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PRYOR, George Washington m. Pernethia UNKNOWN

Name Birth date Birth location Death date Spouse

Henry FOX HARRELL, Sarah Unity FOX Bef. May 1810 Bef. Nov 1855
PRYOR, Samuel Odle
Elizabeth GARLAND 1698 MCALLISTER, William
Sarah HARRELL FOX, Henry
Elizabeth JOBE ODLE, Samuel
Hannah MCALLISTER Abt. 1720 Louisa, VA 1811 THOMPSON, Thomas
William MCALLISTER 1694 Louisa, VA GARLAND, Elizabeth
Samuel ODLE Abt. 1780 JOBE, Elizabeth
Sarah ODLE 26 Nov 1776 PRYOR, Joseph
George PRYOR Abt. 1850
George W. PRYOR Bef. Nov 1846 Choctaw, MS Abt. 1882
Joseph PRYOR 1712 Hanover, VA
Joseph PRYOR 01 Dec 1767 SC 19 Dec 1851 ODLE, Sarah
Richard PRYOR Abt. 1736 Caroline, VA 08 Aug 1797 THOMPSON, Mourning
Samuel Odle PRYOR 28 Jan 1811 see notes Bef. Jun 1860 FOX, Unity
Mourning THOMPSON Abt. 1745 Louisa, VA 1819 PRYOR, Richard
Samuel THOMPSON 05 May 1613 Avondale, SCOT UNK, Unk
Samuel THOMPSON 03 Nov 1667 Blair Manor, Ayrshire, SCOT 28 Aug 1753
Samuel THOMPSON 31 Dec 1691 SCOT 28 Aug 1753 UNK, Temperance
Thomas THOMPSON 1718 Fredericksville, Louisa, VA 22 Oct 1774 MCALLISTER, Hannah
William THOMPSON 05 Apr 1635 Avondale, SCOT UNK, Unk
Temperance UNK Abt. 1696 THOMPSON, Samuel
Unk UNK Abt. 1615 Avondale, SCOT THOMPSON, Samuel
Unk UNK Abt. 1637 Avondale, SCOT THOMPSON, William


following cemetery records......

Mack PRYOR was born in OK in 1886, so he could have been the son of a sibbling of your William. Mack's father was named Pah PRYOR, the Pah, I was told, was not because he was a father, but was an Osage name. Mack's know brothers are Charles (oldest son) Joseph & John (twins) his known sisters are Josephine, Fannie (poss. Frances) and Rose. Mack's mother may have been Margaret. Mack married in 1909 in Gainsville, Cook Co. TX to: Elizabeth "Liza" Jane EARNHART b. 1894 in Bedford (now Coffee) Co. TN. Mack and "Liza" Pryor's children were: Margaret, Francis "Buddy", Mary Lucille, Fulo & Eulo (Ident. twins), and Clarence (all born in TX). Mack died in 1923 in TX.

There is a William Mack Pryor burried in OK

Some PRYOR's Buried in OK and TX Cemeteries ==TEXAS==

Boggess Cemetery, Montague Co., TX Gravestone markers in an abandon cemetery, commonly called the BOGGESS Cemetery. Located on right side of Hwy 677 9/10th mile from St. Jo.

PURYEAR, Earnest son of Z (?).T. & S.A. PURYEAR b. 2 Sep 1874 d. 22 Sep 1874


Union Hatchett Cemetery, Bessie, Washita Co.,OK

PRYOR, Minnie b. 1894 d. 1902

The following Cemeteries are all in Carter Co., OK

Hillcrest Cemetery, in Ardmore, Carter Co., OK 2nd largest cemetery in Carter Co.

PRYOR, Charley C b. 1898 d. 1965
PRYOR, Maudie b. 1904 d. 1979
PRYOR, William Mack  b. 17 APR 1906 d. 24 SEP 1985
PRYOR, Beatrice b. 11 MAY 1909 d. 30 NOV 1989
PRYOR, Aubrey John b. 3 MAR 1921 d. 9 APR 1979

McalisterCemetery, Carter Co., OK in the lower central part of the county, on Dolese Road, very near the Love Co. line.

PURYEAR, Cecil b. 12 NOV 1906 d. 16 OCT 1908
PURYEAR, Baby b. 5 APR 1914 d. 5 APR 1914

Rose Hill Cemetery, Ardmore, Carter Co., OK south of the city, largest cemetery in Carter County.

PRYOR, John Hickman b. 1869 d. 1928
PRYOR, Mary Ellen Margaret b. 1873 d. 1952
PRYOR, John F b. 25 FEB 1898 d. 23 DEC 1974
PRYOR, Ben Hickman b. 24 APR 1908 d. 8 MAY 1970
PRYOR, Leo A b. 24 SEP 1910 d. 7 OCT 1996

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