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Wed Oct 07, 1998

This is for those of us who have been trying to find, William & Eleanor Neeley [b; 1710-20] in Lancaster County PA. I have been communicating with a Professional Genealogist in PA who has offered to help me find info. on my Neeley line [for the last 2 mo he has been a big help with my Dalbey line who are from Bucks Co., PA he has 5,000 Dalbey's to share] anyway he has been doing research for 15 years. So here is why we can't find any info. on William & Eleanor.

Jeff Ketterer wrote:

Dear Pauline,  I can't do much on the Neeley family for you because the records don't exist. What I can do is tell you if there was an early presence in what is now Lancaster County of the Neeley Family, and possibly provide you with a very limited supply of documents.  Lancaster County did not exist prior to 1729. The place was settled fairly early, but it was generally an area filled with far-flung farms with no centralized settlements of any kind. Also keep in mind that Chester was it's parent county. Prior to 1729, Chester's western frontier was not explored and  "officially" ended somewhere near Pittsburgh. When Lancaster was formed in  1729, all that did was establish a western border for Chester County. It would  not be for another 20 years before Lancaster's Western border would be defined  when York County was cut.  Please keep that in mind. Born in 1710 in Lancaster is kind of a vague description that could be virtually anywhere in the southern third of  Pennsylvania. I don't want to discourage you, but you should be aware of the  political development of the area. It may mean going along the southern part of the state county by county until you find what you want.  I'll let you know what I find.  As Always,  Jeff

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