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From: "Camille Franklin"  
Subject:  Peanuts  Dalby
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999

The Historical Encyclopedia of Wyoming, Vol. 1 and 2;  this version is copyright 1970 Wyoming Historical Institute.  Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas, Texas In index,   Dalbey, pps. 1403, 1404, 1405. 

Peanuts was a leading citizen of Gillette, WY.  He was in the construction business and built most of the larger bldgs. on Main Street.  He also was interested in beautification of Gillette and worked to get a park (Dalbey Park) established, it has a small lake, fishing, trees.  It is on the southeast side of town.  He also designed the water tank for the town. This park is a total of 60 Acres.

D. J. Dalbey was born at Mexico, MO, to Tom and Effie Dalbey.  He attended public schools in Gillette, WY.  Mr.  Dalbey  came to Gillette WY as a youth. He worked in the Midwest Oil Field as a pipe liner and rig builder, starting when he was fourteen years of age.  He entered the construction business in 1940 and quit   in 1963.

Mr. Dalbey married the former Florence Mason, of Gillette, Wyoming on 4-30-1938.   Her parents were Fred and Ruth Mason.  They came to Gillette in 1931.   She graduated form Campbell County High School (so did I) in 1932. Mrs. Dalbey passed away on March 7, 1951.  There were no children  She was a member of Eastern Star.
Mr. Dalbey was appointed in 1965 by governor Hanson of WY to the Land and Water Conservation Commission of WY.  He was also appointed by Governor Hansen to the Centennial Commission of WY for the 75th diamond Jubilee.

That's not everything word for word, but it is most of the usable information that is in it.

Glad that I was able to help you.  Hope this has some usable info in it.

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