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KY Pryor's from Harper book - Part 1

From "Twenty-One Southern Families: Notes and Genealogies,"
by Elizabeth Pryor Harper, Patricia Freeman, Compiler and Editor, 1985.  

Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997

I have a copy of page 139 of Elizabeth Pryor Harper's Twenty-Two Southern Families.

This page contains the material that the author had abstracted from various sources on the PRYOR family in Kentucky. The only exception to VA and NC is that Elizabeth PRYOR, d/o John and Margaret PRYOR, married first Charles Smith, who died in Halifax Co. VA by Dec Court of 1757, and secondly married by 1760 Mathews Flournoy. This Elizabeth PRYOR Smith Flournoy and her second husband moved to KY, where both of their wills are found.

Here is the KY data from Mrs. Harper's book.

PRYOR family. (Indian) attack on Pryor's family and on Griffin's station. From Kentucky Papers. Wisconsin Historical Papers 1925 p 476 p 373 ibid Shane, John D interview with Caleb Williams, Fayette Co. KY. Caleb son of Samuel Williams who went from NY to Cincinnati in 1790. He and others settled in Cincinnati. Nicholas Longworth's 1st town lot, etc. Capt. PRYOR, Wm & Basil Clark, Jno. Cox, Hughey Crawford mentioned Williams genealogical data.

A C PRYOR, Mrs. (1839) Blue Lick Springs KY, p. 3 The Kentucky Gazette Vol 54 no 29 July 18 1839 Advertisement: Her table shall be at all times supplied with anything the country affords - and in addition it will be furnished with vension and fresh fish whenever they can be had. Her bar … with the choicest and best liquors and wines … Boarding per day $1.25 per week $8.00.

GREEN L PRYOR deceased May 1843 in Circuit Court of U S District of Kentucky - suit in Chancery, etc. James M WHITMORE heirs, William Whittemore, deceased. vs CATH. A PRYOR, MARY Pryor, JOHN PRYOR, and ELIZABETH PRYOR, tract of 30 acres at Lower Blue Lick in Nicholas CO., lots 123, 421, 21, 22, 23 in Bartlettsburg … Tavern House erected by William WHITTEMORE and when mortgaged Dec 17 1836, occupied by said GREEN L PRYOR as a tavern …

C A PRYOR Mary, John & Elizabeth residents … 1-4-1844 acres 30 - Book 27 page 381 Lower Blue Lick watercourse.

CHARLES PRYOR In Sept 1861 a company was organized by Capt B T Underwood of Henderson Ky and assigned to duty as Co A 25th Kentucky Infantry. Under command of Col James M Shackleford officered as follows: B T Underwood

Capt --- Roster shown: CHARLES PRYOR, E T WALKER etc.

DAVID PRYOR b Bullitt CO., son of SIMON & Susan PRYOR d Meade CO., Sept 23 1855 age 47 (married).

ELIZABETH PRYOR Matthew FLOURNOY Sr husband of ELIZABETH PRYOR, son of Jean Jacques FLOURNOY of Virginia. Matthew had settlement in Ky, migrated to Ky 1760-1765, from Prince Edward CO., near Charlotte line Va, killed on his 13th trip to Ky, he had settled in Scott CO., and established Flournoy Fort. Home still standing. M in Va ELIZABETH (PRYOR) SMITH widow of Charles Smith. From Virginia Magazine of History Vol 3 67-69.

GEORGE R PRYOR lawyer b June 12 1840 Garrard CO., Only child of JAMES B and Martha (FOSTER) PRYOR, farmer, from Amherst CO.,, and Martha from Jassamine CO.,.

JAMES B PRYOR, son of DAVID PRYOR of Va, farmer and Revolutionary Soldier, descended from NICHOLAS PRYOR who migrated from Scotland, settled on James River c 1700. Martha, daughter of Thomas FOSTER, soldier in War of 1812.

GEORGE R PRYOR m March 2 1875 Julia DEERING of Scott CO.,, daughter of Rev S S Deering, Methodist minister.

GREENE L PRYOR m Catherine BUZZARD May 5 1827 Lexington.

JAMES PRIOR Carroll CO., Caroline T BUTLER, wife of JAMES PRIOR b Feb 14 1798 d Jan 7 1885.

ELIZABETH PRYOR Graves CO., age 68 married d July 7 1857 of cholera morbus. b NC parents T & S WHITE.

JAMES PRYOR age 70 married d April 12 1857 b Graves CO., parents RICHARD and Marion PRYOR.

Nancy., PRYOR 34 married d Oct 11 1859 of consumption.

JAMES PRYOR Will of John M OFFAND Nov 23 1818, probated March 11 1822 gives to wife Henrietta Offand and after her death to his children; executor Henrietta Offand, wife, JAMES PRYOR, Fortunatus COSBY, and William MCKEEVER Jefferson CO.,.

JAMES PRYOR partner with John GILLEY, merchants, New Orleans Feb 4 1813-Feb 6 1820.

Feb 4 1813 James WEIR, Lexington. letter to James BERTHOND 'Son - Receipt of Heddington's bill of lading of twine shipped on barge, Ohio, to GILLY & PRYOR to New Orleans no tow linen to be had at present. Quotes price on plow lines and linen - Letter book copy 1 p.

Feb 4 1813 James Weir, Lexington. Letter to GILLEY & PRYOR. Having seen letter to Sanders quoting prices they could obtain for twine, he is sending a trial shipment on the barge, Ohio, S Heddington master; enclosing bill of lading N B Inquires about sale of White work" and price paid therefor. Letter book copy 1 p.

1814 James Weir, Lexington to J Berthond & Son. Enclosed 2 bills of exchange drawn by GILLY & PRYOR in his favor on John A Tarascon instructions in regard thereto; asks that cigars be forwarded in Turner's barge. Letter book copy 1 p.

Feb 6 1816 Jas. Weir - Memorandum of letter to J Berthund & Son. Enclosing GILLY & PRYOR draft on John A Tarascon for $455.99 for acceptance and discount A N S p 1.

Feb 6 1820 James Weir, Lexington. Letter to Nathaniel Cox, Has been in daily expectation of money to be collected from John Brandt & Co. Advises of the shipment of bale rope and plow lines on steamship Beaver. David Prentice, Master, and gives instructions concerning its sale; encloses order of GILLY & PRYOR for twine, account current and any funds for sale; copy of order appended. Letter book copy 1 p.

Above, Calendar of Kentucky, papers of Draper Collection of Manuscripts.

JAMES PRYOR will made in New Orleans Dec 25 1814 Will beings "The state of our Country rendering life more precarious than usual …" Probated Jefferson CO., Aug 13 1822 Named James GILLY, son of John B Gilly as executor; brothers ROBERT L PRYOR & NATHANIEL PRYOR and Robert MCCLELLAND; sisters Jane B GILLY, and Eliza OLDHAM. (Book 2 p 183). Nancy., PRYOR had m Robert McClelland Aug 7 1792 Jefferson CO., and she d by 1810 (he was widower in 1810 census, and mentioned alone in will of James Pryor). Jane B PRYOR m John GILLY May 17 1808 Jefferson CO.,. ELIZA W PRYOR m 1) _ MCCLELLAND 2) HENRY OLDHAM Aug 26 1808 Bullitt CO.,. 1840 Jefferson CO., census Lousville p 18. 1850 Jefferson CO., census Louisville p 293 56 years old b Ga widow property valued at $3,000. She was mentioned in will of Samuel OLDHAM (1834) as wife of his son Henry. Children also mentioned but not named.

JACK PRYOR James FAULKNER pension application Fayette CO.,, knew George STROTHER and JACK PRYOR Henry CO., which part is now Trimble CO., age 87. JACK PRYOR member of legislature Oldham CO., 1832 (Oldham formed from Jefferson, Shelby, Henry).

JOHN PRYOR Dr of Bourbon CO., d July 1851(?) at advanced age. Woodford CO., Pisgah Church Maggie CHENEY wife of Dr J W PRYOR d May 16 1876 age 36. Bourbon CO., infant baptism Hapewell Baptist Church 1824 JOHN PRYOR son of Mrs MARY PRYOR June 8 1838 (or 39) (MARY PRYOR d 1858).


KY Pryors from Harper book - Part 2

 This is the second part of the KY Pryors.

Here is the KY data from Mrs. Harper's book, p 139, second column.

JOHN PRYOR Tax list 1800 Henry CO.,. First court of Henry CO., held on Pryor farm. From History of Henry County by Maude Johnston Drane, p. 7 George Rogers Clark papers: May 17 1783 Journal of Wester Commissions met according to adjournment. It appears to the commissioners that there is due

JOHN PRYOR for 18 days service as a spy. 1 3.3 see page 176

JOHN PRYOR Fayette CO., Kentucky entry 6,000 acres Book 2 p 50 1-13-1783 watercourse none - none surveyed.

JOHN PRYOR Military warrant 4,000 acres warrant 126 service 3 years Captain Continental Line Virginia 2-13-1783. Supposed to have been killed by Indians before 1825 - from July 25 1825 edition of Louisville "Morning Post" he was dead by that time. 1800 Mercer CO., Surveyor; settled near New Castle, Henry CO., Ky. In 1783 Fayette CO., Ky owned 6,000 acres (Deed Book 2:50). Received 4,000 acres on Skaggs Creek Ky for his 3 years service as Capt. Continental Line of Virginia on Feb 13 1783. (See above warrant #126) County Lieutenant Jefferson CO., 1781. Colonel, Jefferson CO., Militia in M/W Expedition of 1782 (Historical Register of Virginians in Revolution by John H Gwathmey p 279) Major Clarks Illinois Regiment 1782.

JOHN PRYOR 500 acres book 10 p 100 date surveyed 9-27-1795 Jefferson CO.,. David CRAWFORD Jefferson CO., Dec 14 1801 Codical Mar 14 1802 Sept 20 1802 Sons: David, Reuben, Nathan, Charles, John. Daughters Sally COKE, Elizabeth DAVIS, Nan CO., JONES, wife not named. Executors: Charles TALIAFERRO, David WARWICK Wit: JOHN PRYOR, WILLIAM PRYOR

JOHN PRYOR Jefferson CO., Military entries 1784-1794: 666 & 2/3 acres Book 1 p 219 8-1-1791 Skaggs Creek (withdrawn) 1,000 & 9/10 acres Book 1 p 2220 8-2-1791 Beaver Creek (withdrawn) 500 acres Book 1 p 238 9-10-1791 Skaggs Creek surveyed East Fork Little Barren River (withdrawn) 2,166 & 2/3 acres 1-257- 4-25-1792 Watercourse-none (some of these entries repeat entries above under John PRYOR).

JOHN PRYOR Mercer CO., will of Thomas THICKSTON 3-28-1803 Legatees: 2 sons JACOB and WILLIAM, 1 daughter Catharine. Wit: David DUNCAN; JOHN PRYOR; Levi HALE p 346.

JOHN PRYOR Supposed to have been killed by Indians "going from here" Pryor died of wounds the next day. Wife and child never heard from again. From First White Settlements West of the Allegheny-Trans Allegheny Pioneers 1778.

JOHN PRYOR son of JOSEPH & Mary, his wife, (PRYOR) was born Dec 26 1772 Kentucky Bible Record.

JOHN PRYOR Talbott Bible owned by Mrs P W Cloud (?) Paris, Ky. JOHN PRYOR m Sarah NANCE May 2 1805.

JOHN W PRYOR m Sarah F TALBOTT Oct 20 1853.

FRANCES ANN PRYOR, daughter of JOHN and Sarah, his wife, (PRYOR) was born Dec 10 1812.

JOHN PRYOR of Orange CO., NC. daughter DOROTHY PRYOR b Va March 23 1775 m Henry MCNEAL b Argylshire Scotland March 20 1755, to Virginia 1771, to NC, and in 1817 to Christian CO., Ky, d near Hopkinsville Nov 3 1820 He was son of Capt Angus and Catherine (CAMERON) MCNEAL (MCNEIL) borther of Donald McNeal, tenth Laird of the McNeals of Colonsay Scotland. He resided Person CO., NC until 1817 when he drove a buggy ("said to be the first owned by anyone in NC") to Christian CO., Ky. Children of Henry and Dorothy (Pryor) McNeal: Alexander, Angus, Margaret (m BURKE), Henrietta (m Joshua GRANT) JOHN PRYOR, Catherine, Hector, PRYOR, Eliza, Malcolm, etc. Dorothy m Henry Petersburg VA She d Mar 23 1824.

JOHN PRYOR, Maysville & Mason CO., 1780 Major John PRIOR Nov 14 1796 William Wood and Alexander D ORR, Article of agreement for division of land on Lawrence Creek in Mason CO., Ky. The claim was in name of JOHN PRYOR witnessed by Henry LEE D S 2 p Endorsed William WOOD, and A D Orr agreement.

JOHN PRIOR Garrard CO., Executive Journal of governor 1796 mentioned from Hardin CO., JOHN PRIOR and Thomas M MCINTIRE.

JOSEPH PRYOR Second census of Woodford CO., Ky 1800.

JOSEPH PRYOR Bourbon CO., will named wife Mary, sons Joseph, Samuel, William,

Richard, Thornton, Edward; daughters Ann DUVALL, Polly, Nancy Prudence

HALL, grandson Luke PRYOR, grandaughter Nan CO., daughter of THORNTON PRYOR, brother LUKE PRYOR, deceased son John. Dec 13 1812, Feb 1813. Testators: John TRIMBLE, Isaac ALLEN.

LEWIS PRYOR and wife Martha Ann HEARD in Monterey KY Oct 12 1892, had two daughters: Harriet Pryor French m William Whitney MOORE; Alice Lee FRENCH m James Lister DARLINGTON. (Note. This must be LEWIS PRYOR FRENCH).

LUKE PRYOR Woodford Feb 14 1800 June 1800 Book B will named brother EDWARD & JOSEPH, Uncle LUKE, Aunt Susanna. Executor: brother Joseph Wit: Lewis CRAIG, James PAXTON, Elisha WOODRIDGE (Note exectuor [sic] was brother JOSEPH PRYOR of Woodford CO., above).

NATHANIEL PRYOR m Margaret PATTON May 17 1798 Jefferson CO., daughter of Col James Patton son of John Patton and Miss Rogers, James b Oct 12 1735 or 1748 Augusta CO., Va. d Dec 29 1815 Louisville KY m 1) Mary DOHERTY children: Martha (Patsy) m Capt John NELSON; 2 Margaret m NATHANIEL PRYOR; 3 Mary m 1) John VAUGHN 2) John MCDOUGH; 3) George GRACEY. Henry Patton m Sarah LYNN in Scotland, daughter of Laird of Loc, Patton from Newtown Trmevady Co. (?) Donnegal Ireland, to Augusta CO., Va had brother Col James Patton, sister Elizabeth. Old Jefferson Street graveyard betweeen 16 & 18 St undistinguished graves except General George Rogers Clark and Capt. James Patton (Louisville) MARGARET (PEGGY) PATTON must have died before 1804 as the Lewis and Clark expedition accepted only single men, also apprently no children.

NATHANIEL MIGUEL PRYOR b 1798 silversmith, clockmaker, trapper b Ky near falls of the Ohio (Louisville) moved to Missouri 1820, im 1821 was in Fort Smith country in vicinity of the Hugh GLENN, Joseph BOUGIR and NATHANIEL PRYOR posts. In 1847 alderman Los Angeles d Los Angeles 1850 (This from a correspondent's letter.)

RICHARD PRYOR lived Sumner CO., Tenn, moved to Logan CO., m Mourning THOMSON, daughter of Thomas Thomson and wife Hannah, of Virginia, and Mourning was in Thomas Thomson's will Louisa CO., Virginia 1774.


NC Pryors In Eliz. Harper data

From "Twenty-One Southern Familes: Notes and Genealogies," by Elizabeth Pryor Harper, Patricia Freeman, Compiler and Editor, 1985.   North Carolina Pryors, beginning at page 146.

ABNER PRYOR Caswell CO., Admr Bonds 1777-1799. 2 June 1778 Margaret PRYOR administratrix, Bondsmen John BAIRD, Jugh BARNES Abner was son of Hon JOHN and Margaret (GAINES) PRYOR.

ABSOLOM PRYOR Goshen District (no date given).

ANN PRYOR Granville CO., Aug 13 1768 (4808) gave consent for Ann PITCHER to m Humphrey BEARDING. James JONES.

FRANCES PRYOR m Micajah BULLOCK Granville CO., June 21 1769 (4809).

PRYOR, Mrs. Record of Mrs. Pryor house in Journal of General Peter HORRAY. July 1938 SC Historical and Genealogical Magazine.

HADEN PRYOR Granville CO., m Elizabeth ade Oct 9 1769 (6441) Micajah BULLOCK.

HADEN PRYOR and WILLIAM PRYOR NC oath of allegiance of the State of NC, Granville CO., Line District.

HADEN PRYOR Granville CO., 1769 NC State Papers: This day came Robert HARRIS before me one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for said Co. and made oath that he had paid the several persons who had subscribed their names to the within receipt - HADEN PRYOR and others. 1-4-0-12 days.

HADEN PRYOR was b 1745-50, d after 1805, Patriotic Service, furnished food for Revolutionary soldiers.

JOHN HENRY PRYOR Caswell CO., deed transferring certain land belonging to JOHN HENRY PRYOR, deceased to John BAIRD, signed by: Matthew FLOURNOY and wife Elizabeth (some children moved to Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia). William STONE and wife Rhoda; David WOMACK and wife Mildred; John WOMACK and wife Lucy.,; Nicholas PERKINS and wife Leah; Joel POPE & wife Rachel;

Henry MCNEILL and wife Dolly (Dorothy (moved to Chisholm CO., Ky in 1817); Henrietta PRYOR; JOHN HENRY PRYOR (m Elizabeth STOKES, buried Georgia near William MELTON); GREEN PRYOR; ROBERT PRYOR. Hon. JOHN PRYOR, father of the above, served three or four terms as Member of North Carolina House of Commons. At the time of his death, from Orange CO., NC. Member of the "Regulators" Regulators Adv. #8: Hillsboro NC At general meeting of the Regulators, on April 30 1768 it was laid before us - an appointment of the officers, to meet on 11th day of May to settle matters of difference betwwen us (12 signers) JOHN PRYOR (appointed settler).

Margaret GAINES wife of Hon. JOHN PRYOR, moved from Hanover CO., Va, first to Edgecombe CO., NC in 1748, then to Caswell-Orange CO., NC 1753.

JOHN H PRYOR Caswell CO., Oct 17 1784 witnessed will of David WOMACK.

JOHN PRYOR Esq 1755 Tax list Orange CO., Negroes Jones, George, Moneac, Hanna.

JOHN PRYOR Orange CO.,: This day came Peter SAVOY before me and made oath that at last Sept. Superior Court he saw several young men a pushing their bayonets toward Herman HUSBANDS but did not know then to touch him. Certified under my hand this 25th day of March 1769. JOHN PRYOR At a council held at New Bern 23 day of May 1757 ordered that tomorrow forenoon be set for bearing caveats about lands and the public notice thereof be given. Several patents were read and granted. Ordered that a commission and dedimus issue to

JOHN PRYOR (19 others) to be Justice of the Peace ORANGE CO.,.

JOHN PRYOR 1770 Laws of NC XXX: And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that JOHN PRYOR, Griffeth RUTHERFORD John CAMPBELL, Alex MARTIN, Edmond FANNING, Mathew LOCKE, John DUNN be appointed commissions for laying off and appointed a place and thereon erecting a Court House, Prison Stocks for the county of Guilford and County of Orange and Rowan paid to them for services by the County of Guilford.

JOHN PRYOR Will of Hosea TAPLEY d March 21 1770 affidavit: The day came Victory Rankin and made oath that she was at Hosea Taypley's Jr before he died and he said land to go to sons, John Pryor TAPLEY and Hosea TAPLEY - one part to go to another son if his wife have one. JOHN PRYOR (signed) March 22 1770.

JOHN PRYOR Will Book A p 160 Orange CO.,: I John Pryor, of North Carolina, Orange Co., son ROBERT PRYOR - land in Granville, daughters - Elizabeth FLOURNOY, Rhoda STONE, Mildred WOMACK, Lucy., TAPLEY; Grandson JOHN PRYOR, son of GREEN PRYOR, daughter Leah PERKINS, granddaughter Betty Green PRYOR, daughters Rachel POPE, Dority PRYOR, Moritha (Henrietta) PRYOR, Sons JOHN HENRY PRYOR, ABNER PRYOR, Grandson JOHN PRYOR SMITH (Virginia money) I direct land I purchased from Hosea TAPLEY Jr 301 acres on Flat River be sold and the money divided. Wife Margaret PRYOR executrix. Dated 28th Dec 1771. Witnesses: Burges HARRELSON, Joseph HICKS, Peter ROGERS. Proved Jan 1772 JOHN PRYOR Caswell CO., Deed Book A p 16 May 28 1777 William STONE and David WOMACK and Margaret PRYOR widow executrix of the estate of JOHN PRYOR deceased of Orange CO., to Henry MCNEILL the land John Pryor purchased from Hosea Tapley Sr J Hosea Tapley Jr Adjoining each other. JOHN PRYOR SMITH m Frances HARPER Sept 26 1788 (2579) Granville CO.,.

JOHN PRYOR Halifax CO., Will Book 1 p 262 Named wife children: Elizabeth PRYOR, son LUKE PRYOR. Executor wife Lucretia. Sept 3 1769 May 1770.

LUKE PRYOR sone of Lucretia and JOHN PRYOR of Halifax CO., mentioned in will with other children: JOHN PRYOR and ELIZABETH PRYOR 1769 above.

MATTHEW PRYOR b March 15 1759 d c1834 m Mary NEELEY 1786. Revolutionary War Continental Line from NC. She was b 1762 d 1830. He was b Granville CO., NC. Their son GREEN HILL PRYOR b Feb 10 1789 d Feb 18 1858 m Obedience HOLLOWAY, and their son WILLIAM ALEXANDER PRYOR b Feb 27 1821 d April 1909 m 1845 Amanda PRIGMORE b June 22 1822 d 1900 daughter of Ephraim and Margaret (KELLY) PRIGMORE, and their son EPHRAIM GREEN HILL PRYOR b Aug 20 1849 d Sept 24 1906 m Alyce Isaphene FOSTER b Oct 27 1851 d Feb 28 1923. They m on Dec 14 1875, and their daughter DORA AMANDA PRYOR b Marion CO., Tenn m Samuel Bradford STEWART. MATTHEW PRYOR grandson of ROBERT PRYOR of Gloucester CO., VA land grant 1689 for 309 acres.

PHILIP PRYOR Colonial Service. Deed Book K p 37 Granville CO., Oxford NC. Two brothers came with Philip to NC. Philip was sheriff of County in 1771.

PHILIP PRYOR Lieutenant Colonel James PAINES - Letter and return of the Militia in Granville CO.,: List of Captains with number of their men - Phil. PRYOR - 74 men.

RICHARD PRYOR Bible of David BOYD and Conrad S Boyd: Elizabeth BOYD buried in "The Pryor Family Cemetery" daughter Virginia BOYD m RICHARD PRYOR of the Petersburg Va family (Spring Hill, Ark.).

ROBERT PRYOR NC Colonial records - Capt James YANCEY's company of foot belonging to the Regiment commanded by Colonel Richard HENDERSON. Soldiers ROBERT PRYOR and others.

ROBERT PRYOR His excellence Governor Tryon New Bern 18 Mar 1771: Sundry persons in Granville Co. charged with crime of making, uttering and passing counterfeit proclamation money and public bills of credit of the Province and in particular one ROBERT PRYOR and William WHARTON are now actually under recognizance for their appearance at the next court to be held in Hillsborough on the 22 Mar. instant. And as I am informed by the Justice who swore and examined the witnesses against them that those persons with many others residing in the same county and elsewhere are certainly guilty of the same offences, and as from the public disturbances in the western parts of this province no Super. Court Justice will be held in Hillsborough on the said 22 Mar so that it may justly be supposed unless some extraordinary measures are speedily taken those dangerous offenders elude public justice. Therefore I do hereby submit it to your Execellence as my opinion that a special Court of Oyer and Terminer to be held at Oxford in Granville Co. whee I think it may sit without danger of being obstructed by the insurgents would be a real benefit to this province in general and to those parts in particular. Richard HENDERSON. ROBERT PRYOR's orphaned daughters Elizabeth Pryor and Olive Pryor on Aug 7 1780, JOHN HENRY PRYOR, brother of Robert Pryor made bond as guardian of the girls. He was to have the land from the estate of his father Hon. JOHN PRYOR, Granville CO.,.

SAMUEL PRYOR and Samuel HENDERSON witnessed the will of Cornelius DABNEY in Hanover CO., 1717. Samuel Pryor perhaps father of PHILIP PRYOR Sheriff of Granville CO.,.

SAMUEL PRYOR Lincoln CO., 1840 Census pf[sic] pensioners: Samuel Pryor age 83 head of family living with Samuel Pryor.

SETH PRYOR m Ann MCKINNIE, widow of Barnaby McKinnie the younger, about 1762 NC.

SETH PRYOR and THORNTON PRYOR Brunswick CO., tax list 1769-1772; Seth Pryor 1 white man. 1 negro.

THOMAS PRYOR Craven CO., Vol 1. Sept 1774 Purchasers of estate settlement of Ephraim LANE and Sarah LANE: William GREEN, John CLEMENTS, THOMAS PRYOR. Jan 1776 Purchasers of said estate: THOMAS PRYOR, F GREEN, SAMUEL PRYOR, J GREEN. Purchasers of Mrs Sarah LANE Jan 1777: Joseph GREEN, Samuel PRYOR.

THOMAS PRYOR Army Accounts of NC Line Warrenton #557, THOMAS PRYOR amount Lbs 27.33 received by John McNees.

THOMAS PRIOR Quinn's Company July 30 1781 9 mos service Revolutionary Soldier.

WILLIAM PYROR buried Goose Creek twp Union CO.,. JOHN PYROR buried at Goose Creek twp Union CO.,.

WILLIAM PRYOR m Nan CO., ELMORE May 21 1829 John CARTER (no county given). Oath of allegiance of the state of NC and CO., of Granville to Line Dist.

JOHN PRYOR in Granville CO.,

Heads of families in NC 1790 Halifax Dist Caswell CO.,

WILLIAM PRYOR 1-2-3 Hillsboro Dist Caswell CO.,
HENRY J PRYOR St. Luke Dist Hillsboro Dist Caswell CO.,
CHARLES PRYOR Newbern Dist Dobbs CO.,
EPHRAIM PRIER 2-1-2 Newbern Dist Craven CO.,

Census 1800 [NC] Caswell CO.,

HENRY J PRYOR Hillsboro Dist
CHARLES PRYOR St Luke Dist Halifax Dist Warren CO.,
WILLIAM PRYOR 1-2-3 Dobbs CO., Newbern Dist
EPHRAIM PRIER 2-1-2 Craven CO., Newbern Dist

This information is followed by the will of JOHN PRYOR of Orange Co. NC, dated 28 Sept 1771.


Will 1797 of Elizabeth PRYOR Smith Flournoy

 I am sending a copy of this will to both the SMITH roots people and the PRYOR roots people, since Elizabeth was born a PRYOR and was widowed first as a SMITH and then later widowed as a Flournoy.

Will of Elizabeth Flournoy of Scott County, Kentucky, 04 June 1797

[I have typed this will as I can best determine the handwriting, including the spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Typed by Nancy., Brann Alexander, 25 Mar 1996, descendant of John Pryor through daughter Elizabeth Flournoy, by her first marriage to Charles Smith and her daughter Margaret "Peggy" Smith, who married John Dabney. NOTE: Doris Reed, who copied this information from Will Book A, says "Scott Co became Scott Co in 1792. from 1790 to 1792 it was part of Woodford Co and before 1790 part of Fayette Co. The court house burned in 1833 & again in 1837 destroying all marriages & most wills & deeds. What was saved was recopied. just as it was . That's what the blank areas are. Sometime wills were refiled or copied out of order."]

I Elizabeth Flournoy of Scott County and State of Kentucky being advanced in life and ever liable to die but being sound in mind think it propper to arrange my worldly concerns whilst I am in a capacity for so doing as I wish them to be distributed when I am dead. I therefore make and ordain this my last will and testament

First I will and give to John P Smith Lemuel Smith & Peggy Dabney Saml Flournoy Robt Flournoy and Thomas Flournoy five Shillings to them & their heirs forever.
2nd I Give to my son John J Flournoy a silver soup spoon and my case of Bottles to him and his heirs forever
3rd I give to Martha Wells my black satin Cloak to her & her heirs forever
4th I Give to Francis Flournoy the stray mare called Conny and A bay horse colt two years old last spring whose dam was the mare called Polly which colt was the last said mare ever foaled in my possession Also I give said Francis two cows & calves out of my Stock as also the folding table which I . since my deceased husband Estate . and one Teakettle to him and his heirs forever . and other produce that may be either growing or geothered all the meat killed or killable or intended to be killed I desire . may be Equally divided between my son Matth & Frans Flournoy at my death
6th I give to Mathews Flournoy a young by filly two years old this last spring whose dam is known by the name of Bonny also A young colt foaled this spring by said mare also one Feather bed with good winter and summer furnature
7th I give to Lucy., Flournoy one Negre Bay called Henry one Feather Bed with my Calico curtins and Sufficient furniture for summer & winter
8th All my wearing clothes I divise may be divided between my daughters Eliza L Henry and Lucy., Flournoy
9th a sitt of white handle knive & fork I give to my sons Frs & Mat[?]
10th I give to Elizabeth Henry Polls largbay colt whose Line was the horse John J Flournoy sold to Col Adair and all the Stock properly belonging to me except what is otherwise disposed of in this will I also give to said daughter one side saddle the large looking glass Six silver table spoons one wheel one large punch bowl & Six glass tumblers a sett of Knives & forks one dozen china cups and saucers one dozen Earthen Plates with many squares in the Rim one large Kettle one pair of sheep shares. one candle stick one Pewter dish two double wove counterpanes a summer bed bed quilts patches blue and white a Gallon measure two black Sacks & one small Pewter Bason likewise a half a Dozen white earthen soup plates and the black mare and colt I Bought of Mayr Henry to her and her heirs forever
11th all my white Country blankets I devise may be equally divided Between Eliza L Henry and Francis Flourny
12th there there be any cash remaining after my debts . . . Francis Mathews & Lucy., Flournoy their heirs forever
13th should Lucy., Flournoy die without . . I Devise that the Negro Boy Henry may be given to Francis Flournoy to him and his heirs forever & the feather Bed to Eliza L Henry & their heirs forever
14th I give to my daughterinlaw A packed calico & muslin quilt I Appoint Major William Henry & Francis Flournoy Exors of this my last will

In Tesimon whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 4th day of June Anno Domine one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven

Signed sealed & Ackn in presence of Elizabeth Flournoy in presence of us Philip S Rodes

Janes Kelly & Polly Kelly

A codical to the last will and testament of Elizabeth Flournoy Since the date of my will which is the fourth June 1797 I have parted with two horses are then willed to my daughter Eliaz L Henry in lieu thereof I have given and bequeathed to Said daughter the new horse which I have lately given my black mare for Also give said daughter the black mares Colt and Bonnys youngest colt which last mentioned colt was bequeathed to my son Mathews in the will but which I see cause as so mentioned to dispose of in another way I give my horse called plato to my son Mathews the Steelyards I Bought of William Wilson I give to my son Jno Flournoy witness my hand and seal to this my Codicil

this seventh decr one thousand Seven hundred and ninety seven

Signed Sealed & Elizabeth Flournoy

Acknowledged in presence of

Philips L Roots

James Kelly

Scott County sst January Court 1798 . . This the last will and Testament of Eliza Flournoy was this day produced in court and proved by theoath of Philip S Roots & James Kelly and ordered to be recorded And Francis Flournoy the executor therin named having taken the oath end entered into an acknowledged his bond as the law directs Probate is granted hm in due form Test

John Hawkins clk

Know all men by the these presents that we Francis Flournoy & Jas Kay are held and firmly Bound unto John Mosby John A Miller & Rodes Smith Gentlemen Justices of Scott County in the sum of Fifteen hundred pounds current money to be paid to the said Justices or their Successors the pay ment whereof well and truly to be made we bind ourselves and each of us anea Each of our heirs Exors & Admors Joinlly severally & firmly By these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 22nd day of Jan 1798

The Condition of the above obligation is such that if the above Bound Francis Flournoy Exator of the last will and Testaiment of Elizabeth Flournoy decd do make or cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the good chattles and credits of said Decd which have or hereafter shall come to the hans possession or Knowledge of hin the Said Francis or any other person or persons for him and the some so made do Exhibit unto the Said County Court of Scott at such time as he shall be thereunto riquired by the Said court and the said goods chattles and credits do Adminester acording to law by rendering a just and true account of all his actngs and doings therin and paying the legacies in the said will mentioned as fore as the goods Chattles & credits will Extend . then the above obligation to be otherwise to remain in full force and vertue . . . .

.Acknowledge in open Court

Test Francis Flournoy  John Hawkins James Kay

Abstract: Will of Elizabeth Flournoy of Scott County, Kentucky, 04 Jun 1797, and codicil, 07 Dec 1797

Heirs: John P Smith Executors:
Major William Henry Lemuel Smith Francis Flournoy
Peggy Dabney Witnesses: Philip S Roots
Samuel Flournoy James Kelly
Robert Flournoy
Thomas Flournoy
Son: John J Flournoy
Martha Wells
Son: Francis Flournoy
Son: Mathews Flournoy
Daughter: Lucy., Flournoy
Daughter: Elizabeth L Henry


Subject: Re: [TEXAHOMA] "TENNESSEE TIDBITS 1778-1914" VOL. 2
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 14:11:43 -0600
From: "Mary Ann Bartlett" < >

Here are some PRYOR's I found listed in some of the counties of TX. Are any of these the 0nes you might be looking for? I read through about 5 of 22 matches. I am going to rest my eyes and then will try for some more later.

Sure hope this helps.

MA Bartlett

ZAVALA County Texas

Survey - Person or Concern bearing the land certificate at time survey filed. Block - Block number.

Grantee - Person or Concern to whom the land was actually awarded.
Leag - League Flag. L = 4,428 acres, B = League + Labor. Labor = 177 acres.
Section - Section Number
Abs - Number of the Abstract on file at county courthouse and at the Texas General land Office in Austin.
Survey Blk Grantee Leag Section Abs


BS & F 14 D. PRYOR 8 1259
BS & F 14 D. PRYOR 8 1259
BS & F 14 D. PRYOR 6 1258
BS & F 14 D. PRYOR 4 1260
BS & F 14 D. PRYOR 2 1257


PECOS County Texas

Survey - Person or Concern bearing the land certificate at time survey filed.   Block - Block number.
Grantee - Person or Concern to whom the land was actually awarded.
Leag - League Flag. L = 4,428 acres, B = League + Labor. Labor = 177 acres.
Section - Section Number
Abs - Number of the Abstract on file at county courthouse and at the
Texas General land Office in Austin.   Survey Blk Grantee Leag Section Abs


GC & SF RR CO OW I.T. PRYOR JR 100 9036
IT PRYOR JR 5 I.T. PRYOR JR 5.5 9034
GC & SF RR CO 225 I.T. PRYOR JR 2 9035


TARRANT County Texas

Survey - Person or Concern bearing the land certificate at time survey filed. Block - Block number. Grantee - Person or Concern to whom the land was actually awarded.
Leag - League Flag. L = 4,428 acres, B = League + Labor. Labor = 177 acres.  Section - Section Number Abs - Number of the Abstract on file at county courthouse and at the Texas General land Office in Austin. Survey Blk Grantee Leag Section Abs




HILL County Texas

Survey - Person or Concern bearing the land certificate at time survey filed. Block - Block number. Grantee - Person or Concern to whom the land was actually awarded. Leag - League Flag. L = 4,428 acres, B = League + Labor. Labor = 177acres. Section - Section Number Abs - Number of the Abstract on file at county courthouse and at the Texas General land Office in Austin. Survey Blk Grantee Leag Section Abs




TITUS County Texas

Survey - Person or Concern bearing the land certificate at time survey filed. Block - Block number. Grantee - Person or Concern to whom the land was actually awarded. Leag - League Flag. L = 4,428 acres, B = League + Labor. Labor = 177 acres. Section - Section Number Abs - Number of the Abstract on file at county courthouse and at the Texas General land Office in Austin. Survey Blk Grantee Leag Section Abs




Hopkins Co, TX Marriages - Groom Index Page 83  GROOM BRIDE DATE

=============================== =============================== ===========

Pryor, Arthur Canyoun, Ida (Mrs.) 24 Dec 1917
Pryor, C. P. Wynn, Eliza 17 Mar 1919


Page 19

Clayton, Dudley Pryor, Florence 17 Oct 1929
Clayton, Dudley Smith, Louie 27 Apr 1924


BREWSTER County Texas

Survey - Person or Concern bearing the land certificate at time survey filed. Block - Block number. Grantee - Person or Concern to whom the land was actually awarded. Leag - League Flag. L = 4,428 acres, B = League + Labor. Labor = 177acres. Section - Section Number Abs - Number of the Abstract on file at county courthouse and at the Texas General land Office in Austin. Survey Blk Grantee Leag Section Abs



=============================== =============================== ===========

Wright, James Pryor, Estella 17 Feb 1917


PRYOR, Richard b. abt. 1735-1744 m. Mourning THOMPSON

Sandra in Sacramento


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