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The Craig Genealogy

Early Generations

William Creague  was born in Craig Head, Scotland about 1730.  He was a Presbyterian Ulster Scot and he was
reputed to be a soldier, which is one likely explanation for his migration to Ireland.   William had at least two sons,
Joseph and William.  William Creague was born about 1750 near Mullaughfarn, County Fermanagh, North Ireland and
he died 25 December 1836 in Armstrong Township, Indiana County, PA. William married Mary Gamble, about 1787 in
Ireland, and they had six children, all born in Ireland.  Our Craig family emigrated from North Ireland in four different
groups, all coming to western Pennsylvania, settling in the counties of Allegheny and Indiana.  Please see the
for a full narrative.  The children of William and Mary Creague were all most likely born in Lowerstown, which
is located near the present day town of Irvinestown.

(1)  John Craig, born 18 May 1790 and he died 12 April 1830 in Allegheny County, PA.  John married the  former
Elizabeth Liggett,  born 12 August 1793 and who died 25 August 1876 in Steubenville, Ohio.  John   and Elizabeth came to America in 1822, with their two eldest children, Joseph and Hugh, first living in Herriottsville, Washington County, PA, but in the spring of 1828 they moved to Allegheny City which was  on the north side of the Allegheny River, opposite to Pittsburgh. John was a stonemason by trade, while Elizabeth ran a grocery, which was located on the west side of Federal Street, in which her son, Joseph Craig, worked part time from an early age.  Elizabeth purchased the ground on Diamond Street, and in a small frame building, she attended to the grocery business, in which she prospered very well.  Elizabeth sold her interests to her son, Joseph in 1846.  John  and Elizabeth Craig had five children: Joseph, Hugh, John, and two daughters, names unknown and who died young.  Both John and Elizabeth are buried in Union Dale Cemetery, near Pittsburgh.

Ann Craig, born 10 August 1792 and who died 23 May 1843.  Ann married William David Johnston.  We  know
that Ann and her husband had a large family, but their identities are unknown at this time.  Ann and her family came to
America from Ireland with her parents, William and Mary, in 1825.

Margaret Craig, born 10 February 1795 and who died 27 October 1884 in Armstrong Township, PA.  Margaret
came to the United States from Ireland with her parents, in 1825.  She married
James Campbell,the son of Alexander
Campbell and Margaret Johnston, 15 March 1826.  Margaret is listed in the 1880 Census Record as living with her son,
Alexander S Campbell and his family.  Her obituary appears in the Indiana Times on October 29, 1884 reporting that
Margaret Campbell died October 27, 1884 at the residence of her son, A S Campbell on the Old Homestead near
Parkwood, PA aged about 89 years  7 months and 22 days.  James and Margaret were members of the West Union
located near Parkwood, in Armstrong Township, Indiana Co.  They are both buried in the West Union UP Cemetery..
Margaret and James had seven children: 
Ann Jane, Margaret, William, Mary, Alexander Samuel,  James,  and
John Otis. 

Patrick Craig, born 24 August 1796 he married a Miss Robinson and they settled in Allegheny County. Patrick
was the last of the Craig family to come to America, arriving in Boston harbor in 1845.   In a letter written by Patrick to
his sister-in-law, Elizabeth Craig, he indicates that it was due to the poor economic conditions in Ireland which prompted
their finally deciding to leave.  Patrick and  his wife had three known children: 
William, Mary Ann, and Margaret.

Hugh Craig, born 12 August 1799 and died 26 May 1876 in Armstrong Township, PA. Hugh was the first to come to
America, arriving between 1818 and 1819, first living andworking near Pittsburgh, PA.  He married
Barbara Ramsey,
the daughter of John Ramsey and Jane McFarland.  Hugh was a tanner first, but later a farmer, and worked the family
homestead of his father, William.  Both Hugh and Margaret were members of theWest Union Presbyterian Church, and
both are buried in the church cemetery there.  They had seven children, all born in Armstrong Township, PA: 
Jane, Mary, Ann Margaret, Hannah Elizabeth, John Ramsey,
and Sarah.

William Craig, born 10 April 1803 and who died in New Castle, PA. nfk

First Generation America

Joseph Craig, son of John, was born 4 April 1819 in Ireland, and he died 18 May 1893 in Allegheny City, PA.  Joseph
Matilda Staunton, the daughter of William Staunton and Mary Evans, on 21 April 1847. Matilda was born
2 April 1827 in Allegheny, PA.  Joseph worked in his mother's grocery store from an early age.  In 1846 he bought out
his mother'sstore and "for several years he carried on in the frame building but finally moved into what was said to be
48 South Diamond Street, a three story brick building, separated from his former store by an alley about twenty feet
wide, and called Pine Alley.  The rear and second and third floors was a residence for himself and his wife, Matilda
Staunton Craig.  The first three children,
William, Mary Elizabeth, and Edwin were born there.  In the spring of 1857
Joseph Craig built another store on his property at 47 Diamond Street, all of which was used for his "grocery, lime,
grain, and seed trade."  In the spring of the same year, they moved to a house in Allegheny which had been built by
Matilda's father and in which she had been born. The last two  of Joseph and Matilda's children,
Margaret and Joseph
were born there.    In 1904 Joseph Craig had the house dismantled, put on a barge, and shipped down the Ohio
River to Stoop's Ferry.  It was then reassembled at the top of the hill on the farm known as the Staunton Farm.

Hugh Craig, son of John, was born 17 December 1821 in Ireland, and he died September 1903 in Mennance, Illinois. 
He married a woman named
Adaline (surname unknown) and they had four children: Robert Cochran, Samuel
Henry, Lizzy, and James
.  At this time, there is nothing else known.

John Liggett Craig, son of John, was born 7 December 1828 in Allegheny City, PA and he died 11 July 1865 in
Macon, Georgia.  He married
Martha Belle and they had four children:  Carrie, James, Willie, and Eva.

Ann Jane Campbell, daughter of Margaret, was born 7 May 1828 and she died 11 October1844.  She never married,
and is buried in the West Union Church Cemetery in Armstrong Twp, PA.

Margaret Campbell, the daughter of Margaret, was born 11 September 1829 and she died 27 October 1895. Margaret
William Cochran, and they had two children:  James and Margaret.

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