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The Ohio Company

Joshua Sprague & Family, William Sprague and Family, and Jonathan Sprague arrived in Ohio in 1789, Nehemiah arrived in 1790.


The following is from the W.P.A. Historical Records Survey: Inventory of the County Archives of Ohio, No. 5, Athens County, Columbus, Ohio, May, 1939. The Survey can be found in the Special Collections at Ohio University's Alden Library.


Athens County was created by an act passed 20 February 1805. The area within the political boundary of Athens County was part of the original grant to the Ohio Company, which was formed in Boston, Mass. 1 Mar 1786, by the Congress of the Confederation 27 October 1787 for 1,781,760 acres for $1,000,000.


A group men from Massachusetts and Connecticut, started for the Ohio Purchase in the winter of 1787-88.  They arrived at the mouth of the Muskingum River 7 April 1788,  founded what is now the city of Marietta.


The following men landed at the mouth of the Muskingum River 7 April 1788:


General Rufus Putnam, superintendent of the settlement and surveys
Colonel Ebenezer Sproat
Colonel R.J. Meigs (Arrived April 24, 1788)
Major Anselm Tupper, and Mr. John Mathews, surveyors
Major Haffield White, steward and quarter master


Captain Jonathan Devoll
Captain Josiah Munroe
Captain Daniel Davis
Captain Jethro Putnam
Captain William Gray
Captain Ezekiel Cooper
Peregrine Foster, Esq.
Jarvis Cutler
Samuel Cushing
Oliver Dodge
Isaac Dodge
Samuel Felshaw
Hezekiah Flint
Hezekiah Flint, Jr.
Amos Porter
Josiah Whitridge
John Gardner
Benjamin Griswold
Elizur Kirtland
Theophilus Leonard
Joseph Lincoln
William Miller
Jabez Barlow
Daniel Bushnell
Ebenezer Corey
Phinehas Coburn
Allen Putnam
David Wallace
Joseph Wells
Gilbert Devoll, Jr.
Israel Danton
Jonas Davis
Earl Sproat
Josiah White
Allen Devoll
Henry Maxon
William Maxon
William Moulton
Edmond Moulton
Simeon Martin
Benjamin Shaw
Peletiah White


The remainder of the emigrants arrived in 1788, 1789, and 1790

Bazaleel Bryant
Ebenezer Battelle & family
Nathaniel Cushing & family
James Converse
Fredrick Crary
Lot Cheever
Asa Coburn & family
Dana Luther
Samuel Denney
Samuel Dorrenie
Sylvanus Eldridge
Oliver Fuller
Richard Greene
Charles Greene & family
Maj. Nathan Goodale & family
Selah Hart
_____ Holland
Ephraim Kimble
Theophilus Knight
John Lasa
William P. Lunt
Thomas Lord
James Minot
John Mitchell
Jeffrey Matthewson
Neil McGuffey
James Owen & family
Robert Oliver & family
Launcelot Oliver
Israel Putnam
Oliver Rice
John Stratton
John Skinner
Elias Stanley
Gen. Benjamin Tupper & family
Dean Tyler
Edward W. Tupper
James Varnum (died Jan., 1789)
Levi Woodward
Ebenezer Whittemore
James Backus
James Brayman
Benjamin Converse & family
Archibald Crary
Joshua Cheever
Jeffrey Chouchip
Asa Coburn, Jr. & family
William Dana & family
Edmund Dana
Nathan Dicks
Cornelius Delano
Richard Elliott
Paul Fearing
Griffin Greene & family
Philip Greene
Jonathan Gilbert
Timothy Goodale
Benoni Hurlburt & family
Thomas Hutchinsen
George Ingersoll
Charles Knowles
Hamilton Kerr
Ezra Lunt
James Leach
Dick Laughton (half Indian)
John Miller (half Indian)
Samuel Mitchell
Abel Mathews
Nathaniel Moody & family
Ichabod Nye & family
Samuel H. Parsons
Israel Pierce & family
Alexander Oliver & family
William Oliver
Waldo A. Putnam
Winthrop Sargent
Samuel Stratton
Samuel Stebbins
Jabez True
Judah Tupper (died in war)
Benjamin Tupper Jr.
Simeon Wright
Andrew Webster & family

William Gridley & family
Daniel Dunham & famlily
Stephen Pierce & family
Col. William Stacy & family
Jonathan Stone & family
Joshua Shipman & family
Ebenezer Ayres & family
David Brown & family
Abijah Babcock
Thaddeus Baker
Howell Bull
William Breck
Robert Bradford & family
Asa Bullard
Abel Baldwin
Aaron Bell
Silas Bent & family
Silas Bent, Jr.
Benjamin Beadle
Joseph Barker & family
Davis Baldwin (Gallipolis)
Isaac Barker & family
Simeon Blake
William Burnham
David Baldwin
Benjamin Baker
Eleazer Bullard
Henry Bagley
Joseph Cummins
Arnold Cald
Wanton Casey
Squire Cady
Elijah Cushing
Daniel Cogswell & family
Arnold Clark
Aaron Clough
Thomas Corey
Joseph Clark
John Dodge & family
Benjamin Miles & family
Gilbert Devol, Esq. & family
Wanton Devol & family
Gideon Devol
Jonathan Devol
Solomon Drown
William Davis
John T. Dodge
Samuel Davis
Daniel Dunham, Jr.
Gershom Flagg & family
Paul Foster
Thomas Farley
Major Fairchild
Noah Fearing
John Greene
Abraham Greene
Thomas Gibson
Joseph Gilman & family
Caleb Griffin
Nathaniel Hamilton
Jonathan Haskell
James Kelley & family (killed 1791)
Nathan Kinney
Zebulon King (killed 1789)
Joseph Leaveus & family
John Lathbe
Isaac Lucas
John Leaveus
Elisha Lord
John May
Andrew McClure
Robert Mitchell
Isaac Mixer
William Mills
Edward Miller
Levi Munsell & family
Daniel Mayo
Richard Maxon & family
Picket Mervin
Charles Mills
John Miles
Moses Morse
Sylvanus Newton & family
Samuel Newell & family
William Newell
Joel Oaks
James Patten
Ezra Putnam, Jr.
David Putnam
Phineas Pierce
Enoch Parson
James Patterson & family
Nathaniel Patterson
Ebenezer Porter & family
Thomas Porter & family
Joseph Prime & family
William Parker & family
Smith Platt
Jonathan Plummer
Ezra Phillips
John Russell
Michael Rouse
John Rouse & family
Daniel Rowel
James Smith & family
Joshua Sprague & family
Daniel Story
Joseph Story
Joseph Strong
Enoch Shepherd & family
Enoch Shepherd Jr.
William Shiner
William Story
Benjamin Slocumb & family
William Stacy Jr.
Joseph Stacy & family
John Stacy
Philip Stacy
John Smith
Andrew Story & family
Nathaniel Sawyer & family
William Sprague & family
Jonathan Sprague
David Blake & family
Thomas Stanley & family
Peleg Springer
Jonathan Smith
Rufus Stacy
Stephen Smith
Benjamin Smith
Joseph Thompson
Eliphalet Tilas
Alexander Tilas
Daniel _______
Joel Tuttle & family
Linus Tuttle
John White
Nathan Woodbury
Dudley Woodbridge & family
Luke Webster
James Walker
Elisha Whiting
Elijah Warren
Christopher Winsor & family
David Wells & family
George Wilson & family
William Wilson & family
Jeremiah Wilson & family
Abraham Whipple & family
John H. Whipple
Thomas Wells
Thomas Shaw & family
Joseph Buell & family
Benjamin Gilman & family
Isreal Stone & family
Justus Allen
Robert Allison & family
______ Andre (French)
_____ Arvin (French)
Joseph Applegate
____ Athone (French)
John Andrews (Gallipolis)
Elijah Backus
Timothy Baker
Edward Bethel
Caleb Bailey
John Buck
Jonathan Baldwin (Gallipolis)
Andrew Blackburn
Amos Bliss & family
Peter Bureau (French)
____ Begnear (French)
Elijah Badwell (Gallipolis)
Ezekiel Barber & family
Rufus Bent
William Browning
Samuel Barnes
William Bridge
Christopher Burlingame & family
Samuel Bridge
David Brown Jr. (Gallipolis)
Aaron Brown (Gallipolis)
Nathaniel Brow
David Butler
Gideon Batchelder (Gallipolis)
Frederick Bebee
Daniel Beau
David Call
David Carson
Nathaniel Cushman
Antoine Chople (French)
Lansnett Comas (French)
Francis Choate
Isaac Choate
Joshua Choate
Joseph Chopman
Michael Carroll (Gallipolis)
James Caldwell
John Camp (killed at Big Bottom)
John Comas
_____ Calter (French)
____ Callin (French)
____ Chevelett (French)
____ Christophe (French) 
William Crage (French)
Asa Dudley
Gould Davenport
James Dorsey
John Day
John Drawn
____ David (French)
____ Dennit (French)
____ Delatre (French)
Christopher Devol
Abraham Dodge (Gallipolis)
Isaac Demsey (Gallipolis)
William Dunlay
John Finley
Jacob Farmer
William Ford & family
William Ford Jr.
Peter Frothingham
Joseph Frye
____ Fustlay (French)
John Fulham
Jonathan Farewell
Aride Fleming (Gallipolis)
Andrew Fleming (Gallipolis)
Thomas Gilbraith (Gallipolis)
Asahel Griffin
Zaccheus Goldsmith (Gallipolis)
Seiphen Guthrie
Elias Guthrie
Truman Guthrie
Joseph Guthrie & family
Casey Greene
Daniel Goodenough
Edward Henderson
William Hart
Joseph Hackney
Edward Harris & family
Christopher Hawkins
Nathaniel Hinckley
John Harris
Zoath Hammon & family
John Harte (Gallipolis)
John James & family
John James Jr.
William James
Joshua Jennings
____ Anthony (French)
Russell Isham
Jordan and Son (French)
____ Jowrdom (French)
Matthew Kerr (killed 1791)
Samuel Lewis (Gallipolis)
Daniel Loring & family
Isreal Loring
Thomas Lake & family
Archibald Lake & family
____ Lewis (French)
Andrew Lake
William Lake & family
Nathaniel Little & family
Nathaniel Little Jr. & family
Joseph Lygnum
William Lynot
____ Luxumburgh (French)
____ Lalorcey (French)
Alexander Leggett
David Llyod
Francis Labelle (French)
____ Label (French)
Daniel Maynard (Gallipolis)
John Moor (Gallipolis)
John McElwee
Benjamin Mills
William McCulloch
John McNemarre
Samuel McLeland
Nathan McIntosh
Simeon Merrill
Joseph Miller
____ Mark (French)
____ Meacham (French)
____ Meron (French)
Thomas Nealy
Ebenezer Nye & family
John Neiswanger & family
Coggswell Olney & family
Ichabod O'Brien
____ Ovrey (French)
Ezra Putnam & family
Samuel Porter
Benjamin Patterson & family
James Potts
Robert Potts
Rouse Potter
Joseph Petal (French)
Jean Pamey (French)
____ Piana (French)
Jean Pierre (French)
William Potter (Gallipolis)
Nathan Page (Gallipolis)
Jocob Proctor (Gallipolis)
Enoch Reed & family
Benjamin Potter (Gallipolis)
Harry Rue
Frederick Palmer (Gallipolis)
____ Roder (French)
Phineas Richardson (Gallipolis)
Reuben Rue (Gallipolis)
Joseph Rogers (Gallipolis)
Joseph Ransford & family
Isaac Robbins
Thomas Slih (Gallipolis)
Roger Sergent (Gallipolis)
Robert Safford (Gallipolis)
Jonathan Sheldon (Gallipolis)
Richard Sholes (Gallipolis)
David Snow (Gallipolis)
Joseph Smith (Gallipolis)
Samuel Semans
William Smith
Joseph Simonds (wounded 1792)
Jacob Stephens
Noah Sparhawk
Nehemiah Sprague
John Smith
John Shepherd
David Simkins
Alexander Scott
____ Shoemann & family (French)
George Tenner & family
Samuel Thomas & family
Antoine Tantroff (French)
Francis Thierry & family 
Zebulon Troop (killed at Big 
____ Tryon & family (French)
Joseph Utter & family
Samuel Utter
Reuben Utter
William Vanmetre
____ Vellermine
____ Votier
Pierre Venard (French)
John Waterman
Sherman Waterman (killed 1794)
John Worth
Jonathan Weight
Zachariah Waldow
Jacob Wiser
Joseph Wood
George Worth
Joseph Waugh
William Wasson (Gallipolis)
Robert Warth (killed 1791)
Ebenezer Randall (Gallipolis)

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