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LASR Memorabilia

In this area, I will be accumulating pictures and other documents sent to me by LASR alumni. If you have pictures that you want to share, see below.

I have received files from

.gif and .jpg files are in general unmodified picture files sent to me. They often will be high resolution and may be much larger than your screen size although most browsers will make them fit on your screen. You can save them on your local disk and view and print them with a paint program. I like PaintShop Pro since it allows me to print any size picture on one letter size page.

.pdf files can be viewed and printed with Acrobat Reader, a free program from Adobe. When viewing on your screen, the page can be magnified using the magnifier tool. When printing, everything fits on regular letter size paper.

Thinking of sending me pictures?

If you have pictures that you want to share, just send them to me at . If you are sending me a large collection (more than 3), make them ready to be viewed and all together in one compressed file (.zip). I will expand them in their own folder. If possible, stick to .gif, .jpg and .pdf files. If you send me Word files, I will convert them to pdf.

Include a Readme file telling us about their contents.


  • Acrobat Reader
    Get your own free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader at the Adobe website. The program will install itself and you will be able to viw pdf files on your local hard disk. A plug-in to Internet Explorer and to Netscape will also install itself for you to view and print pdf files from inside your browser.
  • CoffeeCup Image Viewer
    To produce the thumbnail pages of images, I am using a free program from CoffeeCup Software.
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Jacques L'Heureux
October 29, 2006