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Descendants of Pead Thomas Machen
Submitted by James Crews

Generation No. 1

1.  PEAD THOMAS1 MACHEN was born 08 January, 1692/93 in Middlesex, VA, and died 12 October, 1730 in Middlesex, VA.  He married MARY CHELTON 08 August, 1711 in Christchurch, Middlesex, VA.

2. i. HENRY2 MACHEN, b. 29 November, 1716, Middlesex, VA; d. 03 April, 1752, Prince William, VA.

Generation No. 2

2.  HENRY2 MACHEN (PEAD THOMAS1) was born 29 November, 1716 in Middlesex, VA, and died 03 April, 1752 in Prince William, VA.  He married GRACE GREENWOOD Bef. 1752 in VA, daughter of JOHN GREENWOOD.

3. i. HENRY3 MACHEN, JR., b. 19 December, 1745, Prince William,  VA; d. 10 December, 1821, Greenville, South Carolina.

Generation No. 3

3.  HENRY3 MACHEN, JR. (HENRY2, PEAD THOMAS1) was born 19 December, 1745 in Prince William,  VA, and died 10 December, 1821 in Greenville, South Carolina.  He married FRANCES BALLINGER 06 November, 1772 in Prince William, VA, daughter of FRANCIS BALLENGER and SARAH CONNOR.

Notes for HENRY MACHEN, JR.:
     Henry Machen, Jr. was born December 19, 1745 in Virginia.   We found the Machen family listed there among the Quakers.  They practiced the Quaker faith.  Henry Machen's father was Henry Machen.  We do not have information at this time on his mother. 
     Henry, Jr.  was a Revolutionary Soldier and moved to Greenville, South Carolina.  He married Frances Ballinger before 1773.  I have just been given some information on the Ballingers which links them back to England.   I have not had time to check it ou, but, if it is true, her father was also named Francis.  There were two more generations listed in this material.
     I found a copy of Henry's will at Greenville, South Carolina.   His father's will was filed in both Virginia and South Carolina.
     Henry Machan, Jr. died on December 10, 1821 in Greenville, South Carolina.  Frances died November 3, 1826 also in Greenville.

Sources: Will of Henry Machen, South Carolina Census Records, 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820   

Fact 1: RS-Sgt-SC  South Carolina Revolutionary Soldiers, Sailors, Patriots  7 Descenden
Fact 2: Lived in Greenville, S.C., 1792

i. JAMES4 MACHEN, b. 21 September, 1773.
ii. THOMAS MACHEN, b. 01 April, 1775; d. 17 July, 1775.
iii. HENRY MACHEN III, b. 08 May, 1776.
iv. JOHN MACHEN, b. 24 June, 1777; d. 06 May, 1817.
v. JUDITH MACHEN, b. 10 November, 1778.
vi. MARY (POLLY) MACHEN, b. 17 May, 1781.
vii. ELIZABETH MACHEN, b. 14 May, 1782.
viii. MARGARET (PEGGY) MACHEN, b. 22 December, 1783.
ix. HANNAH MACHEN, b. 15 April, 1785.
x. FRANCES BALLINGER MACHEN, b. 28 February, 1787; d. Bef. 1792, S.C..
xi. SARAH (SALLY) MACHEN, b. 16 May, 1789.
4. xii. FRANCES BALLINGER MACHEN, b. 04 March, 1792, Greenville, South Carolina; d. Abt. 1879, Placerville, California or El Dorado, California.
xiii. EDWARD B. MACHEN, b. 24 March, 1791; d. 15 April, 1818.
xiv. GRACE G. MACHEN, b. 22 June, 1796; d. 03 December, 1820.
xv. NANCY K. MACHEN, b. 09 August, 1798.

Generation No. 4

4.  FRANCES BALLINGER4 MACHEN (HENRY3, HENRY2, PEAD THOMAS1) was born 04 March, 1792 in Greenville, South Carolina, and died Abt. 1879 in Placerville, California or El Dorado, California.  She married JABEZ GALT Bef. 1813 in South Carolina, son of JAMES GALT.

Notes for JABEZ GALT:
     Jabez Galt was born on April 19, 1789 in Newberry, South Carolina, the son of James Galt and an unknown spouse.  He married Frances Ballinger Machen before 1813. Frances was born on March 4, 1792 in Greenville, South Carolina.   She was the daughter of Henry Machen, Jr. and Frances Ballenger.  The family moved to Canton, Cherokee County, Georgia around 1842-43.  Jabez was a merchant.
       The Galts were very active in the Baptist Church.   A spokes person at the church office said there had been Galts taking an active part there from the time of their arrival in Cherokee County to the present.  Most of those years one of them had served as church Treasurer
     Jabez Galt died October 1, 1850.  He was buried in Canton.    After the death of her husband, Franges went to California on a wagon train.   Her son, Henry Galt, was traveling west also.  Frances died in California about 1789 though I have written all around where she supposed to have been,
    The Galt's son Joel took over his father's business and was a very successful merchant.  One Galt descendant has some letters pertaining to John Gilland.

SOURCES:  "History of Cherokee County"; South Carolina Census Index,es: 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840;  Cherokee County, Georgia Census Records 1850.   Letters from Mrs. McGruder in Canton, Georgia;  Telephone conversatin with Larue Roberts, descendant of the Galt family

More About JABEZ GALT:
Fact 1: 1850, Will, Book B, pg. 35 & 36

Children of FRANCES MACHEN and JABEZ GALT are:
i. MARGARET MACHEN5 GALT, b. 01 April, 1813, South Carolina; d. 27 March, 1881, Cassville, Bartow County, Georgia; m. JOHN GILLILAND VERNON, 15 September, 1831, Spartenburg, Spartenburg Co. South Carolina.

     John Gilliland Vernon was born in Welford , South Carolina in 1808. He was the son of James Vernon and Margaret Jordan. John married Margaret Machen Galt  in Spartenburg, South Carolina on September 15, 1831. Margaret was born in South Carolina on April 1, 1813, the daughter of Jabez Galt and Frances Ballinger Machen. The couple lived in Spartenburg for several years.  John's occupation at that time is unknown.  The 1840 South
Carolina Census shows them to be in Spartenburg.  He was shown to be Administrator of his brother, Andrew J. Vernon's Will in 1841-42 in Spartenburg.

     Around 1843 the Vernon's joined Margaret's family and other settlers from the Spartenburg area  in moving to the newly opened area of Georgia left vacant when the Indians were marched to Oklahoma. John's name was found on the applicant's list for Bounty Land.Sometime before 1844 the Vernon family moved to Cassville, Georgia  where we find them on the 1850 Georgia Census. John's occupation was listed as a farmer.

      According to information learned from a cousin, Larue Roberts, who descended from John's wife's family, the Galt's,  John was an over-seer on a large plantation prior to and during the Civil War. The owner was a Mr. Brown. Toward the end of the war valuable items were buried or hidden well to prevent them being stolen by looters. It seems,  according to family stories, that Sherman's men came through the area where this plantation was located. They asked where valuables were located and John refused to tell them. The soldiers hung him on the gate-posts and left him for dead. The slaves who had remained loyal to John cut him down after the soldiers left and saved his life.  Carol Taggert, a cousin who descends from John G. Vernon through Franklin DeFae  and John Hudson Vernon says this fits with stories she heard her grandfather tell about things being hidden during the Civil War.  According to records I have located John was also a member of  the Home Guard during the Civil War.

     Another Galt , Margaret McGruder, told me she has letters concerning John Gilliland Vernon found in the attic at her home in Cassville. I hope to obtain copies of these one day.  She lives in a Galt family home.  According to this same cousin the Vernon family were members of the Baptist Church.  John had joined with his wife, Margaret,  as her family were Baptists.

     The 1870 Georgia Census lists John as a Stock Trader as does the 1880 one.  Both of these show him living in the same house as his son, Franklin DeFae.  In 1880 they were  living in Cherokee County, Georgia.

     Margaret Machen Galt died on March 27, 1881.  I was given this date also for the death of John Gilliland, but it may be incorrect according to Carol Ann Taggert Moran who has information leading us to believe John Gilliland gave the history of his family at a Vernon family reunion held in South Carolina in the 1890's.  

SOURCES: South Carolina Census Records, 1830, 1840. "History of Spartenburg County". Bartow County, Georgia Census Records, 1850. Cherokee County Georgia Census Records, 1860, 1870, 1880. Information given by
Selma Lamberson in notes received July 5, 1985. Larue Roberts, Galt cousins, and Carol Ann Taggert Moran.

Fact 1: 1880, Stamp Creek, Ga. Census Records indicate  age 71 and living with son.
Fact 2: Occupation above census, Stock Trader.

ii. JOHN R. GALT, b. 11 October, 1814, South Carolina; d. 14 July, 1876, Altoona, Ga..
iii. JOEL LEWIS GALT, b. 26 June, 1817, South Carolina; d. 18 March, 1873, Canton, Cherokee Co., Ga.; m. MALINDA CAROLINE GRESHAM, Canton, Cherokee Co., Ga..

Fact 1: 1870, Census Records Canton, Cherokee Co., Ga., occupation, Farmer

iv. EDWARD BALLINGER MACHEN GALT, b. 01 October, 1819, South Carolina; d. Acworth, Ga..
v. HENRY J. GALT, b. 14 August, 1822, South Carolina; d. 17 March, 1852, on the pacific Ocean, California.

More About HENRY J. GALT:
Fact 1: 1850, Census Cherokee Co., Ga. lists Henry J. Galt, Physician

vi. FRANCES WILBURN GALT, b. 01 February, 1825, South Carolina; d. 26 October, 1858, Cherokee Co., Ga..
vii. JABEZ L. GALT, b. 19 April, 1828, South Carolina; d. 24 June, 1831, Canton, Cherokee Co., Ga..
viii. THOMAS A. GALT, b. 01 June, 1830, South Carolina; d. 20 December, 1890, Eldorado, CA; m. UNKNOWN, 20 October, 1855.
ix. LELAND LANDRUM GALT, b. 01 September, 1832, South Carolina; d. 09 July, 1855, Spring Place, Ga..



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