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I started   researching The Neeley's [Neely] family because they have American Indian Ancestors which I am trying to Verify, (Nealy, I found this spelling in my research papers that were passed on from another family researcher). Now I'm working on the Nicholson/White because my ancestor married a White whose mother was a Nicholson and a Nicholson married a daughter of Chief James Vann. I have just recently received copies of the Cherokees Roll with 22 Nicholson's listed from this Nicholson line.

Most of the Neeley's of various spellings also migrated from different states, my line is from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, to Indiana, Tennessee, some through Arkansas then down to Texas & Oklahoma then to California after ca. 1932 when Edward C. Neeley passed away.

There are a few people who have contributed to finding the information enclosed on this site. The information on William Neeley family has come from several sources, my cousin Chris Neeley of CA had been researching the LDS History center since 1991 and  found some info. sent in by Eloyce Hubbard Kockler from Montana, she had also been in contact with David Nealy/Neeley of TX.

The rest was found by another cousin Charlene "DeTurk" Howard,  daughter Nena Bernice Neeley & Lester DeTurk of CA,   by going to OK after her mother died,  she had to go to OK to settle a dispute with a Jim Walter over the mineral/oil rights of some land owned by Edward Charles & Alice May Neeley [Edward is the son of Jesse Powell Neeley & the brother of  William Wallace Neeley who is the father of Alice] this land was willed to their heirs Francis Kenneth, Newlen, Bernice, Delbert & Estas Neeley. He was stating he couldn't find them & wanted the court to give him claim to land to get the oil out,  even though he had been sending them Royalty checks since Alice died in 1957.

My Step-Dad's Line

Joseph Neeley line through Thomas G Neeley & Susan Jane Ussery, their son 
Joseph Warren Neeley & Eleanor "Nelly" Powell & their sons;

William Wallace Neeley & Jessie Powell Neeley  Which makes my dad & his siblings double cousins.
Joseph Warren Neeley & Thomas G. Neeley II [the second],  information by David Nealy/Neeley of TX.
William Wallace Neeley & Margaret Elizabeth White daughter of [Joshua White & Florinda Nicholson] Retta Cunningham & Susan Morris were a great help with the Nicholson/White line which is mine.
Their children;
Nathaniel Neeley, Magnolia "Neeley" Johnson,
William Henry Neeley  by  Lorn & Billie [Neeley] Nikkel of TX.

The Mississippi Neely/Neeley Clan of  Jacob Neeley/Neely line.
  Suzanne Neely Burden of TX,  Frank Roberts of MS, Gwen Brewer of LA, Ben Carroll of MS.
Mary Neeley & Matthew Pryor Jr. Connie Bauman,  Nancy & Sunny of CA.
I also found the 2 Pigg lines on the internet & the Ussery line.

I have found most of the spouses through my research on the Internet Mailing Lists, through RootsWeb.
I know there are various spellings for Neeley but for
consistency I will keep the spelling as my family has
know it to be.      

Contributors to this site

If you have anything you would like to add,  just send it by email or snail mail to me & I will put it on the site.

Suzanne Neely Burden  - Crowley, TX -  -  Jacob Neeley/Neely [Jacob Tomstone Photos]

Jim Neeley/Neely  Wayne NJ -   - Jackson , Possible Brother of  William Neeley.
Lorn Nikkel & Billie Neeley  Davidson TX   - Descendant of William Henry-William Wallace- Joseph Warren, ggg-granddaughter of  William & Eleanor. Neeley/White/Nicholson Photo page.

David Nealy - Waco, TX -    Descendant of John Wood s/o Joseph Warren s/o
Thomas G. Neeley s/o Joseph Neeley, ggg-grandson of William & Eleanor

Carl Fisher   
wife's Neely branch includes photo's.  -  

Ken Neeley/Neely   [New Cousin 5/98]   --Descendant of John Neeley's oldest son the son
of  William & Eleanor Neeley,

Charles Miller   Descendant of William Neely & Mary Miller
of Camden Dist. SC  [may not be same line]

John Middleton - Leawood KS -  -   Neely, IRL>PA, 1759-1900

Gwen Brewer - Merryville LA - Descendant of  Manse/Wilkens/Thomas/Jacob Neeley

Ben Carroll - Pasadena TX  - -  Descendant of Thomas/Jacob Neeley

Frank Roberts - Petal, MS  bfhenry@netdoor.comDescendant of Thomas [s/o Jacob Neeley] thru
Thomas'  second wife Catherine McCaskill. 
The Neely Mansion In Neely Mississippi

Richard Neeley -  -   Liberty Baptist Church [Neely] Harrisville, Cemetery records,
research by the late Harold Neeley of the  Jacob Neeley families of Simpson Co., MS.  
Mississippi  Neely History

Dennis Ward   The Chattanooga Sunday Times,  Clement Vann, Chief Joseph Vann

Retta Cunningham of TX -   Nicholson & White Info.
Susan Morris  Some White also

Judith Byars  Eleanor Powell    [Jesse Powell & Mary House info]

Sandra Neely Peterson,    E-Mail Address    S_Peterson Neely homepage

My Pryor helpers

Nova A Lemons  

Sandra Eleanor [Tyler] Duncan from Sacramento CA   
Mailing List & Surnames

Nancy  Pryor info.

Sunny Pryor Pryor info.
Mary Ann Bartlett  Pryor Info.


History    By Jim Neeley/Neely 

Some History by John Middleton

Submitted by;  Frank Roberts of Petal, MS (Mississippi)  Jacob Neeley 
Who's Who in the Steen-Neeley Family - Over two Hundred Years in America 1738-1959

Submitted by Charles Miller   ALEXANDER'S/MILLER'S/NEELY'S   WILLS

From the book " The Neely's of Neely's Bend ",  Davidson County, TN
written by; Mary Ellen Martin Walker   May 1996

One must realize that back when our Ancestors were raised they didn't know how to spell [neither did the census takers] so there will be various spellings for the same surname which sometimes makes it possible to overlook a name just because it isn't spelled the same by each line. The connection is still there but a little different. I have birth, death & marriage records & each one has a different spelling.

The Neely Name - (Note: Neely is spelled many different ways; Neeley, Niely, Neelly, Neelie, Neilli, Neala, Neilly...the spelling probably depended on how the census taker thought it should be spelled).



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