy Conference and served as Chaplain to King Charles II. He received Episcopal Ordination after the Restoration, but subsequently he became a non-conformist. He never returned to New England. He died 1 November 1684 in Inglefield, Berkshire, England, sine prole. He was buried 4 November from the Parish CHurch of St. Nicholas, Newbury, "being followed by a vast concourse of people, but there is no record to mark the spot of his interment."
  6. Hester, was named in her father's will.

        (2)  Rev. John Woodbridge VI, (at right), born 1613 at Stanton, England, died 17 March 1694/1695; married Mercy Dudley, born 1621 in Northampton, England, died 1 July 1691 at Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts, daughter of Thomas Dudley, Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.


  1. Sarah, born 7 June 1640, died aboyt 1690. She was seven years old at the time of her father's return to England and twenty three years old and probably married when he returned to New England. She lived in England until her death, leaving five children.
  2. Lucy, born 13 March 1642, died 18 June 1710; married first Rev. Simon Bradstreet, her cousin, who died 1683, by whom she had five children; married second Capt. Daniel Epps, with whom she had no children.
  3. John, born 1644, died 13 November 1691 in Wethersfield, Connecticut; married Abigail Leete, daughter of Gov. William Leete of Connecticut Colony, with whom he had six children. He graduated from Harvard College in 1664 and was ordained a minister on 7 April 1669.
  4. Benjamin, minister, born 1645; married first on 1 June 1672, Mary Ward, born 24 June 1649, daughter of Rev. John Ward of Haverhill, Massachusetts, granddaughter of Nathaniel Ward, author of the "Simple Cobler of Aggawan."
  5. Thomas, born 1648, died 30 March 1681 in Newbury, Massachusetts; married Mary Jones, daughter by a previous marriage of Mrs. White, the wife of Capt. Paul White. They had five children. After his death his widow married Joseph Croker in 1695.
  6. Dorothy, born about 1650, died April 1723; married Nathaniel Fryer, widower. He was a mariner, who subsequently served as a representative from New Hampshire in 1777. In 1683 he serbed as a member of the Council. They had no children.
  7. Anne, born about 1653 in England, probably in ANdover, Hampshire, during her father's tenure there, died 28 February 1701; never married. Judge Samuel Sewall gives her date of death as 4 March 1701: "Mistress Ann Woodbridge is buried at Roxbury."
  8. Timothy, mentioned below
  9. Joseph, born about 1657, died 17 September 1726; married Martha Rogers, daughter of Ezekiel Rogers of Ipswich, Massachusetts, with whom he had five children. His father willed him "the homestead [as] my sonne Joseph Woodbridge hath continued with me and hath bin serviceable to out Affaires."


        (3)  Rev. Timothy Woodbridge, born 13 January 1655/1656 at Barford-St. Martin's, Wiltshire, England, died 30 April 1732 at Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut.  He is documented as having three wives: He married first Mehitable Wyllys, daughter of the Rev. Samuel Wyllys and widow of both Rev. Daniel Russel and Rev. Isaac Foster. Together she and Timothy had four children. He married second around 1703, Mrs. Howell, first name unknown; Mrs. Howell is believed to have been widow of Jonathan Howell, Jr. of Southampton, Long Island, who died 1692. She had been previously married to Rev. Joseph Taylor of Southampton. He died 4 April 1682. They had two children. He married third Abigail Wilson, who was widow of both Richard Lord and John Warren of Boston. They had one child.
        He came with his parents on theri return to New England in 1663. He graduated from Harvard College in 1675 and was ordained
to the ministry on 18 November 1685. In 1669 he was one of ten principal ministers of the Colony named as Trustees and authorized by the General Assembly of Connecticut Colony to found Yale College. He was a Fellow of Yale, 1700-1732. In 1732 he was offered but declined the Rectorship of the College.
any of Timothy's personal papers are housed in the Yale University archives today, and the present Woodbridge Hall is named in his honor.

Children of Timothy Woodbridge & Mrs. Howell:

  1. Susanna, baptized 6 February 1703 at Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, died 10 May 1778; married Rev. Richard Treat, born 14 May 1694 in Glastonbury, Hartford Co., Connecticut, died about 1757.
  2. Ashbel, minister, born 10 June 1704, died 1758; married Jerusha Pitkin. He was ordained at Glastonbury, Connecticut in October 1728; served as Chaplain of a Connecticut Regiment in the French war; and was Fellow of Yale College 1755 to 1758. The memorial on his tomb reads: "Here lies interred ye body of the Revd. Mr. Ashbel Woodbridge, A great scholar, an excellent divine, a faithful minister, a wise peace-maker, he shone with uncommon lusture in every station of life untill he fell asleep August 6, 1758, in the 55th year of his life and the 30th of his ministry."

"The Woodbridge Record, 1883." Online version by Stephen Woodbridge at
"The Descendants of John Grier with Histories of the Allied Families."

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