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Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834  Bucks County PA

Dalby, Abel
Dalby, Abner
Dalby, Clarah

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834 
Will Book No. 5

Page 548. Samuel Foulke, Richland Twp., yeoman. "Advanced in Age." October 8, 1796.
Proved February 7, 1797.
Wife Ann. Son Israel and nephew Everard exrs. Sons John, Judah, Cadwallader. Daus. Eleanor wife of Randal Iden, Amelia wife of Joseph Custer, Hannah wife of George Iden. Gdsn. Samuel Iden. Servant Abner Dalby. Wits: Thomas Lester, John Lester.

Will Book No. 8

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

Page 316. John Miller, Haycock Twp,. yeoman. February 9, 1807. Proved January 5, 1813. Wife Susanna and William Stokes of Haycock exrs. Wife all estate for life, then to son-in-law Abel Dalby and Clarah his wife.
Wits: William Stokes and Abr'm. Kachline.

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

SHIPPEN, WILLIAM.  City of Philadelphia.  July 25, 1807.  July 30, 1808.  2.341. To wife Alice Shippen his moiety of the Oxford furnace and lands adjoining in New Jersey, also lots in Philadelphia adjoining lots belonging to Edward Bonsall, Samuel Blair and Mr. B. Brinton, also lot next to one belonging to Zacheus Collins &c.  To son Thomas Lee Shippen.  To dau. Ann Horne Livingston.   To grandsons Thomas Lee Shippen and William Shippen.  To granddau. Margaret B. Livingston.  To cousins Catherine Wallen and Elizabeth Shippen.  To William Shippen Smith, son of James and Peggy Smith.  To William Shippen Pierie, son of John and Eve Pierie.  Property in Philadelphia bounded by Susan Blair's,by Mr. Collins, by Joseph Head's, by house occupied by Mrs. Fox.  Land in Bucks Co. called Farley.   Lot in Philadelphia in possession of  Joseph Hallowell, of Thomas Wolf, of Thomas Browne, of Catharine McIlvaine, bounded by lots belonging to Mr. Murray, a taylor, house in possession of Jacob Freeberry, lots bounded by lot belonging to John Wolf and Jacob Freberry.  Lot now in possession of Lewis Baker bounded by Samuel Middletons lot in possession of Johannes Richardson, by lands belonging to Susan Roberdeau and Francis Blair, bounded by Lewis Clapner's land.  Land bounded Samuel Bringhurst's, Daniel King's,  Captn. Dalby, Mr. Robinson, Henry Fraley, John Gintire, Lewis Clapier.  Land in possession of Mr. Major, schoolmaster.  rent charge from ground in Northern Liberties in tenure of Daniel Kepham, joining land of Samuel Del.   Land belonging to Capt. Cochran.  By land of Mrs. Levey.  Lot in tenure of John Barree.  Lot now claimed by heirs of late Robt.
Smith.  Land in Western country of Penna. which he holds in common with Widow Hutchinson. 
Exec:  Joseph B. McKean and Joseph Reed.
Witnesses:  William Coxe, Samuel Tucker, Tench Coxe.

Will Book 7

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

Page 223. Nathan Roberts, Richland Twp., yeoman. July 10, 1803. Proved December 26, 1806.Nephew Everard Foulke and Friend James Chapman exrs. Niece Martha wife of Isaiah Worrell. Sister Elizabeth wife of Israel Foulke. Nephews  David and Abel Roberts, sons of Bro. John, December'd., Enoch Edwards, son of Thomas and Hannah; Evan and Nathan Roberts, sons of Bro. David; Edward and Everard Roberts, sons of Bro. Everard December'd. William Roberts. Edward Roberts, son of sister Martha December'd. Evan Foulke, son of Sister Mary Aquilla Foulke. Nieces 4 daus. of late bro. Everard. 3 daus. of bro. David. Martha wife of Isaiah Wornell. Abigail wife of Edward Roberts. Lydia Edwards wife of Nathan and Susanna wife of Israel Penrose. 4 sons of John Penrose and their lunatic bro. Joseph and Martha Foulke, ch. of Hugh Foulke. Jane Green, wife of Bejamin, niece Martha Walton's 3 ch. by James Green. Clara wife of Abel Dolby. Rachel, wife of Thomas Penrose. Martha wife of Benjamin Foulke. Mary wife of William Penrose. Hannah Green dau. of Benjamin Green. Amos Roberts. Ann wife of John Penrose. Wits: William Green, John Lester. Draft of Land devised on record with will.

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

Page 333. Abel Roberts, Richland Twp., yeoman. January 13, 1801. Codicil dated 12-25- 1806. Proved March 1, 1808. Gdsns. Shipley Lester and Israel Lancaster exrs. Codicil revokes appointments of Israel Lancaster and puts son-in-law Samuel Penrose in his place. Daus. Sarah Penrose and Susanna Edwards. Gdsns. William, Abel and Samuel Nixon, sons of Susanna Edwards. Abel, William and Everard Penrose and Shipley Lester., Codicil, Abel Nixon absent many years, if does not return in 14 years his share to go to his sisters. Son-in-law Samuel Penrose land where Abel Dolby lives, adj. John  Penrose and John Foulke.
Wits: Eliza Chapman, Abigail Chapman, James Chapman. To Codicil John Lester, James Chapman.

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

Page 111. William Hicks, Rickland Twp., yeoman. October 9, 1809. Proved February 26, 1810. Son George and son-in-law Nathan Penrose exrs. Sons Jesse, Samuel, George, William and John. Daus. Mary Reimer, Abigail Walton, Margaret Jamison wife of Isaah Jamison and Hannah Penrose. Ch. of dau. Abigail by former husband Nathan Dolby, December'd. and of dau. Margaret by former husband Aaron Ball, December'd.
Wits: Everard Foulke and John Smith.

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

MILLER, MICHAEL, Tulpehocken. November 28, 1758.
Adm. to Catherine MILLER, the widow.


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