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Hume Genealogy

(This page was last updated on Aug 31, 1998.)

Greetings Hume, Humes, Home, etc., researchers!

My name is Linnie Howell and I am interested in Hume family research because of my great great-grandfather, Manson Hume Crosby. He was allegedly given two family names as his first and middle names. I'm searching for his Hume grandmother.

I invite you to send me your family information to be added to these pages so I can start filling in the family lines which begin below. Please remember that your message needs to include permission, or a request, to post your information on the internet. I want to pass on a "word of caution" received from Anthony Tilmans, Hume family genologist, which indicates the 1903 book by John Robert Hume has errors. Dr. Tilmans indicates that the book has errors in identifying the children of John and William Hume, sons of George and Elizabeth (Proctor) Hume.)

As far as I know, there is no newsletter being published at this time for the Hume, etc., surname. I am considering starting one and would like to know your thoughts about that. While the internet is certainly a wonderful way to conduct genealogical research, there are still many, many researchers who do not have computers, much less internet access. It seems that the individuals who have spent a long lifetime researching are the individuals least likely to be surfing the internet.

Disclaimer: Information about these Hume families has been obtained from family group sheets submitted by various researchers and printed information from many sources. If you find information here about your Hume line, you should conduct research in primary records before accepting that information. I have NOT verified any of the following information.

Send comments and/or corrections to Linnie Howell

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