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Open Message for Rita G Luffman
- to the daughter of Jack Luffman and Elizabeth Kekaha Luffman - You have many cousins and other family members who are eager to meet you and to welcome you to a part of your family you've never met. If you read this, please consider contacting me. I have tried for a long time to find you; maybe you have found us? Bonnie Luffman Fuller, 1469 East Sage Hen Court Meridian Idaho 83646, 208-898-0687;

Luffman Links

Descendancy Outline for William Luffman d. 1798 NC.

Revised and uploaded on 23 April 2000 - Does not contain family members born after 1920.

Luffman Family Genealogy. UPDATE! Wilson Luffman data has been uploaded - Nov 2002

Luffman Family News & Reunion Information (UPDATED April 30, 2007)

Luffman Family Scrapbook

Luffmans Online

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1 Terry Mattison Kelso, WA Luffman genealogy & family news
2 Bonnie Fuller Meridian, ID Luffman genealogy & family news
3 Margie Luffman Kingsville, Ontario, Canada Luffman genealogy and United Empire Loyalists
4 Jodi Ikert Calgary, Alberta, Canada Luffman family history
5 Terry Luffman Portland, OR Luffman genealogy & family news
6 John & Nonnie McNall Lewiston, ID Luffman genealogy & family news
7 Butch & Celeste Davaz Cusick, WA Luffman genealogy & family news, traveling, camping, hunting & fishing, and crocheting
8 Tom Luffman Maryland Everything Luffman, writing (is published), and music
9 Frank & Oda Bowman Tucson, AZ Family history, bird watching, home improvements, traveling, and games
10 Charlotte Luffman London, UK Luffman genealogy
11 Debbi EbelManchester, Luffman genealogy
12 Lee LuffmanDickson, Luffman genealogy
13 Kathe MundingerDurand, Luffman genealogy & computers
14 Annette Luffman family
15 Debbi Luffman family
16 Barry & June LuffmanShelton, Fishing!
17 James L. LuffmanSchenectady, Luffman genealogy and family news
18 Frank C. TurnerPt. Coquitlam, BC, Canada Luffman genealogy and family news
19 Brenda EdmonsonCerulean, Kentucky Luffman genealogy
19 Monty & Shelby LuffmanCharlotte, NC Luffman genealogy and related families
20 Roger LuffmanDoncaster, England Luffman genealogy
22 Linda LuffmanEastern Maryland Luffman genealogy
20 Earl LuffmanCanada NL Luffman genealogy

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